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Hazards in High Temperature Work Environment

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Production environment meteorological conditions affected plant construction, ventilation equipment, process and heat conditions, etc., while at high temperatures or the presence of high air humidity or heat radiation and other adverse weather conditions, production labor, it may become a high-temperature operation.

High temperature classification

  1. High temperature, heat radiation jobs: as between metallurgy, casting, forging, heat treatment furnace workshop, boiler, etc. These workplaces high temperatures, high thermal radiation intensity, is dry and hot environment.
  2. Hot, humid jobs: such as dyeing, reeling, paper, wet deep mine operations, mainly due to the large amount of water vapor generated during production or production process requirements workshop to maintain a high relative humidity due.
  3. Outdoor summer jobs: as summer farm labor, construction, transportation and other outdoor jobs, mainly due to direct solar radiation and heating the ground and surrounding objects form a secondary effect of the additional heat affected.

What are the health effects of high temperature?

High temperatures can lead to acute heat-induced illness (such as barbed hot, prickly heat and heat stroke) and chronic thermally induced disease (chronic heat failure, hypertension, myocardial damage, digestive disorders, skin diseases, tropical lethargy, kidney stones, hot water resistance failure, etc.).

E: Health Education and Promotion missionaries taught forum 03 occupational hazards and health effects heat stroke 2010715162605.jpg occupational heat stroke in high temperature operating environment, due to thermal equilibrium and (or) water-salt metabolism disorders caused by central nervous system and (or) cardiovascular disorders as the main manifestation of acute illness.

What are the clinical manifestations of occupational heat stroke, heat stroke after how this process?

Heatstroke aura: After some time working workplace temperature, dizziness, headache, thirst, sweating, general fatigue, heart palpitations, inability to concentrate, incoordination and other symptoms, the body temperature normal or slightly elevated.

Principles: Temporarily out of high-temperature field, and be closely observed.

Mild heat stroke: In addition to the aggravation of the symptoms of heat stroke, the emergence of facial flushing, sweating, rapid pulse, such as performance, body temperature rises above 38.5 ƒ.

Principles: rapidly from the high-temperature field, to the shade to rest; give a refreshing drink salt and symptomatic treatment.

Severe heat stroke can be divided into heatstroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion III, also can appear mixed.

E: Health Education and Promotion missionaries taught forum 03 occupational hazards and health effects heat stroke 5604331_993159.jpg heatstroke (including sunstroke), also known as heat stroke, high fever, the body heat in hot environments blocked thermoregulatory mechanism disorders caused high mortality rate (20 to 40%). Which is characterized by sudden onset of high temperature environment, the temperature up to 40 ƒ, early disease sweating, followed by “no sweat”, hot and dry skin may be associated with different levels of consciousness disorders.

Heat cramps due to excessive sweating, body sodium, potassium loss caused by excessive. Mainly for the obvious muscle spasm, accompanied by contraction pain. Occur in many activities, such as abdominal muscles and limbs, especially for the gastrocnemius. Often has symmetry. Sometimes seizures, sometimes ease. Patients with clear consciousness, body temperature normal.

Heat exhaustion is a high temperature, high humidity environment, increase skin blood flow is not accompanied by a corresponding increase in splanchnic vasoconstriction or blood volume, the body can not compensate temporary brain ischemia induced syncope. The main clinical manifestations of dizziness, headache, sweating, thirst, nausea, vomiting, and then clammy skin, blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders, mild dehydration, the body temperature slightly higher or normal. Usually a short break to clear, generally do not cause circulatory failure.

E: Health Education and Promotion missionaries taught forum 03 occupational hazards and health effects heat stroke QQ picture 20130701150544.jpg principles: rapidly be physical cooling and (or) drugs cooling; correct water and electrolyte imbalance; symptomatic treatment.

Stroke patients with timely treatment, and can be quickly restored without having transferred from the original work.

The importance of missionary training

E: Health Education and Promotion missionaries taught forum 03 occupational hazards and health effects heat stroke 201076192404.jpg if workers in high temperature environment, the employer is necessary to workplace hazards temperatures timely assessment of the situation, and to develop plan to prevent heat stroke. In addition, the employer shall provide workers and their exposure to high temperature hazard awareness training competent enough, the content should include the following components: awareness (1) high temperature hazards, (2) occupational heat stroke prevention, (3) how to recognize heat stroke symptoms, (4) when their stroke symptoms appear or colleagues how to do.

Remember: If a worker or colleague can leave a hot environment that is in the early stages of heat stroke occurs, you can effectively avoid aggravating the problem.

What measures should be taken to control workplace hazards temperature?

