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Forensic Science in the 21st Century

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Forensic Science in the 21st Century

 The greatest most important facet of criminal justice is forensic science; a lot of people consider forensic science the relevance of science to law enforcement.  Forensic Science deals with the facts of many self-restraints of science to lawful substances. With all its firsthand technology that is accessible to us forensic science is the most frequently used when it comes to investigating criminal cases that would implicate a victim, somebody that would be involved such as having been attacked, burglary, abduction, rape and homicide. Forensic science is also the crucial device in assigning fault/guilt or founding innocence in the criminal justice system. (“The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Forensic,” 2018)

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 It will be within my knowledge and the giving of my awareness to demonstrate here objectively just how vital forensic science is to us in the criminal justice system as we see it today within the 21st century. It will be pointed out just how essential forensic science is to policing and criminal inquiries, court processes, and safety efforts at various levels? I will endeavor to give details about the underline reasons/rationale in a historical approach. It will also be pointed out how accurately the general media depiction of forensic science is and how its powers sway the general view on justice related subjects. And lastly I want to show the possible effects that CSI and its influences have on the judicial process. (“The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Forensic,” 2018)

How important is forensic science to policing and criminal investigations, court processes, and security efforts at various levels

This puts you in the mind of Sherlock Holmes and his side kick and others that were into getting the facts and making it stick but on a more serious note, the one thing that Holmes did have in common, as does today forensic science does is deduction and logical reasoning. This is what paved the way for the 21st century forensic science today; forensic science is important because it plays a vital role in the criminal justice system by providing scientifically based information through the analysis of physical evidence. During an investigation, evidence is collected at a crime scene or from a person, analyzed in a crime laboratory and then the results presented in court. 

I will attempt to explain your rationale in a historical approach

 One would think that when you’re viewing the logic behind or even the reasoning behind forensic science would be to find out how this can help people, the persistence of forensic science has certainly not existed to comprehend the cosmos are how it function. It’s about the perseverance to be able to comprehend and appreciate what materialized and who is responsible for what occurs. We put so much importants on this so that we’re able to recognize the analytical rational methods as being noticeably diverse from the thinking processes that are used by most individuals in their ordinary lives. The critical duties that exist for police detectives in conducting their duties that demand the detectives to learn to reason and reply in an organized and responsible way. “The Logical Foundations of Forensic Science: Towards Reliable “(2015)

 To this end, we have exemplified some of the common negative thinking processes that detectives must evade, and we look at the characters and standards that must to be followed to become a criminal detective. We have defined structure and responsible rationality as the means to attain an analytical frame of mind. Science ought to be, about the truth. Truth in its intellectual concept, mystical or philosophical forms is vital, but science only deals with experimental truth. Scientific technique over time has established itself to be a dependable way to get to that place of real, quantifiable, and visible truth. And that’s the logic or reasoning behind forensic science “The Logical Foundations of Forensic Science: Towards Reliable “(2015)

How accurate is the popular media representation of forensic science

 Its shows, like Criminal Minds, Bones, Law and Order, CSI, we must understand that they are only TV shows; these are actors / actress that are playing a role, none of which has to deal with real life situations. None of these shows are reality. Even though the CSI series, the Law and Orders series those two would most likely be the two that comes the closets to being  most accurate, Yes, they would be the one for learning how police departments start and conduct criminal investigations. But what is not often shown in these types of TV shows are the enormous amount of paper work that goes into it by officers, detectives and investigators nor is shown the long hours that goes into as well, that does not even include the hours sitting in court. The ‘Criminal Minds’: Television’s Violent Crime And Its Impact On ” (2014)

 The general public only interest is in profiling but even at is best has only been exaggerated and exploited  to get the reaction because it’s on TV and media  get a lot of attention by way of movies, and television shows, but it’s those profiling that can also be exposed in the media negatively also. From time to time and it has been a consensus that these kinds of show actually plays a part in some people to turn to do criminal acts, and even show them how to get away with the crime, like How to get away with murder, are how to deal drugs, like the God Father of Harlem and when you compare the relationship of the criminal justice system and media it’s almost like a forced marriage within society because the media provides an immediate outlet of the current and past events, as well as fictional and non-fictional shows that can be accessed through the television or Internet. The ‘Criminal Minds’: Television’s Violent Crime And Its Impact On “(2014)

