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Development of Customer Focused Experience

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1.1  What is meant by a customer focused experience?


Customer focus is the orientation of an organisation towards fulfilling their client’s needs. This means a business should know that having customer focus will contribute largely to the overall success of the business by ensuring all aspects of the business put customer satisfaction first.

Customer experience is the interaction between the customer and the organisation through their business relationship. Examples of customer interactions would be services, purchases, discovery etc. Customer experience is extremely important as a customer wouldn’t be able to exist without having customers, meaning the business need to keep the customer experience to the highest standards to ensure that its customers don’t search for different businesses due to poor experience.

1.2  How do you establish the facts to create a customer focused experience?


1.3. How do you use the facts to create an appropriate response?


Firstly, a business has to create a customer focused vision, which consists of creating statements to act as guiding principles. Once the statements are in place, it will drive the organisation’s behaviour, and employees will remember these and involve them in all their areas of training/development.

Secondly, a business needs to start understanding their customers. This can be done by relating themselves with situations that various types of customer will face, to really understand the customer’s needs and wants. An example of how to do this would be to have the customer care/support team to create personas, giving these names and personalities. With these created personas, the customer care department can start to understand them better and recognise who they are.

In addition, businesses need to create emotional connections with their customers. Customers will become more loyal and view the businesses as trustworthy when they become emotionally attached, as they will remember the experience when using the services or products.

Furthermore, a business needs to capture feedback in real time. They can do this by sending a follow up email to a customer with a survey or something similar. If a business wanted more insightful feedback, they could make an outbound call.

Afterwards, a business needs to assess and track how the quality of customer communication is developing via training, coaching, etc.

When business will have an annual survey process to help with feedback, the time in between each yearly process is where the business should be leaving continuous feedback, instead of them doing nothing at all.

Finally, a business will need to measure the customer service experience, by collecting any valuable information. One way this is done is how most businesses do this, by asking the customers if they would recommend them to everyone else.



2.1. Why is building customer trust important?


Without customers, a business wouldn’t exist, as they’re responsible for helping the business strive and grow with the money they bring into the business to make the profit. With the existing customers, a business needs to build a relationship with them. When a customer is happy with the services and products provided, they will look at you as a reliable source for these things, and will give you good reviews along with recommending the business to other people/companies they know, further increasing the sales of the business.

2.2. How would you start to build trust with your customers?


A good starting off point would be to make sure that a business only promises things to a customer if they are completely certain they can fulfil a promise. If a business states that they can deliver products by a specific date, or deliver excellent services, and don’t meet these promises, customers will start to view these businesses as unreliable, and may start to look elsewhere for a business that CAN deliver these promises.

Also, a business should make sure the payment process when a customer uses/buys your service/products is secure. If any payments don’t go through, they may start to look for another business who they feel is more secure.

Another way would be to have a website that’s easy to use and also easily understandable for the customer. As most people/customers will do their ordering online, it would make sense for a business to make sure their website to be as professional as possible to keep the sales. They should also make sure the website loads as quick as it can too, as a slow website may make customer stop using it.

A business would also build trust by being involved with a range of social media platforms. In the current day, a customer will judge reliability of a business by looking online or checking their websites for reviews and checking the businesses online.

Finally, a customer would trust a business more through the use of customer service. If a customer has a query or a complaint, they would expect this to be dealt with as soon as possible and not be waiting for long periods of time. If a business fails to deliver a response, the customer will think they’re not being cared for, ruining a potentially good relationship they could have with the business.

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