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Role of Healthcare Providers in Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy

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In this world, there is a problem facing societies which is the reluctance to the vaccine and caused widespread controversy between people and health care providers which led to the reluctance to take the vaccine or reject or lack of confidence for many reasons. Vaccine hesitancy is to reject vaccine even though it is available. Recently some of the people afraid of taking the vaccine for several reasons. To explain that, some people cannot trust vaccine completely for some reasons the most important reason is they have no idea about the impact of this vaccine. According to Alabbad, et al., (2018). People who are less educated hesitant to accept the vaccine. In another word, education level can be a factor to make people accept or refuse any vaccine and communities living in remote areas are not accept the vaccine at all, According to Alabbad, et al (2018). Poverty and the economic situation can cause people not to be vaccinated (S Ozawa et al., 2019) community acceptance of vaccine is one of the most important things to maintain public health (Alabbad et al., 2018). There are more reasons why some people hesitate to take the vaccine such as alternative medicine, lack of awareness and education, geography, and poverty. This essay will argue that vaccines must be promoted by health care providers across parents and education also health care providers must deliver the vaccine to populations living in remote areas and educate all communities and health care providers must take into account the social and economic situation of the poor people.

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Health care providers have to promote for vaccines through parents and education to convince people to uptake vaccine instead of alternative medicine because some people, especially parents, think that alternative medicine is safer it does not consist of chemicals which may harm the human body. According to Attwell et al (2018), Health organizations should put alternative medicine and vaccines on one level. Said that one of the factors is alternative medicine. People believed in alternative medicine in a way that they did not agree within the vaccine and that they classified two differently the first it is safe and contains no chemicals the second it is harmful and contains chemicals (Attwell et al., 2018). It was also found that parents who have no education trust alternative medicine and do not trust the vaccine (Attwell et al., 2018). Hence we know that raising the level of education in people helps in the acceptance of the vaccine. In other words, health providers can promote the vaccine and the importance and benefits through education (Attwell et al., 2018). Uneducated parents also believe that the bodies will remain healthy and their children do not need the vaccine.  Many parents decided with vaccine providers that would lead to an expected outcome for the preservation of the children (Attwell et al., 2018). Researchers seek to educated people about the vaccine and develop their understanding of how parents interact with it. It is useful for the vaccine to use on assumptions which will prevent and treat disease in the future (Attwell et al., 2018). Lack of awareness and education about the importance of the vaccine may be a barrier in giving some people the vaccine (S Ozawa et al., 2019). Moreover, people who are not educated do not realize the importance of the vaccine (S Ozawa et al., 2019).  

Terrain may be an obstacle in delivering medical vaccines to people because it is hard to reach to some pleases. For instance, people who live in a mountainous and rural area it is difficult to provide health care to them. People cannot access side to side inaccessible population due to geography, distance, terrain, valleys and lack of access to the vaccine by health care providers of frequency impediments to vaccine hesitancy (Bonner et al., 2018). Long distances prevent the population from reaching health centres to receive the vaccine and prevent health care providers from reaching the population and giving them the vaccine (Bonner et al., 2018). Because all vaccine programs are located in designated health care providers such as health centres and hospitals, the population movement makes them reluctant to go to health care providers and take the vaccine because of long distances and remote areas with no health services at all.

Differentiation in health care delivery must take a more positive way and treat all classes of society at the same level. In many countries around the world, Poor people may face discrimination and prejudice from their health care providers for instance maltreatment or wait for long hours, therefore, they deprive poor people of the vaccine or hesitate to take it (S Ozawa et al., 2019). Poor people, for example, are less likely to take the vaccine because of the expensive vaccine prices   (S Ozawa et al., 2019). There is also discrimination and racism on the part of health care providers for people which makes it difficult for the vaccine to reach the community, for example, differentiate people according to social status, race, and colour (S Ozawa et al., 2019). Even if the vaccine is provided free of charge, the poor people will suffer from other material problems, for example, the inability to pay transportation costs to health care providers (S Ozawa et al., 2019).


This research can be summarized that people who are less educated and aware of vaccines are more dependent on alternative medicine because they think that alternative medicine is less damage. In this essay people who live in remote areas are reluctant to go to health care providers to take the vaccine because medical centres are far away and health care providers cannot go to them because of the long distance. Also, there is a Differentiation in health care delivery to the poor people and maybe marginalized, biased and ill-treatment by health care providers because of their social and economic status so they hesitate to go to them.


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