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History and Development of Bandas

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People have been greatly impacted and influenced in their lives by music. As centuries and years pass by, music changes and develops new genres, styles, instruments, rhythms and artists. The genre of Banda has grown over the past years because of the contribution of culture and traditions, in addition to the advocating about the common difficulties people face and their emotions.

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There are different styles that contribute with the formation of banda. Banda was in the Northeastern region of Mexico, in the state of Sinaloa, which was an ensemble with tradition and culture. In addition, the musical forms of German Polkas, Vals, Corridos, Rancheras, and Norteñas applied to the contribution of the emergence of banda and its genre. Different latitudes each have their own type of musical genres and bands were born from those genres. Banda comes from different categories and is improved to develop something new.

  It is said that bandas originally started off as small bands in the towns of Mexico and expanded over time. According to various journalists, Bandas Sinaloense were formed from the abandoned citizens that were part of the military and municipal bands and moved to villages nearby. Furthermore, Helen Simonett, a Swiss ethnomusicologist, explains how the deserted people involved in the band persuaded and convinced family and friends into forming part of a band.

Bandas started off as something small, with a small amount of members. As banda started getting more familiar, the amount of members started increasing, and the instruments were more sophisticated. A banda consists of anywhere from ten to twenty members; one or two vocalists (sometimes three), and the rest play an instrument: trumpets, saxophones, saxor charchetas, tubas, drums, trombones of embolos, clarinet, flutes, tarolas (snare drum) and timbales (pailas).

 Several places in Mexico practice traditions that involve bandas. In many states and villages of Mexico, bandas formed a custom that comprises of passing through the streets and playing their music on certain days, either holidays or special occasions, in honor of them earning money for the support of their lives. This custom is still practiced in certain places and has become a tradition in doing so.   

 Bandas are intertwined with culture and traditions.The culture of banda music is the fundamental axis of Sinaloa, and the key that opened many doors. It permitted bandas to share their music with other states within the same country and later expanded to other countries.

The songs that were composed by both bands of the past and today attract many people into listening to them. Many bands use their songs as a form of communication to help and educate people about the real world and overcome their issues. According to Juan Mesa, a journalist from “About Español,” he states that banda got its popularity from the biggest bands that were formed and are at a high peak.

There were several groups that contributed to the genre and widespread of banda. Both pioneered groups and contemporary stars participated in influencing other Mexican music bands and giving bands its name and title of banda. The following bands rose the banda genre: Banda El Recodo, Julion Alvarez y Su Norteña Banda, Banda Sinaloense MS, La Original Banda el Limon, and a few others.

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 Banda El Recodo plays an extreme and crucial role in the genre of banda. During this time, El Recodo was at its highest peak and has been one of the few bands that has been able to maintain itself on top. Due to this, Banda El Recodo got its name and is known as “La Madre de Todas Las Bandas”- The Mother of all Bands. Not only was Banda el Recodo the band that stood out the most, but also the band with the most awards and public. As of right now, they have a total of over two hundred albums released, an approximate of seven Latin Grammies, a “Lo Nuestro Award for Banda Artist of the Year,” and a “Lo Nuestro Award for Regional Mexican Group or Dup of the Year.” In addition, they were the first Mexican artists to be recorded, play in all five continents, and play in the White House. Moreover, El Recodo has had various concerts at full capacity and sold out within days before the actual event.

Just like Banda El Recodo, other bands have been around for decades and continue to be popular. Many of these bands are passed on from generation to generation and others are created within the family of that band. For instance, another well known band, Banda Los Recoditos was created from the Banda El Recodo family members and friends. Newer bands and singers are created from the inspiration that popular bands provide. Bands that are well known have encouraged other bands and artists to be part of this genre and are the role models for newer generations. Some of the few bands and artists that were influenced are: Banda Sinaloense MS, Calibre 50, Espinoza Paz, Christian Nodal, Gerardo Ortiz, Luis Coronel, and many more.         

Behind every song that is created there is a meaning for it. The song includes stories that they personally, or family, have encountered, real life issues that other people in this world face, and emotions: happiness, excitement, partying, sadness, and love. For instance, Calibre 50 has many songs that tell true stories about people’s daily lives such as, “El Inmigrante,” in which explains how many immigrants moved to the United States for better lives and how they are viewed, by some people, and treated as delinquents, when in reality all they do is work hard. Luis Coronel, a Mexican singer, expresses different messages through his lyrics. One of his songs, “Tal Como Eres,” describes how the appearance is not importance, how you should love someone for who they are and shouldn’t want to change something about them.            

Banda has expanded all over the world and has increased enormously. Movies, television, videos, and social medias have helped bandas increase with their popularity because they are used as tools for promoting and revelaing people and their talents. For example, Luis Coronel began his musical fame in 2013 after Angel del Villar, Del Records President, hired him for the video he uploaded of him singing, “Mi Niña Traviesa” to his ex girlfriend. Just like Luis, many other singers have started a career as a musician due to the promotion that is offered.       

Banda has no limitations and has been a success towards societies. Victor Alfonso Sarabia Huitron, a drummer from Banda El Recodo, once said, “La música expresa aquello que no puede decirse con palabras pero no puede permanecer en silencio,” meaning that sometimes music can help express something that is bothering you and can’t be in said in words. Certian bands and artists have become an important and leading figure to people because of the success and effort they input in their career.  

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