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A Surprise Parties Organizer Marketing Essay

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Wordcount: 2174 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Surprise Moments. is a new business in the market of event organizing, founded by we, a group of students from University of Malaya in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia. It offers service of arranging surprise parties specially birthdays and anniversaries providing quality the cake, decorations, gifts, entertainments etc.

Our clients are people who like to make their special ones happy by throwing surprise parties but having no time or chance to arrange them. To accomplish our goal we have divided our target market in two parts so that we can serve people well regarding their status. One is upper-middle class and higher class people and the another part is the middle class people of the society. Our service and price is different from upper-middle class and higher class people to middle class people.

The management of ‘Surprise Moments!’ consists of highly experienced professionals who are experts in event organizing with the proper sense of responsibility. For assistance 10 more experienced people have been hired to achieve a greater and better outcome.

The greater risk associated with the business is that as this business is comparatively new in the market people might not want to subscribe at the beginning. Another risk is that people might not want to hire an organizer to accomplish that task. Rather they might like to arrange the surprises by themselves. We plan to overcome these risks by the high marketing skill and by clarifying our jobs and importance. Our biggest recognized opportunity is that as our business is new in the market we do not have that many competitors. We can concentrate on our service rather than competing hard with competitors for surviving. Another opportunity is that nowadays people are very busy with their life and for that they cannot manage to arrange such kind of parties for their beloved ones. So, we assume people will be pleased to utilize the opportunity of arranging a surprise party without any interruption in their busy life.

We have two offices in different parts of Kuala-lumpur. We are currently serving in-house both in daytime and midnight. The number of total full time staffs is 14. We receive requests from clients through email and telephone. Clients can choose their preferred arrangements from our history of events.

Our objective is to serve people around the whole world with the high end service of surprise party arrangement and establish our company as one of the leading organizations in the world.


Our main objective is to be established as a renowned party organizer company distinguishing ourselves from other event-organizers by providing efficient service with high quality product. Throwing a surprise party is being challenging for people first of all because of the lack of time to arrange a whole party and secondly because different people prefer different types of surprises. We take the responsibility to arrange those surprises according to the expectation and provide services which will make people’s willingness of making their beloved ones happy easier. Therefore, our goal is-

to develop our business with high credibility, loyalty and sincerity,

establish the company as the first choice of customers in Malaysia, provide customers with very organised and wonderful parties for their valued beloved ones, and

Create job opportunities for the people who are experts and creative in this area.


We aim to become world-wide recognized surprise party-organizer Company and serve people from all over the world with our service. Our goal is to become one of those companies which instantly come into people’s mind whenever they think of seeking help for organizing a party from any event-management company.

Industry Analysis

Although we emphasize on surprise-party organizing such as birthdays and anniversaries, our business fall under the huge industry ‘Event Management’. The industry of event-management is one of the fast growing industries in current economy. The special events industry has grown enormously in the past decade. According to recent research, spending for special events worldwide is $500 billion annually. The marketplace is large enough to support and sustain the endeavour of establishing in new business in this industry. As our company works in one special events area, there are many directions in which we can expand. As we just entering the profession of special events, we assume there’s a lucrative market awaiting us on many fronts.

According to research, profits in this industry continue to rise. Just a few years ago, the average profit margin for an event planning entrepreneur was around 15 percent. The most recent studies, however, show profit margins anywhere grew from 30 to 40 percent. This attributes the industry’s good health to several factors, including the improved economy.

In the past few years, more companies have opened shop and thus, the competition has gone up. Besides this, the economic slowdown also raises its ugly head time and again. The event industry has two markets to cash on, personal events and corporate events. According to industry players, there is a slowdown in the corporate events’ market, but personal events seem to be slow-down proof which we is our target.

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Company Description:

We are planning to start up a new business which is very unique and realistic. As related with our company name (Surprise moments), our firm will organize surprise parties and provide entertainment on the events effectively. We plan to organize parties like birthday, anniversaries and so on. Whereas we will make deal with the interested people and organize the whole party on behalf of them. Basically, we are not coming out with any products, except some supporting products. Our business is in point of fact a service providing organization which is now very much successful over product business.

Surprise Moments resolves the demands and expectation of people in the aspect of planning surprise parties for their special ones. Many people nowadays do not have the enough time to arrange a whole party. Many people do not know where to start planning an event. They may not know how to arrange the surprise party hiding it from the one the party is being arranged for. They may not have any idea about the things that are crucial for arranging the party. We are the one to provide them with ideas and help needed to have a successful party. We arrange everything from planning how to surprise the person for whom the party is given to all things like suitable place, cake, decoration, clowns, music system for the party anytime. We also deliver surprise gifts on behalf of our customers. Normally people throw a surprise party at 12 at midnight. Keeping this in mind, we plan to work until late night.

