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The National and International History and Evolution of the Private Security Industry

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On this assignment I will discuss the National and International evolution of the Private Security, the fundamentals laws and what impact it has had on society. It’s purpose is to communicate knowledge which I am receiving during my training in Guarding Skills. All information which I will demonstrate in this piece of work are provided from sources such as Security Skills manual an Private Security Authority licensed websites.


The European private security sector has grown from a handful of small companies at the end of the Second World War but in Ireland dating back to the 1960. In Europe, the requirement for security is not just expressed notionally but also officially in The European Agenda on Security stating the European Union (EU) aims to ensure that people live in an area of freedom, security, and justice. Security evolved from need for additional, individual protection for humans and their property. Over the years this service have had a major impact on society. People do not realise how dependant they are on different sectors of the industry until something happens with their goods or own security. This could be as result of utilisation of a CCTV and alarm systems, and most importantly the physical security.


The Private Security Authority (PSA)is the lawful body with responsibility for regulation and licensing the Irish private security industry. The PSA is an independent body under mediation of the Department of Justice and Equality. The main role of the PSA is to improve and maintain standards in the provision of security services in the State. Established following the passing of the Private Security Services Act in 2004, the PSA started licensing security contractors in 2006 and security employees in 2007. From that moment until present the industry employs about 20.000 people across a broad range of sectors. The PSA’s head office is in Tipperary Town.


The Private Security Authority (PSA), which was approved pursuant to the Private Security Services Act, 2004, is the statutory body with responsibility for regulating and licensing the Irish private security industry. An Act to provide for the establishment of a body, to be known as the private security authority, to control and supervise individuals and firms providing private security services and to investigate and adjudicate on any complaints against them, for the establishment of a body, to be known as the private security appeal board, to hear and determine appeals against decisions of that authority; and for related matters. The committee of the Authority include: employers and employee, an Garda Siochana, Government Departments, the Security Institute of Ireland and SOLAS.


There platform established a body to be recognizable as the Private Security Authority to perform the functions conferred on it by this Act, (2004)
The Private Security Authority (PSA) has some principal functions, they are include:

- Controlling an supervising employers/persons given security services
- Assessing and improving standards in the provision of those services
- Suspending or granting, renewing or revoking security licenses also maintain a register of those licenses.

Also a very important principle which are maintained by  PSA are the Code of Ethics and Dress Code of each Security Guard on duty:

- Always clean and ironed clothes must be worn
- The PSA license should be worn at all times in the workplace
- To carry out on duty with honesty and integrity and to maintain the highest moral principles
- To protect life and property: prevent and reduce crimes committed against to the employers/clients business
- To be a professional at all the time

To be a licensed employer on any security company you should obtain recognized qualification from Security Institute of Ireland or Further Education and Training Award Council (FETAC).


The standard adopted by the Authority for Security services is the ,,Guarding Security Service” IS999:2004 which is certified by the Nation Standards Authority of Ireland.

The main national Irish for the security industry are:
- EN50131 for the installation of intruder alarm systems: - The general requirements include requirements which must be met by equipment manufacturers as well as equipment installer

- IS 228 for monitoring centers: - All monitoring centers/alarm receiving centers (ARC's) requiring a license must be audited against the requirements of I.S. 228:2007 and be audited by a Private Security Approved certification body.

- ISS999:2004 for guarding security services: - This is the minimum standard required for companies to secure a license from the PSA.

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Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement; that is, rights are the fundamental normative rules about what is allowed of people or owed to people, according to some legal system, social convention, or ethical theory.
Responsibilitiesare the specific tasks or duties that members are expected to complete according to their roles.

a) Security Guards
- Prevent losses through waste and damage
- Prevent crimes and wrongful activities
- Responding to emergencies 
- entitled to detain a person which are suspected of shoplifting, as long as they have reasonable grounds for this suspicion.
- Reporting all incidents reports

b) Employers
- Risk assessment of assignment 
- Maintaining records and reports
- Supervision of security staff
- Training by guarding service standard IS 999:2004, employing and vetting of potential staff
- Report to the Health and safety Authority any dangerous activities or any notified accidents and collapse

c) Clients
- Manage and run work activities
- Organize and maintain system of work
- Provide PPE
- Provide and maintain agreeable welfare facilities
-  Provide and maintain safe place of work


Private security sector play an important role in the Ireland, ranging from guard services to alarm monitoring and security consulting. This industry received a strong arm and power from Government and competent structures such as Ministry of Justice and Police department also over the years they paid greater attention to collaboration, information sharing and partnership. In my opinion the private Security Officer have a critical role in public safety such as in homeland, they are responsible for the protection of intellectual properties and  million of lives every day. 


Security skills manual


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