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Security Challenges Posed by Economic Espionage

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 The monetary intelligence is one of the most vital belongings of a nation. The treasured thoughts and improvements are those which generates huge profit and wonderful services and products. As a result, right investigation for monetary espionage is vital for keeping off such form of unlawful drainage of monetary intelligence. The government has to be relatively observant regarding any sort of robbery of information. Any minor leakage of information may also cause an large financial espionage. For this reason, it turns into very important to hold a sharp eye on such leakage. For ensuring this, the authorities must set up a unique intelligence branch for retaining a close eye on any type of unethical lack of records from the house us of a to overseas. The authorities, the personal sector, and the forensic department have to have the right coordination among them for averting financial espionage. The cybersecurity cellular of the authorities has to be fantastically alert concerning such sorts of threats associated with facts robbery.

Potential Threats

 There is a new war that can destroy governments and businesses combined. Since technology has become more advanced, hackers have become better and have even trained others to do the dirty jobs. Cyber wars are more common nowadays that China actually sponsors such projects. In fact, Bocetta, S. (2017) argues that “the Chinese government appears to believe that it has more to gain than to lose from its cyber espionage and attack campaign. So far, it has acquired valuable technology, trade secrets, and intelligence” Indeed, one of the potential risks from cyber espionage is the loss to innovate. For example, a company that is innovating a product that has the potential to be profitable, China can target the company of certain employees and offer them money or luxury for the companies secrets, such as, but not limited to, source code, business strategy, partners, cybersecurity. In effect, Stahl, L. (2016) argues that “Daniel McGahn spent years and millions of dollars developing advanced computer software for wind turbines and McGahn says China looted, nearly putting him out of business.” McGahn states that he did everything possible to protect the companies information. The measures were reasonable, only a few selected members had access to the source code and company secrets. China was frustrated because they could not access the code because McGahn encrypted the code, creating a “fortress”. However, Chine targeted a selected member offering him money and girls. Of course, that person gave in and gave everything China asked for. In effect, Stahl, L. (2016) states that McGahn had to fire 600 people out of 900. The demand for turbine software declines since China could already provide it to China and other parts of the world for cheap. Economic espionage results in a theft of innovation that a business of a particular country owns and makes use of it for sporting out monetary activities. Such drainage of innovation results in a massive loss of financial intelligence of a nation.

Shut Down of Firms

 Economic espionage has been taken into consideration as a prime cause of firms closing down due to economic espionage. Economic espionage consequently makes a nation economically unstable through a  concentration on its flourishing monetary activities. McGahn was, unfortunately, a victim of cyber espionage, but did not go out of business. There are many companies that go out of business because of cyber espionage. Small organizations can impact change greater fast, acclimate to new technology faster, regularly define the frontline of their fields. However, a small enterprise is still a steady conflict; Like many birds that migrate, some will not make it. Many organizations get hacked without even noticing they are hacked. Once they find out they are hacked, they panic and try to fix the problem in-house making it more expensive. A great solution is to contract a third-party that specializes in those type of cases, and they will provide suggestions on how to prevent future hacking. Moreover, since companies spend a lot of money trying to fix the issue, they are forced with either getting rid of employees or hire more to fix the issue in-house. Leaving the company in debt or without any other resources, therefore, having to shut down. LUXSCI. (2018)  states “most small businesses do not have staff with expertise to fully evaluate their own risk and to mitigate the risk uncovered. The common result is gaps in security defenses that attackers can drive trucks through, load up with data, and drive off leaving that business in breach (even if they don’t know it yet). It’s happening every day.  Indeed, 61% of breaches in 2016 affected companies with less than 1000 employees.” As stated before, the best component a small commercial enterprise can do is to get expert help. Pick out a business enterprise to assist with the risk evaluation and an auditing of your vulnerabilities. Sending most of the work to third parties for the technical operations is a must. This decreases the operational fees, reduces your danger, and offloads a good deal of the responsibilities for any breach to these businesses. Having the proper people involved who can identify your vulnerabilities and who can recommend or offer answers is worthwhile and extremely price-effective in comparison to the opportunity: becoming the following media headline.

Massive Unemployment

 Financial espionage leads to massive unemployment as a consequence of shut down of firms and as a result, it has a negative impact on the purchasing power of the citizens by increasing unemployment in a country. As stated before, the loss of innovation, and shut down of firms leads to massive unemployment, negatively impacting a countries employment rate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2018) the current unemployment rate is 3.9% in the United States. The lack of jobs and the high price of items and houses have forced many to be unemployed and in some cases, homeless.

