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The History Of Arushi Murder Case Media Essay

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Media is the 4th pillar of the democracy and if one pillar fails to support the others,all 4 collapses.media is the eye,ear and mouth of the society.its the power of the powerless,it has social power and responsibilities which it its entitled to perform.its powerful and pervading,thouching all aspects of the life and society and influeing the generation and society by setting the trends and examples.it provide a direction to the society and power to move towards that direction.it has proved to be a double edged weapon,if use properly it can build a society and a culture but if misused,it can destroy the same.media these days is going through a difficult phase where it itself is confused and even making society confused about the real objectives and values of jouranalism.in this era of competition and TRP’s,its challenge for media to maintain the ethics and morality of the profession.every news can’t be a business and TRP gaining entertainment,media should learn to differentiate where to draw the line.media’s agendas should be clear and clean. Unfortunately, the Indian mass media whether it is print or audio-visual, they aren’t exactly the most sober and mature examples of their profession. They show you only those handpicked stories which sell (or smell ?), and increase its TRP. The media scrutinizes everyone in this world but does it scrutinize its own self, own deeds ? 

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On may 16,2012,arushi talwar,a class 9 student of delhi public school,14 year old was found dead in her room at her home in noida.her throat was slit.police and everybody else initially suspected hemraj,the family’s live in man- servant who was to be seen nowhere in the house since that morning and was absconding.however the case soon took a hairpin turnaround when his deadbody too was found lying in the terrace.this added a whole new twista dn challenge to the murder mystery.after the initial and disorganised investigation,where noida police mishandled the investigation on may fronts like allowing media to access to the crime scene even before properly investigating it,noida police also arrested Dr. Rajesh talwar,father of arushi talwar,for the double murder.however his wife and mother of arushi.

At the press conference,senior officers of the noida police accused the talwar couple of dubious character and didn’t even spare deceased arushi talwar and allegations of dubious character were levelled even against her.Dr nupur talwar accused noida police of framing her husband and requested the then chief minister of uttar Pradesh,ms. Mayawati to transfer the case to the central bureau of investigation and in june the case was handed over to the CBI.initially neither the murder weapn nor the cell phones of aurhsi and hemraj were recovered,police arrested many persons in connection with the case,conducted even the narco-test but everybody was released as no strong enough evidences were found against them.

In December 2010,the CBI files a closure report in Ghaziabad court where it said that it has no concrete evidence to pin point the blame on anyone but report also says thta Dr rajesh talwar is the prime suspect for the 2 murders.on the basis of this report the court allows the trial to go on,after which talwar couple moved the supreme court saying there is no evidence against them so this trail shoud be stopped,however the supreme court stayed the order and ordered for continuing the trial.the case is still sub-judice and trail is on.

This case received nationwide attention,thanks to the sensationalism by the media,the “over-killing” urge and the media ‘s public trial.renuka chowdhary,the union minister for the child and women development condemned the media and the police for the character assassination of a child victim and even demanded for setting up a commission of legal experts to investigate whether some specific legislation existed or needed to be passed so that a defamation suit could be filed against the noida police.there was a competition among all the media channels to dig deep into the private family life of the accused and raping their social image and life without caring for their trauma and emotional state of the mind.this was clear cut example of the yellow journalism which was drawn out from thr red blood of aruhsi.

Because of the unrelenting media pressure,the noida police was too happy to jump on the bandwagon.media should realise that tha policemen are not the magicians,when the CBI was focussing on compounder Krishna,one media team was actually travelling with him and showing his emotions and clarifications to the world,but same sympathy was not shown for rajesh talwar when he was carted away by the police. The media had tamely accepted the findings of the Noida cops and went to town with salacious reports about his affair. Only when some sections of society kicked up a fuss and Nupur Talwar herself came out defending her husband did the media change its tack.if we believe that media’s rols is objective reporting,it totally failed in this case.

On june 10,again there was media speculating about the denial of bail to talwar,and the anchor even asked the reporter tastelessly that if it means that talwar is the main suspect?and this is something which would be a leading by some lawyer and its really sad to see that we have today a bunch of people how have degrees in journalism but they simply lack sheer commonsense and real idea what true and good journalism is all about.already so many people have started believing that rajesh talwar is the murderer and even few of them accused nupur talwar for betraying no emotions on t v without even realsisng that people have different ways of expressing grief and people have failed to take into account the grief and trauma that family is going through.media should work on three basic things,one that it should give talwars a chance to prove their innocence,2nd is that they should allow the CBI to work in peace and 3rd that they should go back to learn the basics and what media and journalism is all about.in a country like india,everyday such cases happen and die without even a news,nobody cares for them.so many arushi’s are murdered and get unnoticed even at the local level and just one case because it involved a high profile family and metro city is made national news by the media.where is element of justice and equality in it?in this case the media created an unholy alliance with the police to feed us stories which were half coocked and various lies as the breaking news so that they should get some form of energy to get their channel running 24 hours.every channel was trying to come out with its own breaking news and version of the story with new characters just to add spice to the news.worse was that all the news channels hounded shamelessly the talwar family and others involved in it and made various mount of the mole to run various theories,rajesh talwar’s affair with a woman,and hint of incest on arushi’s character.that was shame on humanity and jouranalism.

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Media was doing its own investigation in their studio rooms with graphics and animations,various discussions by the hyperactive presenters.the funnier and ridiculous part was asking the viewers by sending sms votes to guess who the murderer was?whole country was turned into a detective and forced to discuss about the case assassinating the character and humanity at the same time.all the journalism related ethics were torn and molested just for TRP game. Firstly, illiterate police officers leaked absolutely private details of Arushi to media and then Media did nothing but feed on it. Whatever happened to a minor’s rights of privacy? Few things come out of this case for us a society to introspect.media is just turning itself into a circus and parody of theories and speculations forgetting all the journalistic values and is running high on power trip and privileges.it didn’t care about a minor’s rights to privacy.with freedom of press,it thinks it can do and say anything and do away with it.why its not able to self-regulate itself and while failing to do so,some external agency will be the need of the hour to tackle such incidences.

Media can hound anyone who is suspected of anything,splashing their pictures and videos 24 hours on channel.indian news channels are acting in an immature way,as gossip tabloids while pretending to be serious media,sooner or later they will be needing some introspection.with minimal introspection too much loosetalk is totally unwanted in this country and especially in such cases.

“the Supreme Court criticised the “sensationalist” media reports on the murder of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar as lacking in “sensitivity, taste and decorum” and in complete violation of an apex court’s call for restraint two years ago.” “Nobody is gagging the Press, but there is no harm in gagging irresponsible Press,” the Bench observed earlier during the hearing. After going through some of the reports annexed to the application, Justice Kabir said: “This is sickening… to write about a child who was only 14 years old when she died. Her reputation is tarnished.” He added: “We are for fair reporting. But this is sensationalism and simply character assassination. Can it be justified?”


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