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Communicating Information in the Scientific Workplace

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Procedures and Practices

The work carried out in a lab is greatly depended on communication between the people working in it, to ensure instructions are given and receive accurately and applicably. This is extremely crucial in a scientific work place because poor communication in a science lab between the workers leads to not getting accurate results and would totally mess up any kind of experiments or test they carry out.

Communicating in a team is vital and makes the organization of a process even and efficient. The work carried out by scientists and technicians relies on the arrangement of the team they work in and the way each of the team member acts.

Many work places have a hierarchy, which means that the most senior person will have various levels of people reporting to them. A hierarchy depends on how big a team is and the routines that are carried out. This is also very important because it keeps a balance in the workplace and makes sure everything is well organised.

The results generated in a workplace will be precise to that workplace. Whatever the results are, they ought to be only being communicated to those who need to know them. This is extremely vital for the reason that confidentiality is really important in a scientific work place, especially if the scientist have discovered something new.

It is extremely important that scientific terminology is used and understood by the team members in order for effective communication so that no one is misunderstood and could lead to errors because of misunderstanding.

Different types of communication in a scientific workplace.

Meetings are an effective way to converse matters in the workplace and make decisions or plans. It allows discussions between colleagues about current affairs in the scientific workplace and other important news, so if they have any problems while working they can bring it up in the meetings. Things like health and safety are great to talk about in meetings to improve laboratory work.

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There will always be new people joining the workplace, or even visitors, it is an important to hold an induction for new comers so that they are shown the correct and current lab procedures and practices to know how the workplace is run. This helps them to know how to do/carry out certain procedures in the lab and also gives them a clearer understanding on safety hazards/regulations.

Emails are a professional way to communicate with colleagues as it is fast and safe. Bulletins and newsletters inform the scientists and technicians of the workplace current information that is important to know. These can be communicated through magazines, emails or just leaflets.

Signs around the lab are vital as they give out key important information in case of emergencies and just general information. Signs are always noticeable and can be seen clearly which promotes health and safety. Having signs around the work place is extremely helpful because it shows exactly what you need, where and what is does.

Verbal communication is the most significant type of communication as it allows information to be given directly to another worker. Verbal communication is understood more clearly and further questions and data can be given for clarification if something may not be understood in first instance. This is the best way of communicating because it is said directly to the worker itself, plus if the worker hasn’t understood then they can ask right away. This makes verbal communication in a scientific workplace the fastest type of communication.

D1 – Analyse why laboratory procedures and practices must be clearly communicated

Procedures and practices in a scientific workplace are extremely important to be communicated very clearly because this will also improve the safety of the employee because their employer have the responsibility to monitor that all the procedures are being communicated correctly and the practices are also being communicated clearly as well.

This is also because if they are communicated clearly they will be fewer accidents at work and will also give a great chance of the experiment being accurate because operations will be done in appropriate and safe manner. This also reduces a number of common mistakes and increases the company’s productivity and as well as financial income, this will also help them to save more money on things such as compensation and insurances.

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When procedures and practices are not communicated clearly, employees will be involved in accidents which can be fatal or might not be fatal but either way they can seriously get injured and the company will have to take the responsibility because they will be the ones who failed to get communication of the procedures and practices clearly to their employee.

So then this will also lead to the company making losses, the activities being carried out by the organisation will also have negative impacts to the environment and all other living organisms. This will also affect biodiversity as a result, this because the procedures and practices are set there for a reason to avoid all this from happening and therefore they are supposed to be communicated clearly.


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