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Indias Largest Business To Business Markethub Marketing Essay

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www.tradeindia.com, India’s largest Business to business markethub, in its endeavour to help buyers and sellers to reduce on time much needed to identity a business colleague and subsequently carry out business & trade transactions.

Now Tradeindia provides you with a individualised space to exhibit your company under elaborate sub-headings like homepage, profile, R&D, newsroom, Factory tour, services, Quality control, management, showroom etc through its ‘online catalog’ section. Coloured photographs of your company, products and services in the catalog can thus be published..

Tradeindia is preserved and promoted by Infomercial web Ltd an ISO 9001 2000 certifiable companionship started its trading operations in the twelvemonth 1990 and conceptualized Tradeindia in 1996 and net took off in India

Infocom Network Ltd. Is headquartered in New Delhi, from where it handles the operations of tradeindia.com. They have subdivision offices in 17 commercial cities across the state and 2 overseas offices viz., Toronto and Sharjah.

Fellowship has created a recess for itself as India’s largest B2B mart offer comprehensive concern solutions to the planetary EXIM community of interests through its blanket enclothe of online services book of facts services and facilitation of trade content events.

Buyers and Sellers founded an ideal meeting place across the world for interaction and to conduct business concern smoothly and effectively via the path way of tradeindia.

Also enormous number of membership plans that suit our diverse business requirements in heterogeneous arenas are offered by tradeindia. One can now choose any of the plan/plans related to their area of centreing which assists to decide and buy the right products/services for our concern business involving risks. Service yourself of the different product and service packages of this section and give your company a cutting edge over your rivals, challengers ,competitors, contenders, viz.,

Feature Products:

Electronic ballasts

Rotomoulding machine

Hot rolling mills

Plastic extrusion machinery

100% Herbal hair growth product

Substation tower

Business Model:-

Tradeindia has decided to stick not to take complex model but want to stick with simple model which take the offline yellow pages model online. Sales are attained from list fees of anywhere range between Rs 3,000 to 13, 000 per anum.

However, until 2003, factors so much as the dotcom flop and the US recess hit home hard. They had to take losses for two consecutive years, but since business model built not on ideas, it built with utility, so they were confident to survive again.

The big invigorating had come post 2003, when the Indian economic system gained momentum and certain changes forced to become observable in the SME market. Second-generation SME pluggers began to return charge of businesses, and due to better cognizance of the Internet, online sourcing began to gain ground. Since then, gross maturation has been 50% year-on-year.

A newfangled and authoritative service has been set in motion by Tradeindia, DIALB2B. With internet playing a key role in flinching global edges by getting in touch with the world on a flick of a mouse, Tradeindia now has aggregated power of the net with that of a simple telephone call to help find useful B2B specific information with furthermost ease.

Overall B2B is trying to attract foreign users as various models evolve and co-exist. Alibaba, China’s leading B2B commercialism company has just announced a partnership with Mumbai-based yellow pages services company, Infomedia India which is based on multiyear strategy.

Alibaba’s entry has invoked Tradeindia to expand their plans this year. Competition keeps us on our toes so it considered as good and inspired you to come with new things. The glad news is that for Tradeindia and third-group markethub are coming up value chain, venture capital money has finally started smelling the Business to business chances in India.

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A big basic of mercantilism trading operations for bourgeoises, businesspersons, and manufacturers across the globe to advertise their products and employment online is provided by Tradeindia. The consumers and trading houses can perspective your information and can directly do email you regarding business related queries. More than 7,48,551 producers and exporters are already availing this service. The DB(database) on the site gets regularly updated according to the latest developments to provide relevant results.

Revenue model:-

Tradeindia account for $15-20 billion of transactions of a total $100 Billion online B2B business. TradeIndia.com is apparently the India’s largest B2B marketplace, with a claim of over 700,000 registered users. The list for these marketplaces scope between Rs. 3000-13000 per year. No source for this information has been given. Revenues are expected to be double upcoming year, and company growth is 35% of year by year.

It is no coincidence that India’s B2B will be set transaction volumes to $100 billion when trademarket will be shifting gears in a year when. Much of this is trade between fellowships facilitated by their own closed exploiter networks. But a cluster of enterprisers, who have promoted independent online marketplaces, including Tradeindia, Indiamart, Matexnet and Auction India, is already in control about $15-20 billion.

Tradeindia.com is well developed on all search engines and receives an avg. of 135 lakhs page views every month. With the quality offerings Tradeindia has on offer that today as per estimates the organisation is contributing over US$ 3.5 billion of business to India’s international trade.

Customer Value proposition:-

Conquering mastery in acquiring, maintaining quality database and offering appropriate to the current matter online promotions, Tradeindia serves quality results for users while they use tradeindia.com to figure out to companies for their relavent interests who projects their intelligence creations in product catalogs, under 1522 various product categories and sub categories involved.

DIALB2B will provide its consumers to find the whole information of suppliers of their choice through messages on mobiles. No requirement for internet. Just call up and get the right information on your B2B suppliers delivered to you on your phone as SMS or as an email in your mail box. This is tradeindia’s new proposals towards helping buyers and SMEs able to save time on finding for the information required.

Mr. Khosla says that,all services which tradeindia.com sets in motion are projected based on smooth flow of information conveniently and as per required for users everywhere during the working time.

Tradeindia.com has launched SME Times for buyers and dealers overall the world and is probably one of the wellspring Business to business websites in India has. We can access news site from http://smetimes.tradeindia.com. This is very reliable to its user from which they can get information regarding over the business world.

Market strategy:-

There merchandise and marketplace strategy focuses on reviewing the customer’s product and market case with a view to help them grow and maximise profit.

They provide a platform for their clients to plan and maturate rapidly through surveying the opportunity around new products and markets. The judgement involves careful study of the opportunity available, factors involving risk, integrated and focussed projects plan, competition in the market ,strategies involving a better marketplace. Their scheme testimonials provide not only a brainstorm into the sizing and nature of the opportunity but also spell out how the opportunity should be addressed.

They also help our clients heighten their profits done our merchantise and marketplace case optimisation offerings. By analysing the profitability of products and markets in the case, they assist their clients in identifying the products that are destroying value and also those that are contributing the most and hence need to be protected.


Tradeindia is online trading, so it can be easy for busy consumers by getting their trading information through SMS by the introducing new technology B2B.

The exhibitor can display a wide variety of services and products.

Buyers have wide variety of choices as they required.

One can meet large number of prospective buyers in a brief duration of time.

Company has massive cost- benefits as they spread over the world.

It is the best platform for buyers and dealers to spread their network over the globe.

It provides opportunity to figure out proximity which is closed, the USP of the rival’s products, and their selling strategies.

If any mistakes can be done by rivals, then we have opportunity to learn from it.

Main Rivals:-





Business-to-business (B2B) describes trading transactions between businesses, sucha as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer.

Tradeindia is B2B model. Tradeindia provide platform to the users to establish a network over the world. As they will have launched DIALB2B, users can find their suppliers details of their choice through SMS.

Tardeindia have in process to spread in the world with efficient status getting by their consumers. It is most popular business to business marketplace in India or may be will in the world by watching its rapid development.

L&T, aaditya birla group etc are major firm also use Tradeindia site for their online trade.


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