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Celebrities and Politics

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Politics have merged with showbiz affairs. The sense of public service have gone down since showbiz personalities started running for political positions even though they do not have the knowledge when it comes to politics. Having politicians coming from the showbiz sector can be disadvantageous. There are many candidates that are unfit for the position and the Philippine society should be more careful in choosing competent leaders.


Having politicians coming from the showbiz sector can be disadvantageous for the Philippines. The Philippines society knows that Politics and Showbiz are two different things. Politics: having the authority or power where government officials use their knowledge to formulate and apply a policy and they have this common knowledge that the purpose of showbiz is to entertain us. They see a celebrity personality getting dragged down to different scandals in which media of course is responsible for exposing it. When people from the showbiz sector started their campaign for political positions their most common reason is to “get more famous” or “get richer”. It is unfortunate to know that the scandalous world of showbiz is merging with the busy world of politics knowing that most of the candidates do not have any political science in their background. The Philippines should brace itself for the busy-scandalous world of showbiz politics.

Statement of the Problem

These are the possible reasons on why showbiz artists are running for politics:

  • They want to run because they want to be more famous.
  • They want to run because being in the political position they can get more money.
  • Celebrities mostly have more concern on their career by running for political positions they will have more responsibility therefore losing focus on the important matter.

Significance of the Study

  • This study aims to discuss the disadvantages of having people coming from the showbiz sector to running into political positions this study will explain different factors.
  • This will help in informing what the possible effects of having celebrities in politics are.

Politics and Showbiz

Most people know that politics and showbiz are no strange bedfellows with so many politicians foraying into showbiz and vice-versa. A sport, however, is no strange bedfellow to both politics and showbiz, as many sports people or athletes are active in both.

Entertainment personalities seem determined to compete with established politicians for positions of power in government, from the municipal council all the way to the halls of Congress. Could it be that celebrities have come to terms with the realities of politics in the country? Have they become as smart and knowledgeable compared to those who have been in mainstream politics for quite some time? Or have they learned to play the twist and turn game in politics and therefore ready to cast their lot in what has traditionally been the domain of the highly influential ruling class? We can clearly see that the political link between entertainment and politics is not new in the Philippines (Daval, 2012).

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“The media has always been a major player in Philippine elections. It has a considerable influence on the electoral process which could make or unmake any candidate. The power of television is also seen in its ability to imitated images and illusions that resonates with viewers since entertainment is often the subject of our conversations as it gives reflections of our daily lives. It has always been a part of election campaign by the political parties the used of celebrity stars with big names by making them to entertain voters in the political rallies of election campaigns. The Philippine society has been considered being an entertainment obsessed culture as celebrities have been marked so deeply in the societies’ collective minds as a persuasive force which could convince voters to change their minds about their favored candidates and certain political issues” (Free Essays, 2012).

The society bases their decisions on what they see on television because television has blinded them with false notoriety, and mostly false publications.

“In showbiz, as in politics, there are family dynasties. Royal families they are called.

There have been so many political issues in the country these past few years. From impeachment hearings, meetings, debates or even campaigns, one thing is very much certain – someone has to be the face of TV. It’s like a reality show of finding the newest “it” boy or girl. Some of them started out as an unknown to the public eye and became a sensation overnight. They could imagine a director saying to them the camera loves your face” (Vrank, 2012).

Politics has its end, or goal, not only knowledge but action. The Politics as a whole is a hand-book for statesmen and lawgivers. Politics is addressed to those in power, not to those seeking power (Ackrill & Judson, 1999). The role of politics is for the establishment of equal and just society under the governance of Politicians who has a good background in political science they are elected by the people whom they wish to govern knowing that they have a clean reputation and can keep promises for the common good.

Politicians have become celebrities, and politics connected with the entertainment industry, has become much more complex. For the confluence of the world of politics and showbiz signals the collapse of some social categories. The entrance of showbiz values, techniques, and personalities into politics means the celebritization of politics (Combs, 1984).

A celebrity is in the prestige business, since he or she is someone who at the moment has been successful in being famous. They are famous because we have learned that they are famous and when we no longer learn that they are no longer famous and disappear. The celebrity depends for his or her existence as a popular personage on us acting as interested spectators of the celebrated and their world (Combs, 1991).

This is one of the reasons on why celebrities are running for politics; to get more exposure since their career is fading that have turned over a new life we might say A new chapter in their lives.

Popular Culture seems at first glance ‘non-political’, but this does not mean that is has nothing to do with politics. And even though what we usually think of as “politics”-the comings and goings of Presidents, the deliberation of Congress, decisions of the Supreme Court also seems on face to have little to do with popular culture, on reflection we can discover relationships that are significant if subtle (Combs, 1991).

Sometimes, the society thinks that showbiz is totally different but that was in the past. Now, at the dawn of the new age the two different cultures are merging into one since they have the power to influence other in terms of connection or power.

But perhaps “rely” is too strong a word. Still, there’s no denying the fact that in this country, celebrity endorsements have helped many a politician win. Too many cases even celebrities themselves have been voted into public office that they have little to show beyond their showbiz credibility (Jimeno & Sabangan, 2010). Politics might be sometimes corrupt, but respectable politicians did represent an ideal of material and moral probity. Certainly the idea of, say, an actor becoming President would have been unthinkable. Even today many people feel that the dignity and authority of government has been debased by the introduction of showbiz into it (Combs, 1984).

