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Disney Cartoons And Ideological Effect On Pakistani Children Media Essay

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The use of illuminati symbols has become very much common from past few years. They depict these symbols in almost every production of them. These symbols are now becoming very prominent. The controversy of the depiction of these symbols has revealed few years back. These hidden messages are now in front of the whole world. Children nowadays, are wise enough and more likely to adopt what they are seeing. Violence is another element that is being promoted by Walt Disney. They are showing that evil is all-powerful and supreme over good and we all are Satan’s slave. In today’s era, children are learning such things and much more dependent on the cartoons and their mind set is changing. They have started thinking that evil is good and promoting violence means having power over the entire world. I have ten pictures which show the signs of illuminatis.

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History of Walt Disney

Walt Disney belonged to an Illuminati family who was in fact a sexual pervert and a pedophile which is now obvious in all his activities and projects. Initially he was not interested in the kids as we think of him now. He was a big time occultist, a 33 degree Freemason and the member of the “Order of DeMolay.” During decades, all of his sinister and playful agenda were remained concealed behind all of his production like cartoons, magazines, movies etc. later; the agenda of mind-controlling became one of his sinister agenda. Over the years, the Disney productions were showing the Illuminati symbols by which they are trying to control minds, indoctrinate them through subliminal messages. The purposes behind these messages are to prepare young generations for the New World Order as well as to make them aware of the sorcery i.e. black magic. Presently, many celebrities who started their careers in the Disney shows like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justine Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez etc are in fact the puppets and mind control slaves of Disney and the scandals they are usually involved depicts that what they are learning from the inside of Disney world.

Western Media is portraying

The illuminati have controlled the system of the whole of U.S. and now have prevailed almost in every part of the world. Third world countries are however has been most affected. They are adopting the culture of the west and especially the influence of the western media. It has spread all its wings across the globe and the medium they have chosen is very strong that is internet and television. They have extensively controlling the masses through establishment media. These groups are using mass mind control techniques. Though they have first have strengthen their roots in America by controlling their government agencies that control economic life, elections, media, interlocking corporation, so on. U.S. as a super-power and most influential country of the world has gained its grounds in third World countries one of them is Pakistan. Pakistan media is highly influenced and under control of Western Media. They show each and every popular channels of U.S. such as Disney Channel. All the cartoons are very much common amongst the children of Pakistan. Old or new, they are familiar with them. Whether they are lion king, Alice in Wonderland, the Little Mermaid and so on. Disney has become such a successful company that it has become unbelievably the largest media-entertainment conglomerate in the world and ranked as 48th company in the top 500 companies by the magazine Forbes 500.

Hidden Messages

In almost every cartoon since Walt Disney has established contains hidden and subliminal messages which one have never noticed. They have been noticed recently in few years. I have taken ten stills of the famous cartoons of Disney which contains the content which are not feasible for children and are hence promoting sexual perversion (one of the aims of Walt). Lion King, The little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, the snow white, Tangled, Madagascar 3,

Even its logo Disney is very controversial; you can clearly see 666 in the Word Disney. Moreover, by these all hidden messages they want to drive children’s mind in their own direction. Illuminati aimed this ever since they enjoined Disney.

Behind Disney’s good front lie hard porn, snuff films, white slavery, Illuminati mind-control, and the seduction of several generations into witchcraft. Disney’s involvement in these kinds of things will be explained in this chapter.

Mind Control:

Walt Disney production has allowed illuminati to bring together illusionists, magicians and special effects artists without anybody being suspicious. The mind control programming is about how to control children’s mind by creating the atmosphere of magic. They showed every non-living gets alive and make them lost in the fantasy world. Alice in Wonderland is one of the best examples where white rabbit creates an illusion that he is running out of time and then suddenly jumps into the mirror and when inside in the new world. All such fantasies created in Disney’s cartoons and fairy tales is full of mind control programs. They have so deeply planned and framed things accordingly. From scripts, to lights, to colors and each everything they used in cartoons are chosen knowingly with effects on children’s mind. Not in U.S. but also in Pakistan, children are equally getting violent. Many years ago, an Illuminati Grand Master and programmer stated, “If the world only had the eyes to see the fibers which lay under the surface of Walt Disney’s image, they’d tar and feather him, and drag him through the Streets. If only they knew what Disney’s primary goals.”


Another important subliminal message and element of Disney world is “Occult.” Disney brother has sold America witchcraft massively that nobody has dared to sell like this. Each of their release contains the occult and they have cleverly brought the occult into the warp and woof of American thought. They have brought it under the disguise of entertainment. Mickey Mouse appearance in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” is indeed is promoting occult in such a way that though when parents were suggested that Disney cartoon movie was not wholesome they got angry. In reality, the deceptive image of Disney is indeed a triumph illuminati deception.

Sexual Perversion:

These cartoons carrying subliminal messages are indeed erotic in nature. What they want to promote is perversion. Walt himself was known as Occult Porn King and his interest towards children were developed. The kisses in the end indicate that this is a symbol of success. Whereas, there is no point in showing kisses and romance in children’s cartoons. The male genital shown in castle of “The Little Mermaid,” the nude woman shown in the window behind is though blurry but it shows the hidden agenda and aim of the Disney.

Disney fantasy movies often involved a “climactic kiss,” as one mother and New York Times Magazine writer described, but as far as discussions about or movies about sex, Disney preferred to leave such discussions as private matters (good advice for parents today and for film-makers. Children’s PG and even G-rated movies today often have much in the way of sexual innuendo, some of which goes over children’s heads, but some of which keeps them thinking for days and weeks afterward.)