How does this influence popular opinion on justice-related issues

 It’s the viewing more and more of these crime shows that will more likely make one fear crime. Although statistically significant, the strength of this finding is minimal. In addition, there are a few limitations with regard to the measures of media consumption. First, the type of crime show that the respondent is viewing is unknown. There are numerous types of crime shows that may focus on different aspects of the criminal justice system. Crime shows may focus on police, courts, private investigators, defense lawyers and sometimes even the criminals. (Dowler, 2003)

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 Every season their coming out with more and more of these TV series that proving to show more realistic things of what the real world have to deal with on a daily bases.  While others more often than not depict violence this is what’s consistently misinforming audiences about the nature of the criminal justice system and delinquency. It might be prudent to distinguish which TV shows the defendants or accused are watching. When you actually look at it and the many hours that are consumed in watching these types of series one would have to realize that these shows are becoming problematic, but there is no clue to give us of the types of shows they are watching. There are a number of different programs that may or may not address criminal justice issues and address them in substantially different ways. (Dowler, 2003)

 There are those that would say it not just the TV shows are their series that has an influence on defendants, or the ones that are being accused, reading the newspapers, newspapers are sources of information also. It would be naive to suggest that respondents are not affected by a number of sources; but those respondents who receive their primary crime news from newspapers may also be affected by presentations of crime from other sources again like television and personal experiences. (Dowler, 2003)

What possible influence does the “CSI” effect have on the judicial process

 The influence that is in regard to CSI Effect derives from what is revealed while observing forensic and crime based television shows. This of course would sway any person that has to serve as a jury member; it could very well bring about some impractical expectations of forensic science throughout the criminal trial and possibly would have some kind of influence on juror’s choices in the guilty verdict or a not guilty verdict. It is highly recommended that people that watch these kinds of shows, that their view points on the criminal justice system would be distorted and in so doing would alter their decision making capabilities, and should this be proven to be true, it could even hinder them in making a wrong decision as a result of watching these types of TV shows.  (Hayes-Smith & Levett, 2011)

 With this being a factor the evidence would show prosecution prejudice, that any of the jury members would in fact hold forensic evidence as infallible. It has further been found that those who watch a lot of forensic based TV shows could find circumstantial evidence less reliable compared to their counterparts who do not watch these sorts of shows. Another thought-provoking characteristic of the” CSI” Effect” is that  the actors/actress in the criminal justice system are functioning as if this effect does have both a pro-defense and pro-prosecution influence over jury members verdicts. (Hayes-Smith & Levett, 2011)

 This can cause the aforementioned difficulties by making needless work and congestion in crime laboratories, and the presentation of superfluous evidence to the individuals deciding the legal case. (Hayes-Smith & Levett, 2011) A more practical method to fighting any conceivable influence, such as the creation of a forensic prejudice scales or multimedia-type presentations explaining the forensic procedures relevant to the case could be more useful than taking a purely reactionary. It can be assumed the “CSI Effect” will continue to be studied as long as forensic and crime based. (Hayes-Smith & Levett, 2011)


  Forensic science plays a very significant part in policing and criminal investigations. Within this paper it has been made well-known specifically about the magnitude of forensic science in the 21st century and just how it matters the most concerning the court of law procedures, and just how it influences policing and criminal investigations. Two things for certain, forensic science will continue to advance, and grow more rapidly and enhance technology for the next generation to come and the other thing is science won’t be able to clarify everything or every situation. There have been a lot of individuals imprisoned due to false identification but the technology of forensic science has set them free. Because of forensic science it has gotten individuals off of death row and it has given and brought closure to families and their cases.

 Forensic science is one of the most sorted out professions. It is in the best interest of the judicial system to maintain both a consistent sense of balance and emotion along with logic measures. It is a fact that science is not incapable of failing, but the humanistic intuition has to show up as the question of an individual’s life is at stake. When it comes to mass media there needs to be a clear understanding that media is very good entertainment but can present a problem, court proceeding when it comes to jurors it ought to be made very clear that all evidence should be taken in to consideration and it’s not their job to discredit anything simply because they don’t have confidence in it.


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