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Innocent Ice Sorbets Market Analysis Marketing Essay

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Wordcount: 2788 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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To gain a new profit and follow market trends Innocent decide to extend brand and move into ice cream market. Although they launched a new ice cream product called Innocent ice Sorbets. This draft will introduce the launch phase. The activates will be highlighted by using Marketing Mix as an aspect of marketing communication tools.

Innocent Ice Sorbets market analysis

Innocent Ice sorbets have an innovated and exclusive product that has possibility to be very successful, because of the unique product texture, Healthy without, sugar, no concentrates and sweeteners. (Innocent 2010)

Current market analysis shows that Ice cream trends are changing. Numbers of sales of ice cream increased by 8% between 2007 and in 2009 reach an estimated £1.3 billion.(Mintel 1,2009) the future forecasting sales value are expected to grow by 1.5 billion in 2014 (Mintel1, 2009)

Although Innocent need to take into considerations issues that may have impact of the sales and introduce phase. The Innocent is on the market for past 10 year. Differentiation strategy highlights Innocent main tangible resources: financial stability and positive brand image (Warc) this leads capabilities very supportive for marketing communication against highly competitive market. The segment that Innocent aiming is broad and very significant, general families with children, teenagers, 15- 25 and professionals groups 26-45 “Non-buyers tend towards over 45 are less affluent to purchases product” (Mintel 2 2009). Although Innocent ice sorbets contains 100% fruit that give opportunity to actively driven new market and reflect on healthy living that is so trendy those days. (Mintel 3 2009) This movement need to be highlighted later Ice cream sorbets in marketing communication plan. According to( Mintel 3 2009) there is room for manufacturers to position standard varieties like sorbet as suited for home dessert. Ice cream can be one of the substitute of healthy and refreshing cocktails or simply ice cream healthy desserts for professionals, sportsmen’s, and also families. According to (Mintel 3 2009) “Around 6 million consumers think that sorbets are healthier than traditional ice cream”

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Another positive factor that can have impact in terms of introducing phase is eco friendly packaging that gives advantage to be seen as premium and luxury products. Those types of the products are more likely to be purchased as a treat (Mintel 3 2009) £1.3 billion ice cream market is tapping into this demand with growing sales of luxury and premium ice creams at the expense of standard varieties. 14 million adults buy ice cream as a treat.”(Mintel 3 2009)

This needs to be influenced by marketing stage towards segment later on.

They are some down side with the ice cream sorbets. Statistic shows that Ice cream are more likely to be associated with warm summer temperatures and is an iconic symbol of summer Ice cream are mainly seen as seasonal cooler. (Wark 2 2009) Summers in England are the most affected by poor weather condition, which is cold and wet (Mintel 3 2009)

Ice cream sector is currently dominated by experienced market players that have large portfolio such Ben and Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs, Solero and Carte D’or also grocery retailers that launched sorbets under their own label like Tesco, Sainsbury, and Waitrose. Although, loyalty to premium ice cream brands is relatively low (11%), while interest in trying new flavours and types of ice cream (34%) (Mintel 4 2009)

To consider about all above factors Innocent can increase awareness by using strong sides of the product “healthy” that will gave prospect to differentiate the salves. This will lead opportunity to be a dominate leader of the ice crime sector against huge competition on the market. Uniqueness of the product will maximise market opportunity; by draw new consumers that leads a total market increase 10% until summer 2010, that might raise overall company profits. Marketing mix is a perfect mechanism to find effective way to communicate with it consumers.

Marketing communication objective

At this stage Innocent ice cream sorbets need to as much possible actively thing how to promote the product as a healthy option refreshing dessert or impulse treat. For those reason clarify objective is curtail. Product objective need to pass throw stages to meet their objectives factors that in the end they will become a SMART (Pickton,Broderick 2005) this will give option to become specific in terms of all marketing communication action and planning. This means that objectives will be more significant to the company. The main objective is more about product awareness in terms of product value and costs. Another significant point to develop way to catch the attention of Innocent sorbets target group expected actions Spring 2010. The timing for launch phase will be very significant from April – August 2011. April is a perfect time to give enough time to find effective communication way to introduce product to it new target audience just before following summer.