Murders, death, orphans etc all are shown highly in Disney’s cartoon. Most of the characters are shown that they are either orphan or their mother’s are being killed. Like in “Dumbo” when his mother dies leaving him alone. The prevalent fights, portraying evil as authoritative and powerful and portraying that it is difficult to defeat him, all such elements are being stored in nowadays children’s mind, who are highly attracted towards cartoons and keen in observing such elements.

Racist agenda:

In the cartoons like Aladdin, they have shown Aladdin as a poor and black in start of the movie but in the end he becomes rich and white when he gets married to princess Jasmine.

Effects on children of third world country:

Children on third world country are getting highly affected. Their ideology is getting changed. Pakistan is the country which is already under the influence of western media. We are as nation is a puppet in the hands of U.S. that we are promoting their ideology through our media. Even the cartoons especially Disney cartoons are highly in trend ever since Disney has spread its wings across the world. Media has now become something very common and accessible to the people around the globe. Country like ours who is already under the American influence is adopting their culture and showing whatever they ask. These cartoons are also affecting children in Pakistan as well. They are adopting such habits and getting highly influenced by them. Toys, games, play stations and Xbox all such things are promoting cartoons that contains the elements of violence and all. Disney is above the list that is doing so.

It’s not about only pyramid and one eye symbol in fact there are various symbols and logos which are promoting violence and all… pyramid and one eye is there recognition symbol.


To make people realize about the psychological effect on their children

To discuss about the hidden agenda of Walt Disney

To discuss about the Hidden Messages behind these visuals.

Ideological effect on children’s mind of Pakistan

Prevalence of mind control programming, violence, occult and sexual perversion.

Children are getting too much mature before time due to the exposure towards sexual perversion.

More attracted towards violence and adapting such elements from the environment.

Illuminatis are capturing children’s mind and having control on them because they know they are the future of the world. Training them accordingly.


The ideology of Pakistani children is getting affected. It is now under the influence of the western media. They are gaining and adopting whatever they are being showed. Cartoons from the younger are being showed to the children and at this age they are likely to adopt such things and begin their lives with whatever they are being taught. Continuously showing them cartoons carrying a lot of violence, sexual perversion, etc they will definitely adopt these traits. Parents are not giving much time and attention to their children and thanks to the development of technology that parents make their children to sit in front of the television or computer and make them watch cartoons while they are indulge in household chorus or socializing. This is what Disney is aiming for; firstly, they have captured all U.S. children mind and now have spread their wings in all over world. From past few decades, they are promoting these cartoons. These visuals are the clear proof of their intentions and motives. They have started using the illuminati symbols very clearly like one eye symbol and use of other symbols are also very much common.

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Disney cartoons have always being the most famous and watchable all over the world. Therefore, the agenda behind the Walt Disney is quite horrific. This study is conducting over the hidden agenda of Walt Disney, the connection of Walt Disney with illuminati. Walt has a huge set up of mind programming in the Disney Land. They are using techniques to control the children’s minds. Scripting of mind programming is very cleverly written. They know how to use color, light, words, and all for controlling children’s mind. Walt himself is known as “Occult,” who has promoted magic and sexual perversion. The images of these Disney Cartoons are revealing the sinister intentions of the Disney World. Not a single cartoon is clean, either by visuals or by dialogues; they are delivering obscenity and violence. Illuminati wants to increase aggression hatred in children as they are the followers of Satan and their mission is to control the mind.

M. Keith Booker says, “As numerous of commentators have noted, Disney’s animated films seem predicated upon an assumption of childhood as a time of innocence, with maturation into adulthood involving a loss of this innocence.”

According to Booker, “Disney’s definition of innocence involves a sense of wonder and magic: for Disney children believe in magic and live lives that are filled with wonder; just as earlier generations of human beings had a greater experience of the magical. Magic, indeed, is one of the key ingredients of everything Disney: the Magic Kingdom is not only the designation of the central attraction at both Disneyland and Disney World, but might also used to designate the overall world of Disney’s animated films.”

Disney never stopped and keeps on producing the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in 1938. It was an old fairy tale that is interpreted from a poem. Mickey Mouse was the apprentice whose magical powers ran astray from him disastrously. Disney films and cartoons are always been the subject of discussion and psychological study due to its spiritistic nature.

The effects of these cartoons are indeed very severe on children’s psychology. What they are promoting is the fake picture. Every girl in the Disney cartoon is a princess and is hated by a Queen who is described by Walt’s directing as, “A mixture of “Lady Macbeth and the Big Bad Wolf.” “Her beauty is sinister, mature, plenty of curves, she comes ugly and menacing when scheming and mixing her poisons. Magic fluids transform her into an old witchlike hag.”

According to the Time article, the fantasy romances of such movies have evolved into a “Princess Culture.” (See December 24, 2006 New York Times Magazine for full article). The lessons these movies are teaching children is the concept to Prince charming which firmly planting idealistic expectations in the minds and hearts of little girls. Moreover, the increasing nature of the violence in children’s movies, sexual content is involved in Disney cartoons which are of great concern to parents. The sexual innuendo in children’s films has increased in recent years.

A book by Eleanor Byrne and Martin McQuillan, “Deconstructing Disney,” is accusing Disney of having and promoting racist agenda. Authors say that they have never positively portrayed black people in their productions and always have given them the inferior roles in the movies like Sebastien of “The little Mermaid.” He is attributed ad black stereotype. Moreover, the authors further explain that Disney demonstrate their agenda of racism with projection of “inadmissible presence of sameness,” like in the Lion King in which Pride Rock under Scar, where Hyenas and Lion lived together. (p. 94-105).

The images taken are the clear evidence of these all intentions and motives of the Walt Disney and still they are using children as their strength in order to capture the world. the questions still needed to be found are the ideological effect on the mind of children’s of Pakistan and how their perception is changing due to these cartoons.



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