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Child Development Services Case Study

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Case-Study: 3 Ana

  Ana is 6-year old girl. She is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome so, she has developmental delay, intellectual disabilities, severe speech impairment and problems with movement. Ana has a diagnosis of dysphagia which affects her feeding and swallowing pattern and she is already underweight for her Age and height, so Ana’s mother has concerns about that because due to her feeding difficulty she is not able to take food by herself and she takes more time for lunch and dinner so her mother wants special services like Day-care programe which provide good support with this nutritional problem. Ana’s parents are also worried about the school system because the school system will not be accommodating or transportation, so they are finding the day-care French services nearer school. There are four major section in which she wants needs including speech limitations, feeding difficulties & poor nourishment, day-care services and French services.

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There are number of agencies work for children with developmental disabilities. So, as a DSW I expect to find out to outlet of the services which helpful to her in this difficulty. In this case, Ana’s mother contacts me on her behalf and I find out some agencies which assist to her in her well- being. Here I explain about 8- agencies in detail which helpful to Ana in her disabilities.

 child development institute (CDI)Which is located in Don mills, North York (childdevelop.ca (2005). I prioritize this Agency as per Ana’s requirement. Jennifer is the example of child developmental institute worker. She stated that, this child care consultation services provide support children under the age of 12 years with extra support needs in licensed child care and early learning. Collaboration is the key and child development is core value for this service. They provide francophone services for child development and Ana’s mother also want this type of services which provide in French language (canpages.ca (2018).

There are some criteria for services, keep the consent before giving any services to the child, make referrals for speech, consultation and play for child, referral for child care psychological consultation. Make referral for funding& additional charges for Child services. CDI works in close partnership with Toronto Children’s services to support and promote an inclusive child care system (ourkids.net (2018). Continuing development of Screening tool &encourage parents to use this tool and face to face communicate with parents. Child development institute highlights the need of the child. Child development institute works for children under 12 years and they provide francophone services so, Ana’s mother can take benefit for her in her well-being.

Centennial college east York day-care centre is a licensed child-care centre which is in 175 Plains Rd, Toronto, ON M4J 2R2. Guest speaker Rick provided some detail about this agency. 0-12 years child can take benefit from this agency and this day-care centre provides 2000$ per month for child services and protection. There is the number of criteria for this agency including dealing with children in a vulnerable section, provide services to the child with language disabilities and behavioral issues. Child funding is the highly regulated function for this agency.  people who are working there works in a group and support to the needed child. There is no any scheduled programs or activities it’s surprises always as per children’s need. This one is the supportive day-care centre for Ana with her language limitations (Torontocentralhealthline, 2018).

Early childhood services community living Toronto has main three core values: community, choice and integrity. Early Childhood Services is available for children from 0-12 years of age group who require additional support to participate in an early childhood setting. Community living Toronto promotes inclusive community by supporting the rights and choices of people with intellectual disabilities. There is the number of ways by which early childhood consultation and intensive resource support facilitates the inclusion of child: assessing the child care programs, providing information on various topics, assisting with the transition of school, they work with the families, community and professionals to develop, monitor and evaluate the plan that is based on child’s strength and support needs for both home and community program. Providing access to specialized supports, such as Behaviour Management Consultation. This service could even assist the Ana’s mother as she transitions as that impacts the needs of Ana as well. (community living Toronto, 2018).  

 ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development located in 1230 Central pkwy west, Mississauga, ON L5C 0A5. They work for child age 19 years and below. The aimed for these services is treatment, rehabilitation and support autism services, infant hearing and audiology program, vision services and medical services & these all services provide in French language and Ana has difficulty in feeding and swallowing due to her dysphagia so these services helpful to her medical and diagnostic evaluation and provide enough support to Ana’s mother (PEEL COMMUNITY SERVICES DIRECTORY, 2016).

French language day-care centre (Mental Health Development & Primary Health care and Health Promotion) is placed at 555 Richmond St West 3rd Fl, Toronto, ON M5V 3B1 Toronto Downtown Central (211 central serving Toronto, 2018).

