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Equality and Ethics in the Engineering Profession

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Equality and Ethics in the Engineering Profession

Engineering is one of the most imperative fields. As members of this occupation, engineers should demonstrate the most noteworthy principles of ethics and fairness. Engineering has a direct and a vital effect on the quality of life for all individuals.In any case, the duties of engineers require trustworthiness, non-biased, equity and reasonableness and must be focused on the insurance of the general wellbeing, security, and welfare.Engineers are expected to work under a standard of expert conduct that expects abidance to the most noteworthy measures of moral conduct. The Equity Act, in the Canadian law demands that engineers take part in a proactive practice to better represent four sectors of the Canadian community disabled people, Aboriginal people, women, and minorities. The Equity Act affirms that equity in the engineering occupation means a lot more than just treating everyone the same way but also demands special measures and the lodging of differences. The engineering occupation has to be fair in order to give everyone an equal chance at it regardless of their abilities. In the engineering profession, engineers must not only think that the work value is about treating everyone in the same manner but also has demands putting differences aside. The goal of the work values and equity in the engineering profession is to have a workplace where everyone gets an equal chance and opportunity in hiring, paychecks, and also raises with no discrimination whatsoever.

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Equity in the engineering profession signifies that a person is hired or gets a raise only based on his performance and ability to do his job and nothing else.Engineers Canada, the organization that makes sure that the morals and values of the engineering profession are met, states that in Canada engineers must have several values and standards such as holding vital the safety, health and welfare of people.Engineers should always strive to educated themselves and keep their skills sharp. Moreover, maintain their morals, values, respectability, fairness, and should be confident with their customers, people who they work with, acknowledging, and giving them credits where it’s expected. Engineers should always strive let the general public and customers about the societal and natural results of practices and try to show engineering issues to the general public in a decent and ethical way. Finally, engineers always try to keep the reputation and regard for the engineering occupation high. Reliability, truthfulness, and dedication to generally enhancing the individual fulfillment are the bases of the profession of engineers. Furthermore, our society relies on on engineers in many aspects of life like designing builds that are stable, and safety in general. That said we believe that engineers should regard the laws in their work and must never do anything that would damage the image of the engineering profession.

In order for us to determine the basis of a profession, and the skills that are needed to do it, we should remove unfair barriers that may be screening out the assigned groups and others who are experienced. Fairness in engineering demands that we remove any form of discrimination, by doing this the number of talented people we’ll find will increase by a great margin. Engineering equity focuses on solely on finding the right person for the job according to the skills required to do it. Engineering equity strives to include people from the minority groups to make sure that everyone has the same chance of being hired or getting a promotion. According to the equity act, the obstacles that are unfavorable for the minority groups should be eliminated. Some of the obstacles that the groups of minorities might face in the engineering occupation include workplaces that do not have an entrance for wheelchairs. Engineering institutes are encouraged to setup policies that would help people from designated groups get the proper training, getting hired, and getting a raise in salary. There is a lot of argument around engineering equity in Canada and many other countries where the opposition argues that such acts and policies defy equality between people. The Canadian Human Rights Act has banned the discrimination between people in any way or form. Hand in hand and for many years the Profession Equity Act and The Canadian Human Rights Act have been on the same side to make a better community with no discrimination. With all the similarity between the two acts differ only in that the Canadian Human Rights Act only prohibits discrimination while the Profession Equity Act demands that engineers take measures to improve the chance for the designated groups.

When comparing the Canadian Human Rights Act with the Profession Equity Act when can see that the Canadian Human Rights Act includes many sectors of minorities, whereas the Profession Equity Act only includes the designated groups mentioned previously. The government recognizes the four designated groups that have less job opportunities and thus underrepresent the workforce in Canada. The four designated groups have lower salaries than the average Canadian, and low employment rates. The Profession equity act strives to remove any barriers that might hinder the for designated groups from fully immersing in the workforce. Pay equity assures that men and women will get the same salary for the job they do. The goal of the engineering equity is to make sure that people of designated groups, women, people with disabilities, aboriginals, and minorities are equal in the Canadian work force and are represented properly.

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The acts and policies that the government put are to ensure that everyone in the Canadian society gets an equal chance at job opportunities, salaries, and promotions. The Canadian Human Rights Act was made to guarantee that discrimination in the workplace will be eliminated and everyone would have an equal chance. The Profession Equity Act works conjointly with the Canadian Human Rights Act to ensure that women, aboriginals, people with disabilities, and minorities also get treated the same way as everyone else, and will get an equal chance at salaries, promotions, and training.


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