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Heart Rate and Exercise Experiment Results

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M3 – Present data collected before and after a standard period of exercise with reference to validity

For M3 I am going to discuss data that was collect before and after the period of exercise. The data will be in reference to the validity of the results. There are a number of things that may have affects the results of our period of exercise as we did not discuss what we eat before the exercise, different weights, if there were any energy drinks drank before the exercise and if there were any pauses between taking results.

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In the first table to results it shows what Laura and Christine’s resting heart rate and resting breathing rate per minutes. The method of measuring was to time our heart rate for 15 secs then multiply the result by 4 to get what our heart rate would be for a minute. The same method was used to find out our breathing rate per minute. With this method I would say that it would be accurate although it can all depend on the person as the heart rate may not always stay at the one rhythm so this may make the results invalid. “Exercise, emotions, fever and some medications can cause your heart to beat faster, sometimes to well over 100 beats per minute”. www.my.clevelandclinic.org

Table of results

Laura’s resting heart rate = 80 bpm

Laura’s resting breathing rate= 20

Christine’s resting heart rate= 56 bpm

Christine’s resting breathing rate = 14

Table of heart rate and breaths per minutes after 2 minutes’ exercise

Heart rate per minute- Laura

Heart rate per minute- Christine

Breathing rate per minute – Laura

Breathing rate per minute- Christine





























For our result we both ran up and down stairs for two minutes this was our method of exercise to make it accurate the exercise was set so that we were both doing the same method. Although the level of the exercise could make the results less accurate as one of us may have been running faster which would make one person’s heart rate higher than the others. Laura’s weight would be heavier than Christine’s so this may be why my heart rate is higher than Christine’s as the heart needs to work harder to the heart blood pumping round the body. “The level of fitness affects heart rate, which tends to increase if you’re overweight. An increased resting heart rate puts more stress on your heart during and following exercise.” www.healthyliving.azcentral.com

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Before taking part in the exercise or taking result we did not discuss what we ate that morning which can affect the results as what we eat can depend on how much energy that we have. If someone eat carbohydrates before exercise it can help to increase blood glucose and glycogen levels. “If you don’t have enough glycogen, you won’t have the energy to exercise to the best of your ability”. www.bupa.co.uk

The results in the table of heart rate and breaths per minutes after 2 minutes’ exercise show the heart rate for Laura went down faster than Christine’s heart rate. Although being overweight can affect the rate in which the heart rate goes back to the resting heart rate. While being overweight may affect the heart rate, I do dance dvds and go on the treadmill so this may be why the heart rate did not take long to go back to the resting heart rate.

While taking the heart rate and breath rate it was hard to know when were started taking the heart rate/breathing rate and when we stopped as Christine did not make this clear. Therefore, the measurements may not have actually been 15 secs each time this would mean that the results are not accurate as the measurements could be a few secs out.

With the breathing rate per minute results the Christine’s breathing rate started to rest as a slower pace than Laura’s but after the third reading her breathing rate started to decrease faster than Laura’s. it was hard to measure the breathing rate as within 15 secs there was only a few breaths taken so it did not really seem accurate but once the amount of breaths per 15 secs was multiplied by 4 it all added up being it look more accurate although I still would not say that the method that we used to take the breaths was not the best to use for accuracy.

For the breathing rate I would say that exercise for 5 minutes would be better than 2 minutes as after 2 minutes the breathing rate did not go overly higher but after 5 minutes the breathing rate would have been a lot higher there for the time in which the breathing rate went back to normal would have took longer although this would not really change the results much it would make the results more valid as there would be more off them. The resting rests for both the heart rate and breathing rate would be the most accurate result as it was taking three times for more accurate results then we added the three together and multiplied by 3 to find out what the main rate would be for both of the readings.

I think that if the heart rate and breathing rate was measure for 1 minute instead of 15 seconds then multiplying by 4 the results would be more accurate as there was breaks in between resetting the timer which would affect the rate in which the heart and breathing rate was going down as if there were no breaks at all the results would have been different making them more accurate than the results that we did get.


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