Target Audience Description and Justification

The market research indicating the fact that market is already very competitive by rival brands that been highlighting earlier on. Innocent ice sorbets has chance to avoid main revels by differentiate them self’s (Johnson 2008) by providing high value product to broad range audience consumers.

The target market will be separated into three different demographics age group. Age group 16- 24, youth and yang professionals groups, professionals 25-34, 35-45 +. (Mintel 2 2009) Statistic shows that ice cream lovers are those ones located in first two group aged 16-24, second after 35-45, aged 45+ are less likely to purchase the product. (Mintel 2 2009). According to those findings Innocent should focus the most on professionals sectors and 35-45 that for some reasons are forgotten by competitors. The reason for selecting those particular segments is because those ones are the most powerful in terms of spending and already have established life style in terms of money and children. Wealthy spenders can be interested to look at healthy high quality luxury ice cream. This will help distinguish product its self. Especially females that are more likely to look at luxury healthy alternative sorbets ice cream, statistics shows that the grocery shoppers in most families are females 50% rather male 44% ( Mintel 5 2009) Women’s are more likely to express them self’s in terms of quality and also share idea with friends and family members. This creates “world of month” in the hopes that once inside the household the new ice cream would catch on with all members of the family. (Kolstad 5 2007) Target sector also looks very promising according to future forecasting shoes that this sector will grow signify 10% between 2009 -2014 (Mintel 5 2009) Marketing communications should accomplish awareness.

Integrated Marketing communication strategy

Marketing communication is a technique that will be used to decide how to turn an objective into a strategy. At this stage is obvious that company should stress on the message to target audience. Now is more about effectiveness and way to dedicate the message to be understood by audience as Innocent meant to? For those reasons mass media and marketing communication mix will be intently use. According to Marketing Mix that offer range activates tools to communicate with it target audience.(Pickton, Broderick 2005) Those tools will minimize danger that message will not pass thru it audience, or will be understand differently as primary Innocent intend. For those highlighted aspects the AIDA model will be proposed according to (Blythe 2006) that interpreted AIDA as most successful hierarchical, four layer process using the four cognitive phases that buyers follow when accepting a new idea or purchasing a new product. Using a system like this gives one general understanding of how to target a market effectively. Moving from step to step one loses some percent of prospects.

Although Awareness, Interest and Desire are the most important hierarchical, four layer because they are more into launch phase. Psychologically attract the attention, raise customer interest and convince customers to desire to satisfy their needs. The logic behind that is the fact that consumers come across all marketing activity and learn product when goes out of the market that’s creates perceptions in their minds. These perceptions ‘carry’, rational or emotional ‘messages’, which the consumer then processes at a conscious, or subconscious, level. This framework interprets marketing communication as a transmission from a sender (the brand) to a receiver (the consumer) (Barnham 2008).

Those highlighted activities are fundamental to accomplish the objectives that are more into promotional mix issues.

For those reasons the starting point as a promotional operation is to drive awareness of the product by using psychological tolls that lead curies and also unsatisfied need. That will cause emotional, hedonic and significant aspects impulse buying towards the product (Ureta 2002). Positive knowledge and experience give possibility that consumer is more likely to back and look at market shelf’s towards the product again. But also is existing possibility recommend it to friends or family members. World of Mouth it is influential tool in terms of communication this can be very important to create strong, positive brand images and beliefs. 65% of people seek advice from friends or families (R.Mason 2008)

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All launching marketing activity is more into noticeable active promotion that will have massive impact on consumer behaviour. When the consumers get in to supermarkets or any place where they can find ice cream cabin, they need to have a drive impulse that will remained about early knowledge of the product. For that reasons visual and noticeable poster that will be adequate to the professionals group but also children the same time will be vital. The posters should look simple and should stress on 100% neutral healthy nature of the product, very much similar to already existing poster of Innocent smoothes. Location of the posters should be noticeable, at the supermarket or grocery entrance or ice cream cabins, bus stops, leisure centres, or during the summer funfairs. Leisure centre or coffee shops should be considerate at first because those places are providing friendly impression moods to their consumers that are more likely to purchase the product and consume it. This action will push up Supermarket and grocery sales because consumer they will be familiar with the product and quality.

