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Should Jobs Be Reserved For Women?

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Wordcount: 1515 words Published: 10th Jan 2018

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Most of the high level jobs are done by man, should government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women ?

Most of the high level jobs are done by men, I am not totally agree with this idea, because many high level jobs are done by women. There  is no discrimination between man and woman before  the eye of law. I deeply believe high level jobs are done by qualified person. So government should not encourage a certain percentage of high level jobs to be reserved for women. As a human being all are equal so those who have qualification to do high level jobs, they must will do. If government encourage or enact a law or reserve certain percentage that will be unfair and injustice and discrimination for man. High level jobs should be given on the basis of merit and qualification not consider as a man and woman.we do not agree, to make any reservation on the basis of race, age, sex and minority ,but high level job must be done  by only   qualified person.

Man and Woman are equal so there should not have any special attention for women. This concept seriously violates human rights. There should not have any discrimination between man and woman. The discrimination never bring peace and stability in a state, so government must not make any special rules for women.

As a democratic state, every state has rule of law and human rights, so high level jobs are only done by man, this is not fair and justice. If women have merit and qualification, they must hold high level jobs. To my mind, there is no restriction in law of a state for woman high level jobs. Human right is most important to live in the world with dignity and honour as a best creation of God. So knowledge and knowledge must be standard for high level jobs not on the basis of sex.

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So only justice and fair can bring the peace and security in a state, man and woman should not be competitor but dependable. Being a best creation of God, we must have sense of responsibility and duty to one another to make a better and peaceful world for the future generation. As a man  I deeply believe and trust, there should not have any unfair between man and woman. only the basis of merit must get high level post not consider anything else. To hold a sensitive post, need only knowledge and management capacity but disqualification must always discourage and deprive from high level post for betterment of nation and showing honour and justice for qualified and knowledgeable persons.

Proper management is the most important to hold a high level job, so  one who will be seated in this post must be qualified and knowledgeable. If any person is woman but she is not qualified for the post but given the high level post she absolutely will be fail to hold the post.

Motivation is very important requirement to hold a high prestigious job, one who has no this capacity she/he  cannot hold a high level post. So I hope and believe government should not to make any special attention to women for high level post because if they are qualified, no need to make any rule or law in parliament.

Leadership is the best qualification to hold the high level jobs. To be a best leader, so easily can deal any critical situation. Those who will hold better post, musth have leadership skilled to perform  properly his/her responsibilities and  duties.This is the age of globalization,so one who want to be leader one,s

has to have leadership skilled otherwisewill be  seriously fail to make any decision.

Challenging career, there are many job very challenging so women are not able to perform their responsibilities but if any woman get like that post as a leader she will totally fail to lead the team or group. For example a woman is not fit for post of chief of Army, Navy,and Air force,because they are not able to perform their duty properly with care and strictly.So body fitness is very  important to hold like that high level job.So if government impose like that post, it will be harmful for a nation.

Professional services are opened for all men and women,because there is no any condition or restriction for women.women can be professor,lawyer,pilot officer,doctor if they have qualification.So for this reason,no need to care more women for high level job.There are many women in the world who are justice,lawyer, minister,parliamentarian .They perform their responsibilities and duties with dignity and skilled.This is because, they are hardworkers and qualified for this  posts

Corruption is the great disease for state , it is worse than cancer . so make a proper well fear state . it is responsibilities for man and women to remove this   corruption  from the grass root level of state , corruption free state and protect and guarantee human rights such kind of well fare state no conflict man between women incase of high level jobs.

Misuse is the worst weak point to protect human rights and establish rule of law it is absolutely possible misuse of power in government wish to protect the human rights .disqualified person never get high level jobs .this is possible on the basis of rule of law but we have to keep in mind knowledge and qualification only should be standard for higher level job but not consider sex.

Political instability never bring any peace and security, safety and dignity for a nation .for the cause of corruption and missuse of power always coming political instability in a state. For these reason many qualified man and women totally deprive from the higher level jobs.such kind of political environment never consider knowledge and qualification and care fare and justice .

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There are many states where women hold high level post such as Bangladesh is a highest ranking  for the leadership of women  because there is a prime minister and opposition leader, home minister,foreign minister and agriculture minister all are women. they are not  elected as a women but for theire leadership qualification.so there is no way to say government should have extra care for women .if they become knowledgeable, they will reach their goals.

In Pakistan also had an ex-prime minister banzir butto who was a woman and she was elected for her political wisdom but her nation did not make her prime minister just consider as woman .there are many women perform their responsibilities and duties with due care and dignity .

there is a president  in india is woman .there were former prime ministers Indira Gandi and Sonia gandi also were women.

In usa ,hilari Clinton is secretary  of state of America so it is only possible for her qualification.

In UK and Austrilia are handled supreme post by women,we do not like to make different between man and woman.As a human being all are equal,in case of dignity and rights and duties.

Criticism of women ;most of the women across the world , to remind themselves busy in the kitchen .their mind do not want to work high abious job.They think , women responsibilities to produce baby and to take care and managing housing work.They do not know what are  their rights and duties.So  for this reason,they are tortured, oppressed,nepressd by men.Their voices are not strong for their rights.They do not know how to establish their civil and political rights.Even now women are not prepared to take leadership of high level jobs.They think leadership and management are only for men.

Reservation of negative effect,If government reserve certain percentage for high level jobs,it will make a serious negative effect in a state.Now a days all of the countries have  recognised equal status of men and women.The certain percentage reservation will break the check and balance of a state.Day by day men will be unemployment which is not green signal for democratic states.So we do not agree on the statement of reservation of high level jobs for women.If government want to reserve must be for backward section people.There will be no any discrimination between men and women.

It is high for women to raise their voices against injustice and unfair.Government can take effective step to make educated women.Women  have to be conscious for their fundamental rights.If government make them properly educated then they will get high level jobs.No need make any reservation for women,from every part of the world, women should be conscious about their rights and duties, They must  make pressure their own government to provide complete women rights. When they will be able to understand what are their rights and duties and will be qualified then they  will get high level jobs.

In brief ,I would like to say dignity and honour should not be  given on the basis of sex.for the causes of sincerity ,honesty,sense of responsibility, punctuality and duty.So any man or woman  will hold high level job if he or she has qualification. No need to make speacil law for woman for high level jobs.Only knowledge and knowledge should be most priority and standard to hold high level job.


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