This is the French Designated Agency under the French Language Services Act. This centre is works for mothers and children from birth to 18 years & includes mental health counselling for ages birth to 6 years service co-ordination, family support and individual or family support. Number of services provided by this agency which are most related to Ana’s need. Service co-ordination and day-care consultation, French language day treatment centre provided by (Ecole Bayview Nord Appian Drive North York, Toronto). program for children 6-12 years with behavioural, emotional or social disorders, educational and therapeutic services delivered in a school setting individual or group assessment and treatment for eligible children & family support, Early Childhood Centre gathering place for parents and children birth-6 years, language development using games and songs, psychomotor development activities, child socialization, parent support groups and parenting education. Dietician and nutritional counselling program, Immunization program for strong immunity & provide knowledge about education, prevention and advocacy (211 central serving Toronto, 2018).

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Community living, Oakville is placed 301 Wyecroft Rd Oakville, ON L6K 2H2.They provide a safe and caring environment for children and young adults between the ages of 5 and 21years. The goal of this service is to provide an opportunity for each person to participate in meaningful day time, educational, leisure and social opportunities. person-centered option, where prospects are based on personal interests and interests of the group. offered to individuals who wish to develop skills and build relationship with others. This services strongly focus on Healthy living and personal growth. It’s offers recreational opportunities, community engagement and volunteering. Here, Ana’s mother has concern about her Health and this service strongly focus on Healthy living and personal growth. So, its suitable for Ana (mississaughaltonhealthline.ca (2018).

St. Albans girls & Boys early childhood day- care centre is placed at 84, Palmerston Avenue, Toronto ON M6G 2R8. They provide the services to the children ages between 18months to 6- year. This centre encourages daily physical activity through a variety of programs, from team sports, ballet and karate, to rock climbing and outdoor adventure, as well as cooking classes, healthy lifestyle and nutrition education. Boys and Girls Clubs provide a place of belonging for young people to feel accepted and supported to develop and express themselves. clubs give young people opportunities to strengthen and acquire new academic skills, test their abilities and enhance career readiness, as well as develop a thirst for life-long learning. Family and parent support programs, meal programs for hungry children, emergency services to youth on the street and working with young offenders to get them back on the right track are just a few of the program’s clubs provide in this area. Ana’s mother prefers this service because they provide services related to healthy life- style and nutritional needs which is mandatory for Ana because she has difficulty in feeding so, she is underweight, and her mother has concern about that. (stalbansclub.ca, 2018) St. Albans girls & boys club is a leading provider of quality after school and out-of-school programs to children and youth that support the healthy physical, educational and social development of more than 200,000 young people and their families in Canada each year. This is one of the largest youth-serving agencies in Canada. Club programs focus on main four key areas which are responsible for child’s development. 1) Physical activity, Health and safety 2) Leadership, growth and empowerment 3) Learning and career development 4) Community services (stalbansclub.ca, 2018).

Holland Bloor view kids Rehabilitation is committed to creating a world of possibilities for kids with disabilities. Holland Bloor view kids Rehabilitation Hospital Provides specialized programs and clinical care for children and youth with disabilities. Caring, client- family centred care, excellence, innovation,

Partnership and respect these are the values of this agency. At Holland Bloor view kids’ rehabilitation hospital, provide care for kids with disabilities, kids needing rehabilitation after any serious illness or trauma, kids who have medical complexity requires a kind of care they can’t get elsewhere. At Holland Bloorview,

We serve children, youth and families who compel us to go above and beyond. These presence fuels our desire to provide exemplary care, integrate the voices of kids, youth and families in all that we do and drive excellence in research, teaching and program delivery. This service focus on main four areas for participation and inclusion. Communication and writing aids, recreation therapy and life skills training, early learning and development and music & arts. They also support the number of client and family programs including family support & fund, peer partnership, health care and family leadership program. Becoming more involved in meal preparation at home and directing their own attendants for most meal. (Holland Bloor view kids rehabilitation Hospital, 2017)



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