Integrated Marketing Communication Tactic

This section is more about activates and events that are going to be undertaken to address objective (Pickton,Broderick 2005)

Communication has huge impact to create awareness for those reasons adequate medium will be curtail. For those reasons Innocent ice cream communication channels will be divided into four different forms. Internet, Televisions, Press and Personal selling

Over the last decade, the internet has emerged as a mainstream advertising medium, and advertisers around the world are altering their media budgets and switching increasing

Amounts of money into this new medium. Before product will be launched the Innocent should think about the best way to create awareness and curies to it consumers. Innocent already posses a home page where could attract a new product to loyal and also new web visitors. Being on the market for past 10 years Innocent should have existing consumers data base that been developed thru main activity “Smoothes” portfolio. This gave them proximately 10,000 contacts retailer (Innocent official 2010). Innocent could simply use internet power and simply send email with invitations to join home webpage or “YouTube” official advertisement to introduce ice sorbets. Email those days is primary medium of timely and cost effective interpersonal communication in most organizations in developed countries (Huang 2003).This should be a perfect starting point to aware existing costumers The challenge is to gain new consumers Internet and social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, in this case will have highly impact on their launching phase indeed. Professional’s bloggers and individuals that are responsible for brand image and Public Relations could simply send an electronic invitation to consumers that sign up to use a social network. This will give a competitive advantage to link them to a home page. This action will be mostly dedicated to those consumers that are very familiar with social networks. Over the last decade, the internet has emerged as a mainstream advertising medium, and advertisers around the world are altering their media budgets and switching increasing amounts of money into this new medium. (Wark 2007 )


The television is one of the most powerful sources of advertising. The product seen from media is most likely to be remembered and discussed by the public (Work 2007) the only disadvantage is cost efficacy and time consuming process. For that reason selecting appropriate TV platform that will simply gain opportunity and increase new audience that is strictly linking to the targeted market. For a reason the platforms and channels should be selected very carefully. In this case most noticeable and most attractive television channels are: ITV1, ITV2 and Chanel 4. (Horsman 2005) The advertisement will be view to the public every Saturdays, different channel for 4 months for details see Appendices 1. The time will be strictly selected only between brakes of poiular shows and movies. 6:00pm up to 9:00 pm. The logic behind that is the fact that professional groups families are more likely to spend time of front TV and relax between those times. TV advertising are very effectiveness in terms of established products in the market( Lodish 2009) by doing that brand will reach dynamic over the long run suggest into it consumers in terms of the product. (Work 2007) This will give opportunity to remained consumer about brand and reflect on the product by given visual image.


Women’s and Man’s magazines like Hello, OK, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Red, Glamour e.g. Are the most popular magazines at home market (Mintel 6 2008). In this case advertisement will be selected on the second pages of the magazines. Weekly magazines will be taken in to consideration the most. This is the best way to aware woman’s that they are so influential in terms of purchasing this been already highlighted on early stages of the proposal. That the reason for selection those magazines. The campaign will be run from May un till August following year.

Personal selling

To support strategy personal selling will be very adequate action. It is one of the oldest forms of promotion but also power full and give opportunity to push strategy. Due to strategy plan is very vital that Innocent should take part of some of the major event or exhibitions in UK. According to plan timetable should be strict follow (See appendices 1) Location is very important, it should take place at main biggest cities like London, Manchester and Cardiff (statistic 2010) those location has been chosen because the distances from each of the cites are noticeable and at the same time products could be introduced in different geographic locations. During that event Innocent could introduce to the new potential consumers a product by offering free sample from portfolio. Sampling is always interesting tool to impress potential consumer. This give opportunity to met potential consumers and retailers and give advantage to receive feedback from consumers inters of product. During the events Innocent could possibly provide vouchers buy one get one free that could be used in the next visit in any supermarket or grocery shops. By doing that Innocent will manipulate their consumer to purchase a product but the same time give an opportunity to try a different flower that perhaps could be a favourite one. This action should push up to introduce phase and also give positive impact into the brand image and a new product.

Cost and Media Plan

See appendices 2



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