Our customers can get contact with us either by e-mail or telephone. From them we get to know what kind of party they want to have at what time, how much their budget is, what special things they want to have in the party, etc. According to their demand and budget, we set the price and they have to pay 20% of the whole price as deposit and the rest of the money, we collect after our job is done. To avoid any types of confusion and conflict we give customers a form to fill in which includes all the legal issues along with some information of the customer. We receive order at least 2 days before the event day.

As we receive any order from customers, we proceed to proper planning for the party. We have a supplier who supplies necessary things as follows- Balloons, Party Hats, Candles, Noise Makers, Mylar Balloon, Cake, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Ice, Beverage Napkins, Cups, Plastic Cutlery, Invitations, Streamers, Centerpiece, Games, Crafts & Activities, Balloons (helium), Curling Ribbon, Personalized Banner, Confetti, Door Sign, Table Ensemble, Water, Table Cover, Party Favors, Take Home Treats, Favor Bag, Blow Outs and some more. After collecting these things we go to spot well head of the party time and arrange the whole party. In the beginning of our business we’ll have 10 employees to execute the whole arrangement.

Surprise Moments comes with the full package of arrangements for a party. It provides everything necessary for arranging a surprise party with full efficiency and sincerity. Customers do not have to worry anymore to arrange a whole party as this company is providing the ultimate assistance facilitating peoples’ lives so that they can fully concentrate on their jobs.

Products and services:

Surprise Moments is primarily a service company which provides the service of organizing surprise parties. But although it’s a service business it offers its service along with the products which help to arrange and organize the parties.

Surprise moment, as its name conveys, mainly arranges surprise parties which portrays surprise birthday parties and other anniversaries.


We arrange surprise parties anytime of the day. Mostly people tend to throw a surprise party at midnight at 12 whereas some prefer to throw it during day time. So, we offer them the service of arranging the parties anytime of the day. Our service includes-

Choosing the venue for the party where it would be easier to hide the party arrangements for whom the party will be given

Decorating the place by our experienced employers

Setting speakers and music box as a mean of entertainment

Providing performers such as singers, dancers, clowns etc.

Providing lighting effects

Consulting with the customers on guest numbers, budget and the perfect venue and entertainment.

Online payment service through visa/credit card.

Other than services above we also deliver surprise gifts on behalf of our customers. There are people who live far away from their family, friends and relatives. There are times when these people very much want to give a surprise to their beloved ones but cannot do anything due to living far away. So for these people we offer the service of delivering surprise gifts to their beloved ones helping our customers to make the special ones surprisingly happy on the very special day.


Along with our services we provide all the necessary products for organizing a party. We do not sell those products but they come with the service. The products that we’ll provide are- Balloons, Party Hats, Candles, Noise Makers, Mylar Balloon, Cake, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Ice, Beverage Napkins, Cups, Plastic Cutlery, Invitations, Streamers, Centrepiece, Games, Crafts & Activities, Balloons (helium), Curling Ribbon, Personalized Banner, Confetti, Door Sign, Table Ensemble, Water, Table Cover, Party Favors, Take Home Treats, Favor Bag and Blow Outs. We also consider special order from our customers. If they require something special which is not included in the list, we consider providing those items too. Products provided during the party vary from customers to customers depending on the budget.

Pricing on category:

Based on our research we have decided to divide our pricing into three categories which would be- standard, value-added, and luxury. Although Price and service will be different for each category we provide the best service within the limited budget. Our pricing of the service and products is as follows-






Party favors(per pack)

RM 5

RM 8

RM 12


RM 200

RM 250

RM 350

Lighting and sound(max 4 hours)

RM 1000

RM 1100

RM 1300

Furniture Rental (2 hours)

RM 100

RM 150

RM 200

DJ (per hour)

RM 300

RM 400

RM 600

Competitive Comparison:

Different types of events are like a part of peoples’ lives in this modern world which brings out entertainment and enjoyable moments of life taking away the monotony of daily busy life. From the very old-age days, surprise parties have been very popular as it is one of the most enjoyable way of making some happy with utter surprise. We, Surprise Moments, have come up with the ideas and arrangements to help people in that as day by day people are having hard time finding some time for arranging a whole party.

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While other event management companies provide the service of organizing all kinds of events during a specific period of time, we emphasize on surprise parties which normally is conducted at midnight. As our business is arranging surprise parties our style, mode and manner is different from other event-planner companies. We accentuate on surprising the person with ultimate happiness by our endeavour.

Market Analysis:


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