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Shakarganj Food Products Limited Marketing Essay

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Wordcount: 1488 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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SFPL is a public limited company set up by the Crescent Group with the objective to diversify its business activities. The group has been conducting business in the region for over 100 years and has a varied industry portfolio in sugar, textile, steel and farming. Its head office is located at Lahore, Pakistan while the production plants are in central Punjab – the main fruit growing and milk supplying region of the country. The company is professionally run by experienced management. The CEO of the company is also the serving Chairman of the Pakistan Dairy Association. SFPL’s human resource has a vast experience in the dairy and food industries. Continuous development and skill enhancement are an integral part of the employee development programmed at Shakarganj. Shakarganj is working hand in hand with the Dairy Industry of Pakistan to improve milk productivity and animal health.


There are many competitors who provide milk like Nestle, gourmet milk, loose milk, Haleeb, Dairy milk.

Mission and Vision statement

Shakarganj Food Products Limited strives to be among the leading companies in the food industry and is committed to manufacturing and selling consistent, high quality world class products.

SWOT Analysis


The strengths of Shakarganj Good Milk according to their marketing plan are:

Premium Positioning:

They have position their product very well. They are positioning their product with clear message so that’s why they are attracting more customers towards them by telling them their exact needs and wants.

Available Everywhere:

They have very much strong distribution channels through which they can make available their product at everywhere.

Convenient: the product is easy to use. The packs of Good Milk have a closure for the handiness to the customers.

PR with farmers

This company has operating with other variants as well so they have very strong contact with their farmers and they are very happy with their deals they actually engage for giving them good advices for fertilize their land that’s why gaining a good reputation over the year. So we can say that we have an advantage over others. They have long term relationships with farmers that’s why farmers always wants’ to give milk to them.

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Strong consumer & product research

Good milk always has done research specially before launching the product and after launching as well they have very strong consumer and product research. This act can give them exact figures of the behavior of their customers and help them to develop their portfolio for future concerns. They also have global research partners such as JWT Asiatic and Mars marketing and some of other marketing and advertising agencies.


Their biggest strength is their plants they have almost latest technology to process the milk and give best to their customers.


The weaknesses of Shakarganj Good Milk according to their market plan are:

Low Quality Milk

As the company doesn’t have their own dairy farms so they are collecting milk from different sources so sometimes they face the problem of low quality milk.

Milk collection Cost

In the above section as it is mentioned that they are processing the milk by collecting it from other sources so obviously this will cost them a lot so this could be their weakness that they have to bear the cost of collection as well. On the other hand if they have their own dairy form near to processing centers then they can cut their this kind of cost.


As we know that they are selling tetra pack milk so they must have their own tetra pack plant but in the mean while they are dependent on tetra pack company because that is the only option avaible to them if in case they increase the price then they have to increase their price for ultimate consumer which is their weakness that they always depend on tetra pack for their packaging.


Large Potential Market

According to the market research, 80% of the total market is using Open Milk which is more beneficial according to them. Shakarganj Good Milk has a large potential market which is the opportunity to grow their business.

Support by Government

Previously Government has decided to support farmers because of the growth in this industry so this could be opportunity for this company that they can get benefit from the government schemes. They must be providing cheap products to the industry to sustain the growth.

Awareness among consumers:

Have better opportunity to give best to consumer this time because people are becoming dissatisfied as they getting aware of the side effects for loose milk its hygiene and health issues.


The threats for Shakarganj Good Milk are as follows:


There is always having threat from competitors same like good milk having the treat from their competitors because they are stronger in terms of finance and everything. Competition always creates a threat because everyone wants to be a market leader and to get maximum shares. Others brands are serving in the market from so long so they have more market share as compare to good milk. Good milk is facing strong competition which is the biggest threat to them.

Price Differentials

As we know that other companies are very strong so they have strong influence in the market like they can provide goods in cheap rates then good milk because big corporations having more leverage in terms of profit.

Consumer preferences

As this is a not so big company so obviously they cannot invest huge more capital but on the other hand consumer’s preferences changing over the time. Sometimes consumers purchasing power get lower and sometime they need some different taste so company has to cope with every situation.

PEST Analysis

Political Factor:

Political environment always influencing the organizations same is the case with good milk political condition in Pakistan is not constant. They keep on changing every day so it’s directly influencing the matters of company. Due to unstable government there is no law and order regarding consumer rights and the tax structure is not defined in well manner so ultimately consumer is effecting from this conditions.

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Economic Factor:

As we all know that economic crises going on, in the world so economic conditions in Pakistan are not fruitful as well. Banks increase their interest rates so company is getting loans with high interest rates so ultimately they will be serving with high rates in market. Un-employment is also increasing day by day and the purchasing power of consumer going down so company have to sell their products with affordable price where as on the other hand cost is increasing because of high rate of inflation.

Social Factors

Population of Pakistan is increasing so company has more opportunity to sell their products because milk is the basic necessity of life. In Pakistan most people prefer to buy fresh milk rather than pasteurize milk. There is no specific choice for consumers that they want to buy foreign product or not but still high income level community wants to buy foreign or some renowned brand and low one’s go for the cheaper and affordable products.

Technological Factors

Technology factors always impact on the success of the organization. Technology enables the product innovation and makes services at good standard. This factor decreases the chances of unhygienic milk and provides better quality of milk. Good milk can store milk for long term with the help of modern nutrition machines and fresh milk will be available for consumer. Through technology organization can easy communicate directly and indirectly with consumers and within the organization. Organization can increase the dairy milk process and dry milk process technology.


In the net shell we can say that company is having strong position but as compare to other companies their financial position is lower than others so they should increase their financial position by doing more investments to increase earnings. Company having more opportunities for the market because market is expending so they have more market space. Company should overcome their weakness and make them strength in future so that they can cope with market every time.






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