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Job Satisfaction Analysis

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Internal Factors

Regarding the student surveyed, from Figure, almost half of the respondents dissatisfied their current job on training period, conversely only around 20 percent who are satisfied and neutral their current job respectively. There are fewer percentage of strongly satisfied and strongly dissatisfied their job. Although there are almost half of the respondents dissatisfied their current job, it still have 22 percent respondents satisfied their job.

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According to the student surveyed, from Figure , most of the respondents select good relationship with colleagues as their main reason of job satisfaction. Base on this question the respondents can select more than one choice as a result the total number is 77. However, flexibility working hour and satisfied staff benefits are not the main reason affect job satisfaction by 17 and 16 results respectively, it is shown that there is a huge disparity compare with the result of good relationship with colleagues. It can be analyze that employees are more concern their relationship with colleagues to effect the job satisfaction, thus influence the turnover rate.  

External factor

As can be seem from the students surveyed, the result shown that most of the respondents are chosen rapid growth of hotel industry and government policy are two main external factors influence turnover rate are chosen by 26 and 18 results respectively. Base on this question the respondents can select more than one choice so that the total number in this question is 62. Besides, non-local employees and inflation are only chosen by 8 and 10 results respectively. It seem that the survey can reflect the respondents view the impact of high turnover rate owing to rapid growth of hotel industry and government policy.

Rapid growth of hotel industry

Rapid growth of hotel industry may increase turnover way due to the same manpower pool. The number of hotel rooms in Hong Kong needs to be almost doubled in the next 10 years, according to the head of a government economic task force (Siu and Nip). The reason of sharply increase the number of hotel rooms probably relevant impact of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge and the high-speed cross-border railway. In response to satisfy a large demand of tourists, hotels need to absorb enormous quality employees so that can maintain the standard of quality. However, due to the labor supply is not able to meet the demand in the market; the existing employees may try to seek to better jobs due to availability choice (Lei).

Even there isfresh graduates study in hotel management in every year but not all graduates will work in the hotel industry (The Greatest Challenge). Heavy workload, shift work, overtime working those reasons may affect the graduate’s select hotel industry as their careen. Owing to the limitation of labor, the existing staff can be selective in their choice of employment since rapid growth of hotel industry. For instance, the less favorable job like stewards, food and beverage servers and room attendants are especially high turnover way, owing to heavy workload and lack of attractiveness (Lei). To attract those indispensable front office staff, many hotels are willing to provide high salary and better position to effectively attract employees (Lei). Therefore, more employees will terminate their employment to choose the job with valuable benefits.

Government policies

Statutory Minimum Wage policy

Statutory Minimum Wage may force employer to disband their employee or expropriate the original fringe benefits such as staff’s meal, uniform and break period to compensate the additional cost related to this policy (Hong Kong workers.). Employee compensation is one of the largest costs in hotel (Su, Heo and Leung). Even though the Minimum Wage Ordinance was HKD 30 per hour since 2013, the average hourly wage in hotel employees was about HKD62 (Su, Heo and Leung). Although the policy can balance the excessively low wages and prevent the loss of low-paid jobs (Labor Department), it also affects high turnover way due to job dissatisfaction.

In order to recoup the additional cost, some hotel may decrease employee benefits or hired more part-time employee to recover the cost thus destroy relationship. For instance, some hotel kept employing their staff on a basic salary and did not offer them a perpetual job (Su, Heo and Leung). Other example, some hotel had changed to pay their room attendants based on the number of the rooms they had been cleaned instead of pay the working hour after the implementation of Statutory Minimum Wage Policy (Su, Heo and Leung). If the room attendants take longer time to make up certain rooms that supervisor assigned to them, they need to work overtime without compensation. It may definitely affect employee job satisfaction as a result increase turnover rate.

It is a common knowledge that develop a good relationship between employer and employee can probably reduce turnover way. However, Statutory Minimum Wage policy was give stress to employers to maintain their limited cost so that upward pressure to employees and dissatisfied on job satisfaction. Employers tend to reduce the number of employees and shortening the staff working hours to prevent compensation (Su, Heo and Leung). Also, recruit more part-time employees to replace the full-time employees due to effective and easily to maintain offset cost increase. Therefore, the authors had mentioned that hotel tend to reduce the cost of fringe cost as their cost minimization strategy (Su, Heo and Leung). In view of employees confront the work environment that without unpaid break and change the staff’s menu to reduce their staff benefit, they virtually heighten the negative attitude in work environment and job satisfaction as a result cause employees to move to other industries.


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