Shift of Business

 Economic espionage compels the business to shift their enterprise to a distinctive product or service. Because the business idea which they owned were compromised. Most businesses start a just one product or service since they do not have the fund for many products or services. In effect, once their data, future patents, gets compromised then they are forced to create something new, something that they do not know if it is going to work.

National Threat

 Economic espionage is a countrywide danger which paralyzes a nation by strongly hitting its economic activities and creating an obstacle on the course of monetary growth. Moreover, the illegal access of another country military plans have created many cyberwars and have forced countries to spend millions of dollars to protect their country. Grobman, S. (2018) states that “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community confirmed that China and other nation-state actors are continuing to use cyber-attacks to “acquire U.S. intellectual property and proprietary information to advance their own economic and national security objectives.” Western nations have often accused China of aggressive cyber-attacks, but despite the fact that those assaults may be traced to computer systems in China, it is hard to show they may be state-sponsored.


 There was an era that everything had to be done manually. Today, most anything can be remotely operated as long as there is a network connection. In effect, this puts many organizations in danger because should they ever get hacked. The hacker can cause great physical damage. In effect, the top vulnerabilities are software and hardware, energy, automobile, telecommunications.

Software and Hardware

 The computer industry is in a constant battle to stop hackers. Since most computer companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, offer more than computers. They are at a high risk because once a hacker finds an entry point, then they have access to a multitude of confidential files. As stated before, hackers will sometimes infiltrate a company to act as spies or are paid high amounts of cash to release information. Sinfield, D. (2018) argues that “Apple issued a stern warning to employees this week about leaking confidential information to the media. In a leaked memo detailing Apple’s efforts to stop leaks, the company says it caught 29 leakers in 2017. Of those caught, 12 were arrested. Apple told employees they are “getting played” by journalists and bloggers that approach them with flattery in exchange for information.” Many times we hear of leaks, especially months before the release date of products. Many companies lose people interest because the product there were expecting is not a big of an upgrade. In effect, customers will wait for the main announcement to see if the leaks were true, and/or switch to another product.


 The industry associated with renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy are exceedingly attacked by way of economic espionage. As stated before, McGahn spent years and millions of dollars developing advanced computer software for wind turbines just to be looted, nearly putting him out of business, by China.  As the demand for renewable energy increases, more companies are at risk. It all starts with an idea, then some people with money get together and get a team of hackers to do the job for them. In effect, they have the secrets and business plans of other companies.


 The car industry has also been hit with espionage, especially with the new electric cars and autonomous driving technology. Most of us have heard that Apple wanted a piece of the action and was working on an autonomous car. Chiu, A. (2018) argues that “Apple engineer, Xiaolang Zhang, was arrested by U.S. authorities at the San Jose International Airport while preparing to board a flight to China and charged with stealing proprietary information related to Apple’s self-driving car project. At the time of his arrest, he said he was working for a Chinese start-up that is also developing autonomous vehicles.” Tesla is well-known all around the world for their innovation. Elon Musk has made the patents for their invention opens o the public. Sure enough, companies have used Tesla’s patents, but have been careful to make modifications so it is not identical to Tesla’s patents. 


Most of us used to be happy whenever we had 4G signal in our mobile devices. Today, we have 4G LTE and we are closer to 5G. Lewis J. (2018) states that “Chinese telecom manufacturer ZTE pled guilty to selling U.S. phone technology to Iran and then broke the conditions of its plea deal. In response, the United States denied ZTE access to U.S. technology, putting the company’s sales at risk of collapse. China made clear that ZTE had to be on the table if there were to be trade talks, and President Trump tweeted that he would help ZTE.” In response, many US civilians saw this alarming as Iran is known for being some of the best hackers, and they now have access to how U.S phone technology works.


 There are many risks that come with cyber espionage. Financial cost, the result of economic Espionage is a huge financial loss to the private commercial enterprise and on the united states as a whole. Technological Loss: there are many vulnerabilities that hacker exploit and leaves the door open for other hackers to enter, in effect, there is a lot of loos in regards to technology. Lack of manpower, precious manpower sometimes exhausted within the process of economic espionage. The threat of market slowdown, when you consider that, economic espionage targets to weaken the economic system so the chance of marketplace slowdown is outstanding in case of theft of economic intelligence. Sluggish recuperation: The state typically takes a long period to overcome the ill consequences of financial espionage and as a result, the financial condition of the united states deteriorates at a faster pace.


 Companies need strict policies in order to keep their information secure. They must work with a third party to fully keep their information safe and what to do in case it does get compromised. It is important to keep employees under the radar because they might give information to the competition for money. Espionage can not only affect a small organization, but it can cause great damage to a whole nation.



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