But our love of showbiz probably made it inevitable. We like glamour, hoopla, tinsel, beautiful people, and a good show. Since politics has becomes increasingly a media act, politicians have turned to showbiz advisors to help them be good actors and put on good shows (Combs, 1984). People do love good shows and since the exposure of celebrities to politics and the other way around we cannot determine if it is a product of reality from the politicians and celebrities or is it just a big hoopla to mislead the masses onto what is really going on inside the government.

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It is frequently said nowadays that all politics is becoming showbiz. There is a sense in which politics, especially in societies with means of mass communication, has always had an entertainment aspect. Politicians are celebrities, and we are as much interested in their private lives, and see them as popular representatives or material and moral values, as we do movie stars (Combs, 1984).

To prevent media personalities or celebrities from gaining an advantage over lesser known candidates during a political campaign, all films featuring actors or media personalities running for a political office were banned from public exhibition in theaters, on television, or in any public forum during the campaign. Additionally, to prevent politicians fro, circumventing election regulations with guests appearances on talk shows or similar indirect promotions of their political views, the Fair Election Act carefully defines “political advertisement” any matter, published, printed, or exhibited which is intended to draw the attention of the public or a segment thereof to promote or oppose, directly or indirectly, the election of a particular candidate or candidates to a public office. In the TV shows and radio programs, love or taped announcements, teasers, and other forms of advertising messages or announcements used by commercial advertisers (Kaid & Batcha, 2006).

Because of flowery words that celebrities tell the masses, the Philippine society gets easily swayed from the main purpose of the election and that is to vote qualified candidates. They should remember in the constitution the Accountability of Public Officers.

But now they can see that media being the most powerful thing between politics and showbiz the same policy that had been implemented from the past does no not apply today. They see celebrities here and there posters after posters that they too are interested in politics basically because of the influence and other reasons like political dynasty.

“Philippine election is very near, and candidates are busy preparing for their campaign. And when you look at Philippine politics it is full of people from the showbiz industry, from city councilor to the President (Joseph Estrada), and seems there are no stopping to them, they just keeps on coming. Philippine Politics is like the reality show Pinoy Big Brother where you vote who among them is the big winner and it is based on popularity and in not leadership skills. And that is why most of our leaders are useless; they just keep on making their pockets full while its people starve” (Thunderdhuzt, 2012).

Former President Joseph Estrada is a very good example of a showbiz politician.

Because he was overwhelmed by the money and power he abused that power and the consequence was being stripped of the Presidency and some of his properties.


Having people coming from the showbiz sector in the politics can be disadvantageous for the Philippines. In the present day more economical and social problems are adding up not to mention the past problems that the past regimes left for the society to bear. Even the qualified politicians are having hard time to formulate policies that would cure the modern society problems.

The society remains unaware that their actions in picking unqualified politician can bring harm to them most of all to the progress of their own country. They should not base their choice on popularity rate and the amount of riches that particular candidate has. The Philippines society knows that there are people who are fit for the position yet they still turn back to the weak promises that the glamorous candidates had offered.

By emerging their selves in the common problem that we have know they can clearly see that basing our judges in the mere external capabilities of a person cannot suffice something like the economy problem the society always see that they have great plans for the benefit of the country but the question is can they still pursue the eagerness to help others why they themselves have been overwhelmed by the glamorous life they live in now? The society has line up of scandalous celebrities running like Annabelle Rama for her violent personality towards the press mostly she has been summoned in the court several times and Diether Ocampo that was accused of being gay.

A good number of politician wannabes in Philippine tinsel town are optimistic that the people will elect them despite the fall from grace of Estrada, who was booted out of office last January by way of People Power 2. The former president was widely perceived as a corrupt, womanizing, crony-coddling politician, who was impeached by the House even before he was ousted from office we all know the scandal about the jueteng issue in which he was imprisoned for at least 40 years.

The society has the power to choose its leader since it is the one which the power of the state emanates from. The whole country should be careful in choosing its head since in the future we will be the one who is going to harvest the so-called “fruits of labor” in which the chosen leader has planted. We all know what kind of jeopardy the government is going through right now. The citizens as part of state should contribute even the simplest task like following the rules. Popular culture is there to stay but the main thing is that the main purpose for that is to make us entertained. Seeing celebrity icons perform lessens our stress from the real world. They should not interfere with the issues of the political world they have their own career to take care.

Politicians should continue being politically active being a politician has its perks but that should not intervene with the main goal of government and that is to serve the country. Being in power can be overwhelming but that passion for true service.

Politics is not a theater stage where people get to act for the entertainment of the masses. It is the place where serious people collide with each other in needs concentration in formulation and implementation of ideas. The merging of politics and showbiz creates a different face for the government in which the society perceives that the leaders inside are those people who are not qualified. Politicians marry celebrities just for the benefit of publication and more exposure for the artists.


People from the showbiz sector should not run for political positions. They entered a glamorous life of being a celebrity they chose their career therefore they should focus on that. They have little knowledge about politics and most of them did not even finish their studies. They cannot survive the harsh environment of politics they will just be tricked by the so-called veterans of the government. Politicians should not use the celebrities for their popularity to rise in terms of exposing their self in a relationship with a famous celebrity and they are just wasting their time even if they have the publication and exposure there are no guarantee if they would win the election therefore wasting precious resources. To be a politician the candidate must have a background when it comes to political science or should have study the law in order to be qualified there are many candidates that are qualified for the position but since the is so powerful those who are already in the spotlight are the only ones who are getting the attention. They use their influence to lure the people into thinking they are fit for the job. But, that should not be the basis of the political class in our country. People tend to vote candidates base on their popularity because of public mesmerization, people are easily swayed by unending promises that since the last generation of politicians have been able to fulfill. The Philippines society should be more careful in choosing competent politicians.


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