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Dangers and Opportunitiees of Online Dating

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“Online Dating: Dangers or Opportunities”

Today, especially in the United States, people believe that online dating is one of the quick and convenient ways to find real love or just overnight love. There are many media warnings about “Catfish” or phishing attacks via websites Online dating. However, people don’t seem to care about the potential dangers behind this way. According to a study partially supported by the 2013 Roosevelt University summer grant, it has been shown that 61% of romantic Internet users are not bound to agree that online dating is good to find a mate. Among online dating users, 79% reported that it was an excellent way to meet people. Furthermore, only 30% of internet users believe that people who use the internet for dating are struggling – this means that those users have no choice for love, and the only way they have is Search online. With about one hundred million single adults in the United States, the online matchmaking industry is booming, with $ 2 billion in revenue calculated for 2016. Also, besides clarifying the dangers, there are still some opportunities and improvements that need to consider the online dating system.

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            In the article “How has dating changed in recent years?” Vasilenko states that “One of the biggest differences between young people today compared to earlier generations, is that they are getting married at later ages.” (2012). In other words, she believes marriage age is rising to alarming levels in the United States, and the average age at first marriage has never been higher for both sexes. The internet developed in the age of information technology has broken the barriers of distance and connectivity, giving people more choices in relationships, and of course, it is difficult for both men and women to make a decision. So, dating, in a way, influences the decision to get married. In this essay, a lot of people feel that online dating is not safe because it’s completely different from traditional dating – the way people can meet face to face, talk face to face, eye contact. However, by online dating, people can choose criteria, find like-minded people, and communicate online before feeling fit to meet.

            Writing in the Atlantic article, the problem is not just online dating, and it’s an extreme problem from the general online market: They lack adequate friction, and paradoxically, this is not is a good thing (Ludlow & Peter, 2013). Friction means that the environment creates contact between men and women from which to form relationships. In making this argument, they urge us to believe that dating online applications create a market named “frictionless market,” where puts together buyer and seller without any transaction cost. Specifically, there is only one type of so little fee for the subscription, which is monthly paid by the users. As a result, it leads to a situation where people can freely flirt with others without providing any real information of them and understanding to their partners. Also, my cousin named jack is currently working at Aldi; He used the specific online dating application without analyzing the information of his partners. He flirts with any woman he saw them with a beautiful profile picture. Moreover, he arrived at a hotel that was prepared by his partner. To his shock, he realized that not only did one woman have a profile picture, but four other big women were waiting for him in this room. Then he turned around and told me about that intense nightmare.

                  Also, users of online dating tools quickly become targets of sexual assaults because there is no way to know the accuracy provided by their partners. “About 10 percent of sex offenders use dating sites as a way to find their victims (Cali, BE, Coleman, JM, & Campbell, C., 2013). Offenders can easily give themselves a complete cover. They can become any rich, successful person and appear on expensive supercars and luxury restaurants. The internet has become a great helper tool to make everything coming true. According to statistics in eHarmony, known as one of the most popular dating sites in the US, they found that men who reported higher earnings of $ 250,000 received 156% more emails than they did when compared to those in the U.S. those with 50,000. I strongly agree with what they say about the high income you get, the more chances you’ll get the attention. The writer believed that if someone were a wealthy man, he would have many opportunities to reach out to beautiful women. For example, we have a situation where a guy can take some pictures with thousands of $ 100 bills. Renting a luxury car with a sweet and smooth outfit, wearing an expensive watch, and glossy shoes are all he needs to prepare for a meeting with his partner. After dinner, he could easily take her to some cheap hotel, have sex, and then, walk without saying a word. That’s what often happens when mistakes fall on both men and women.

            On the other hand, besides the dangers of online dating, there are still some benefits of using dating sites. First of all, talk about the benefits of online dating for people who are very busy with daily life. Essence Atkins – An American Actress and model concedes that “What online dating did was offer me the opportunity to go out with a bunch of different people from different industries; I didn’t want to limit myself to people who are in the entertainment industry.” She believes that online dating has given her enough time to date other people who are working in a variety of industries. It’s clear that today people are too busy to work hard to make money and they don’t have time for themselves. They are forced to find alternatives to save time in relationship expansion, and at the same time, for some people, it is good for the career. Therefore, online dating is a useful solution for those who are looking for a partner or life companion. With only a few minutes of spending time on the internet to fill out the information, you can quickly find the person with the characteristics, identity, or enjoyable career. And a lot of people believe that with a little luck or fate, some online dating partners bring a deep feeling to them. Secondly, you can also find out who is dating the offender by making a long conversation. Scammers always want to have a quick chat with their victims rather than spend a long time asking how their victims feel. Another essential point is active online dating and is available 24 hours a day. After a hard day at work, you may have time to share your day with your social friends, confiding in anything that makes you feel angry or uncomfortable.

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            Not only users but also the owners of some social networks, online dating apps, or dating sites are still working to improve performance and increase safety in this dating method. Imagine if we had some tools used to identify personal information to show real background data about users, there would be no cheating, no more drawbacks of this type of dating. Here are some ideas for connecting users, family members, friends, and users themselves. As such, we can see that the user’s family information, interests, and jobs verify from others. Straightforwardly, it will be a combination of a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter and other online dating sites.       

               Therefore, before becoming part of the virtual online dating world, it is imperative to consider the different types of dangers you may have. However, opportunities and challenges are all around us in the world, combining reality and imagination. The United States is one of the busiest markets in the dating industry, with nearly 100 million users who prefer to use online dating as a tool to find a partner or lover. I used to think that we couldn’t find a serious relationship using such an online dating tool.  But recently, the study shows that online dating is still growing. Besides, with the efforts of both suppliers and consumers, I believe that this online dating market can reduce existing hazards, improve protections, and create many opportunities soon for users.


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