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Global Stratification Is Affecting Our World Sociology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Sociology
Wordcount: 1659 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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There are four main theories of stratification global.The idea of ​​global stratification considers the idea of inequality between countries. We have a classification of rich and poor countries, but “stratification” means much more than the relative income per capita. The relation between countries are related to their situation on a stratificated scale.This relationships are mainly economic, but also political, and have elements in the six dimensiones.There exist four major theories and explanations of patterns of global stratification: (1) imperialism (2 ) world system, (3) culture of poverty and (4) theories of dependency.The exploitation of colonies is the venue for a continuing resource natural explotation.Wallerstein proposed a global system theory identifies as nations rich countries nucleus, and those around him as peripheral or semi-peripheral states, which depend on the kernel for trade and supply raw materials for this process and resell the elaborated products.The dependency theory attributes the low incomes of the least developed over the domain of the most developed.Galbraith suggested that nations at the base of the structure of stratification are there because they have values​​, customs, traditions and ways of life that keep you from risking tearing down the walls of poverty and keep them in that place.http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-H54N-H0WBhw/Tdba3QL2u_I/AAAAAAAAABo/nQAenr4_PEs/s1600/o_clase.jpg

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We live in a world with high levels of a theoretically trend made ​​for a good plan, the globalization has made ​​the world capitalist order in which the various contributions of the currency and the currencies have materialized much to humans and have dehumanized than indeed is their nature, these attitudes have led to a number of phenomena that so far acting on individuals under the surface or not, but simply are there and are part of the reality of every day, every metropolis, each city and even each village suffering the ravages of a supposedly globalized world full of strategies and “good governance”, in which the interests of a few are those that target the path of many and made ​​a circumstantial or intentionally planning , determining the classes and strata. Manipulation is sometimes implied, but everything happens much power struggles and to leave behind what really gives meaning to the word conceptual policy, “common good”.

And after almost a reality in your totality corruptible in almost all layers of power, there is the concept of social stratification. Politics has always been implicitly trying to give a “help” to humanity, but this has been based on wrong techniques often used and that have put forward the idea that society is divided, stratify and take very different paths, although they are all part of the same community.http://envezdelpsiquiatra.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/crisis-global.jpg

Social stratification is a concept created by sociology, which speaks directly to an evil that has been present in almost all mankind is a division made by social strata or layers, which subjugates existential growth, employment, economic in society in a totally uneven and has had catastrophic consequences for many groups of people or set of subcultures that make up society. Sometimes people think that this whole trend of social stratification is something developed by the same company, but I would say it is a process of political institutionalization based on the popular rejection to some sectors and stratification of people, as if humanity be divided into men categorized by what they own.

Despite attempts to eradicate this trend has not been heard of any country that is not currently under the system of stratification and, as already mentioned, the consequences vary much truth, as goods are not distributed with equanimity necessary for the establishment of social justice and, in addition, the product converges stratification in which citizens have a greater status to achieve real possibility that those with a status much menor.se lives in this aspect is supported by the institutionalization of social stratification (and governments that do not support the realization of communism, but an accurate basis against the problems of poverty and marginalization) and also another aspect that I consider key to all this is that social stratification is becoming part of a social structure and caged people in a subversive role in situations of the system, and that is becoming part of the structural reality of a social fact becomes chronic and very relevant to the implementation of activities and life itself in a person who does not have a high-level status.http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQny2MM4VE-HKzwCMkguxvNijKoZTjzmyAnnurgfhXEiejQwqL_

Lots of social influence when stratification is passed from generation to generation and this makes a person cloistered in a given role. But in terms of all these concepts, we can say that social stratification also puts people in a status, as already said (which is a position or role) and that definitely determines an almost absolute class for a group of people and puts them in a given social situation. Even more alarming, it is even against one’s humanizing this and imposed a heavy dose of materialism to the concept is that stratification has an economic foundation that has an effect on the opportunities that exist in life, is an embodiment of humanity where we are all floating in a sea of ​​ideas, but we need to float sink the person in front. Unfortunately, even though it is struggling, it seems inherent to the human being who from generation to generation is enduring and being part of an objective reality that deals with the destruction of the human concept of real people. http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQaSMCGvuc5Q86aSWg9l41NoXc3buWLzWmhsrov7tn_pSqMySuU

A society is a whole or a part of a much larger man in society is born, grows and develops within an environment, but each man shapes his destiny according to the conditions that have governed since born and if all these progressive activities are developed in a social setting low or high, has an impact preponderant role in the future that will have a person’s position or status that it can give. It is difficult, due to stratification, which is a change in status, when it appears, is known as status inconsistency and is a relevant phenomenon in context, though unusual for stratification that exists currently.

Currently in the world is experiencing a global stratification because not only gives a division of strata in society, but the world is exposed to the categorization of this reality, this explains very clearly how only eight countries are implicitly controlling commercial manipulations and future plans of the smaller nations and how this global stratification is spreading, because these countries subjugate most of the settlers of stratified world and a reality that, if we see it from a shortcut, is intended to the full realization of the inhabitants of this planet.

We can make an example of everything conceptually discussed above and see what is important in our environment. Just today, the poorest neighborhoods do not even have pavement in the streets and also lack lighting and public sewer, and all of this is because families who live there and not have a high status in society and not are helped because they are in a smaller range and are marginalized and crushed by the interests of people with high status, for those who do are fulfilled all requests made.

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Note that stratification is a latent problem, if we may say so, makes the rich richer and the poor poorer, and not helpful in any way to the integration of society in a rather limited group of people who live in common and we all share this territory and context, we are part of this objective reality is there virtually dormant and can not change. This example clearly show there is a problem of social stratification among families with high incomes and those with a lower status, and how you constantly suffer latest social stratification and have trouble fully enjoy the services to be to own and that everyone should have in the social system.http://negotiatingconflict.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/inequality.jpg

We can see that all this social problem primarily affects the particular individual and social stratification also influences the individual’s act in their various roles of people, so the work of the psychologist is very important for good therapy that the individual progressively achieve good adaptation to their problems and, for a psychologist, let see his social status, given the pattern to make inferences about their behavior and how it can help you get ahead.

Social stratification has a latent psychological impact on people, because it may be shifts in behavior, especially in a low stratum, where reality often exceeds the understanding of the person and depressing, causing a shift in the behavior of this and thus having a profound impact in every being.

We can see that we live in a reality affected by the large amount of mass and social problems are the order of the day, psychology has to adhere to the set of techniques to achieve the development of the individual, and definitely, sociology and psychology play a key role in human growth, sociological concepts can help us to understand the psychological and cautiously so, sciences come together mutually to have good principles on the subject.

Social stratification affects the economic, social and psychological support to people, but we can all understand that this is not the true nature of man and despite the weight that you have and the havoc they leave, it is a reality that must be constantly fighting to ensure that there are no more social inequality.


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