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Role of Mixed Reality as Present and Future Entertainment

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Wordcount: 1665 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Technology changes over time and develops significantly for the last century especially in the Entertainment industry (Handly 2018, para 4). The most significant development of entertainment technology is Augmented and Virtual Reality, virtual means that something in value or effect but not in real-world on in a fact. Reality means something that exists independently of ideas conceiving it (Mekni & Lemieux 2014, p. 206) while augmented reality can be defined as procedure of overlaying and adjusting computer and created the pictures or visual object over a user’s perspective on the physical world. (Pierkarski & Thomas 2002)

 But the reason behind the development of Mixed Reality will be the replacement of current technology such as computer and other digital media in the present and future? And what are the challenges behind the development of Mixed Reality industry?

This essay will explain how mixed reality can replace the behavior of the entertainment industry in the present and future. As Mekni & Lemieux (2014) affirms that the vast potential of augmented reality has started to be developed, augmented reality soon will change how future entertainment works and develops but the development of virtual world may not as fast as other technology because Augmented Reality may hard to develop because there is a general lack of development and design tools for evaluating future augmented reality applications. It is because of the complexity of augmented reality, it makes prototype development requires a highly time-consuming and expensive development (Coulton & Pucihar 2014, p. 12).

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The expensive and complexity of Virtual Technology can be used in many different aspects, even though people knew that the first virtual reality device such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is for Entertainment purpose like games etc. But Virtual Reality is not only just for Entertainment purpose, mixed reality can be applied in some serious aspect, based on Mekni & Lemieux (2014) said that augmented reality can be applied to Medical, implementation for augmented reality in the medicinal industry is in ultrasound imaging (Bajura, et al., 1992) Utilizing an optical see-through show the ultrasound expert can see a volumetric rendered picture of the embryo overlaid on the stomach area of the pregnant woman. (Mekni & Lemieux 2014, p. 207) The other use of Virtual technology can also apply in military, manufacturing, visualization, robotics, education, navigation, tourism, entertainment and games (Mekni & Lemieux 2014) Augmented Reality also highly recommended for entertainment purpose, because by using augmented reality, people can be inspired by whether the experience prompted more profound adapting, better diversion, and an expanded enthusiasm for investigating and exploring more the subject matter. (Mekni & Lemieux 2014)

Currently, development of Virtual Technology can be seen in so many different aspects, based on Loeffler (2012) said, aspects that under development using Virtual Technology are The Museum, The Fun House, Self-Driving Car, and The Virtual City. The design of the museum in the future can be reflected based on virtual Ancient Egypt, it is an educational application based on classic temples mapped to scale into mixed reality (Loeffler 2012, p. 84). For the Fun House design, it is, as a matter of fact, a structure in an event congregation that contains different gadgets intended to frighten or entertain. (Loeffler 2012, p. 84) The Fun House that exists with Virtual Technology is Networked Virtual Art Museum, in this Fun House, every               visitor could see each other indirectly, have a free perspective and could interact with the installations of the exhibition. The development of Self-Driving Car nowadays has become significantly popular. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, made a major stride toward that path when he declared that the creator of top of the line electric vehicles would present self-driving innovation (Kessler 2015) The Virtual City is still in the development, so far from Loeffler (2012) thinking habitations, parks, stores, amusement focuses all controlled through virtual technologies.

 For the recent technologies, virtual and augmented reality can be experienced through Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs). Based on the speculation for future trends by Mekni & Lemieux (2014) said that HMDs are still excessively cumbersome and have constrained vision, differentiation and low resolutions, the use of HMDs are still quite complicated with cables and other wearable things that require users to wear. Every wearable gear need be created to be lighter, smaller and simpler to work with the user (Mekni & Lemieux 2014, p. 210) for the Self-Driving car industry, Hock et al (2017) argues that in an advanced future development, the world could be based on the direction and course arranging of the vehicle. So not only the development of the vehicle but also the road needs to be developed to support the Virtual technology too. For entertainment purposessuch as gaming, currently HMDs are still using cables and electricity that connect to PC in order to power it on, but in the future the power problem needed to be solved by battery technology for the less use of power electricity and make it more flexible to play with (Haller, M et al., 2007)

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 In conclusion, Mixed Reality such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence might be useful in the near future, people tend to be more attractive and easy to learn with Mixed Reality (Babich 2018, para 17) Yet, Virtual Technology faces a significant problem to develops from time-consuming and expensiveness (Coulton & Pucihar 2014, p. 12). Currently, Mixed Reality has become popular and starting to develop significantly in the last centuries, soon Mixed Reality may replace all traditional media or tangible goods such as statue, books, billboard, poster, etc. our life will be easier and simpler than we expected before, sooner or later (Adams 2006, para 20). Virtual Technology may likewise wind up imperative in land deals. You will never again need to make estimations and attempt to envision in your mind how the new couch will look in the room, you can see it directly with your own eyes (Stargame 2018, para. 9) even though we will not really replace the virtual couch and make it tangible, but when Mixed Reality have reached at the end of the development ‘we will all start to know and realize that a visual and computerized world or Mixed Reality Technology is far superior to a traditional direct reading material affected world’ (Mather 2018, para. 7) Even though the price of developing Virtual Technology is quite expensive, Virtual Reality has gain around $80 Billion at that time (Arlen 2018, para. 3)


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