Essays on: Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour relates to the actions and behaviours of consumers, in relation to how and why they choose to purchase and use certain products and services. Consumer Behaviour studies how the emotions and preferences of consumers can impact their buying decisions.

Consumer Behaviour


Consumer Choice Theory Lecture Notes
15th Oct 2021
Introduction: The following chapter will discuss consumer choice, where we will consider why we make the consumption choices we do. The chapter will......

The Importance of Consumer Behaviour
17th Aug 2021
Introduction: This essay discusses the value to marketers of understanding the importance of, and applying consumer behaviour concepts and theories....

Internal and External Influences on Consumer Behaviour
26th Jul 2021
Introduction: Here, in this report external/internal influences that affect consumer purchasing decisions are evaluated along with the discussion of how these can be managed by existing companies. This report entails discussion on a business problem of US coffee marketers that need to be resolved....

Situational Influences affecting Consumers Purchasing Coffee
21st Jul 2021
Introduction: In this report, problem related to selling coffee will be discussed and resolved by identifying appropriate situational influences on consumers at the time of purchasing coffee. As well, the problem of selling coffee will be addressed by explicating a better understanding of the specific situational factors that affect its purchase decision....

Consumer Decision Process of Nike
16th Jan 2018
Introduction: In this century, customers are the potential buyer of products. Most of the companies are focusing on improving the relationship between with customers. The result shows that improving the relationshi...

Consumer Decision Making Towards Mobile Phone
2nd May 2017
Introduction: Abstract There are five main processes to demonstrate how consumers choose mobile phone in terms of decision making, and all of the information have been found will be interpreted by the structure whi...

The effect of sales promotion on consumer behavior
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: Sales promotion is one of the most important strategies that marketers are focusing nowadays and also it is one of the most important techniques in the marketing mix. Sales promotions are increasing d...

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