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Annotated Bibliography: Raising the Minimum Wage

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Social Policy
Wordcount: 1873 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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THESIS STATEMENT:  The debate for minimum wage increase should focus primarily on America’s multinational corporate employers and not the small business economy because of the threat it would pose to small business owners.

Arguments against raising the minimum wage defy reality. (2014, Apr 15). Portland Press Herald Retrieved from https://libauth.purdueglobal.edu/login?url=https://search-proquest-com.libauth.purdueglobal.edu/docview/1561037256?accountid=34544

 Susan Feiner, a journalist from the Portland Press Herald shined a considerable amount of resourceful information on my topic as she illustrated a picture of genuine horrors for the small business economy.  I found this illustration was able to paint a picture of a market which will set an incredibly high standard for the need of labor workers. The author also explains how increasing the wages of workers at the lower end of the pay scale will lead inevitably to superior spending. With the supply of labor equal to the demand for labor, there would be no unemployment, yet workers shall offer more work than employers want to hire. (Feiner, 2014)

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The Portland Press Herald, also substantiated as The Maine Sunday Telegram, has been publishing since 1862 and is primarily focused on the metro area around Portland, Maine. The author who has published this article, Dr. Susan Feiner, also serves as a Professor at the University of Southern Maine. Although this article primarily shines a positive light on the increase of minimum wage, I was also able to discover areas within the article that will depict what the realistic nature of small to mid-sized businesses would look like if the change were to occur.

Brinkmann, P. (2017, October 17) Florida Minimum Wage Rising 15 Cents amid Calls for $15 Hourly. Retrieved fromhttps://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-bz-florida-minimum-wage-20171016-story.html

As I continued venturing into new sources of data that would help me provision my call for a stronger debate on raising the minimum wage, I came across another strong resource. According to Paul Brinkmann, a journalist for the Orlando Sentinel, Florida’s minimum wage will rise by fifteen cents or two percent starting this upcoming January. This article voices on behalf of different small to medium sized business owners who are currently just trying to govern how they could meet that fifteen dollars per hour wage, while keeping up with other financial obligations (Brinkmann, 2017). With no doubts that the costs of living will be going up, this article also illustrates a few major key points. One being that out of three-hundred businesses, half of them would immediately need to cut staff.

The above source was specifically found through research conducted by student through a Google Search Engine. Granting, the author of this article, Paul Brinkmann, needed to be validated separately prior to conducting any actual writing or paraphrasing. Upon authentication, it is capable of being found that Brinkmann does much writing for Disney World located in Orlando, Florida. Brinkmann along with the Orlando Sentinel do conduct illustrations and major articles and serving the Central Florida area daily since 1876 and owned by Tribune Publishing. Brinkmann considers himself to be a, “freelance journalist”.

This article will be very suitable to me, as it can be strongminded as sharing common grounds on the viewpoint that is being addressed. In one sense, I can show what large multinational corporate employers within my community are already pledging for the cause of a minimum wage spike. While on the other hand, this source may be used to show the voice of small business owners and how they are in great fears of having to support this minimum wage spike and still manage to keep their profits manageable as it will call for higher consumer spending if approved.

Lee, J. C. (2008). Minimum wage hike just another burden for small businesses. Orange County Business Journal, 31(20), 58. Retrieved from https://libauth.purdueglobal.edu/login?url=https://search-proquest-com.libauth.purdueglobal.edu/docview/211106834?accountid=34544

 I found this next article in the Purdue University Global P.Q. Library.  As pronounced by author Jessica C. Lee, this article explains that small business owners should look beyond a cost of minimum wage and pay more attention to extra expenses such as employees granting themselves overtime, split shifts and even missed meal periods. Small business owners fear that higher minimum wage rates may eat into their profits, furthermore the cost of services must go up as well. One of the major key points this article focuses on that shall be very accommodating to my cause for argument is how companies will have to capitalize on it’s workers. Making sure the employees are adequately trained to fit the position they are hired for is not only a costly component, but a crucial component as well.  (Lee, 2008)

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 Jessica C. Lee, the author of the article which was published by the Orange County Business Journal may be authenticated by using any reputable search engine, I happened to come across her LinkedIn account which gave me the capability to see that her academic career took place at University of Southern California and has had so far, a very successful career in Education Management. Though, as I have stated previously, this article was found through the Purdue Global Library, the article itself was originally published through the Orange County Business Journal. The Orange County Business Journal can be validated as the second largest Business Journal in California after the Los Angeles Business Journal.  Founded in 1978, the Orange County Business Journal covers material on various industries technology, medical devices, aerospace, defense, surfwear, real estate and finance.

 I find this article will be very beneficial to use as it holds onto a grip which none other has thus far throughout my research; focusing on the worker opposed to the worker’s pay. I find it to be interesting, yet potentially harmful. I find more positive understanding that will help me oppose my argument but holding different standards than the rest of my research.

.Koslowski, B. (2003, May 03). The pros and cons of raising the minimum wage in Illinois. Chicago Defender Retrieved from https://libauth.purdueglobal.edu/login?url=https://search-proquest-com.libauth.purdueglobal.edu/docview/247022731?accountid=34544

As of 2003 up until this very day, small business owners’ fears are not limited to paying higher wages, yet they also hold new beliefs. On certain occasions, some show that they have belief that the wage hike shall help left families out of poverty/ However, it is just simply not that easy. Small business associations claim there shall be a devastating effect on those who must finance it, typically the small business owners. One interesting thought is that the government could step in and reduce the payroll tax so that small business entrepreneurs can have the ability to build up savings that may be passed down to employees through higher wages.  (Koslowski, 2003).

This piece of research was found within the Purdue University Library and published by the Chicago Defender. Founded in 1905, the Chicago Defender started out by publishing primarily to serve African-American readers. The engine used to locate this specific article was ProQuest, a search engine that is used through the academic student support center at Purdue University Global.

This final highlighted piece of research will serve me great doing as I construct for a logical, realistic argument opposing the minimum wage spike which will be once again implemented on the 2020 election ballot. I have confidence that this resource shows another standout viewpoint which no other has had thus far; getting the government involved to help eradicate risk of further failings of nation-wide entrepreneurs. I can use this either for my benefit or in contradiction of my opposition. I feel that as I focus this ingenious column towards only one end of my opposition debate for minimum wage to be limited, it will help show a perilous part that has yet to be shown throughout my findings; humility. This piece of research shows how one can help one another, regardless of wealth or poor, and help decrease statistics of poverty.



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