E: Health Education and Promotion missionaries taught forum 03 occupational hazards and health effects heat stroke 1315212318.jpg [technical measures]

1 rational design of production processes: Improved production equipment and method of operation is the fundamental measures to improve the working conditions of high temperature operation. Such as steel casting, rolling, casting, enamel and other production automation, allows workers away from heat, while reducing labor intensity. Heat source arrangement should meet the following requirements: ① try disposed outside the shop; ② When using hot-based natural ventilation, as arranged in the skylight below; ③ When using drafts based natural ventilation, as arranged in the summer the prevailing wind direction leeward side; ④ take on heat insulation measures; ⑤ so easy to use cooling measures work place, you can set partition (plate) between the heat source, so that hot air rises along the wall, through the skylight discharge, in order to avoid spread throughout the workshop; ⑥ hot finished and semi-finished out of the workshop should be downwind side or stacked.

2 Insulation: Insulation is an important measure to prevent heat radiation, can use water or thermal conductivity of insulation materials, including large specific heat of water, can effectively absorb radiant heat.

E: Health Education and Promotion missionaries taught forum 03 occupational hazards and health effects heat stroke 7576382.jpg3 ventilation and cooling: through doors and windows, natural ventilation slits have some effect, but the high temperature in this way alone workshop often can not meet the cooling needs, this time can be used to achieve mechanical ventilation cooling purposes.

4 temperature and humidity regulation system: The air conditioning system can effectively reduce the temperature in the workplace, for the presence of open water tanks, steam valves and other heat sources, can be used dehumidifier system reduces the temperature of the air in the workplace.

[Health measures]

1 hot work should be supplemented with the sweat of workers equal amount of water and salt. The salt content of the beverage 0.15% and 0.2% is appropriate. Drinking a few times appropriate manner. Labor in a hot environment, the energy consumption increases, so should be appropriate to add the total dietary calories and vitamins.

E:. Health Education and Promotion missionaries taught forum 03 occupational hazards and health effects heat stroke 414007_066080.jpg2 temperature worker overalls, should heat, thermal conductivity and permeability of good fabric. Prevent radiant heat, available white overalls made ​​of canvas or aluminum foil. Special high-temperature operation of workers, such as thermal lining repair, cleaning and other types of ladle to prevent intense heat radiation effect, are required to wear masks and wearing thermal insulation, fire-retardant, ventilation heat protective clothing, such as spraying metals (copper, silver) insulation masks, aluminum insulated clothing.

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3 workers exposed to high temperatures should be pre-employment physical examination and the summer before, where there is uncontrolled hypertension, chronic nephritis, uncontrolled hyperthyroidism, uncontrolled diabetes, the body above the scar area ≥20% (injury standard eight) as well as those who belong to the high-temperature operation of epilepsy disease contraindications, should not engage in high-temperature operation. In addition, arrangements must not engage in female workers during pregnancy third level, fourth level jobs temperature specified in the job grading standards.

E: Health Education and Promotion missionaries taught forum 03 occupational hazards and health effects heat stroke 4_110803104730_1.jpg [management]

According to regional climate characteristics, appropriate adjustments to labor and rest in summer high temperature regime. Pergola lounge or seating should be set up away from heat sources as possible, there must be adequate cooling facilities and beverages. Large factories can set up special air-conditioning system with the rest of the workers apartment, to ensure workers exposed to high temperatures during the summer months there is sufficient sleepy eyes and rest. Outdoor summer jobs as well as jobs in workplace temperature can not be controlled below 33 ƒ, the employer to the employee shall be paid a monthly allowance temperature.

[Organizational measures]

(A) The maximum daily temperatures reach above 39 ƒ, the day should stop outdoor open-air work;

(B) the daily maximum temperature reached less than 37 ƒ to 39 ƒ (excluding 39 ƒ), the day outdoors outdoor working hours shall not more than six hours, 12:00 to 16:00 outdoors outdoor work should be suspended;

(C) the daily maximum temperature reaches above 35 ƒ to below 37 ƒ (excluding 37 ƒ), the employer shall take the holiday shift, etc., to shorten the time of continuous operation, and shall arrange outdoor open-air job workers to work overtime.

(D) shall not cause pregnant women and juvenile workers in the workplace more than 35 ƒ hot weather and outdoor work in temperatures above 33 ƒ.

[Emergency Health Check]

For the hot season there have heatstroke aura job workers, or exposure to high temperatures due to the accident or occupational exposure may lead to heat stroke populations (including participation accident rescue personnel), when asked whether headache, dizziness, chest tightness, palpitations, sweating , fever, little or no urine and other symptoms, and observe the condition of consciousness. Physical examination should focus on checking temperature, blood pressure, pulse and nervous system, and carry out blood, urine, serum electrolytes and renal function and other laboratory tests.

Diagnosis apply occupational heat stroke]

When the diagnosis of occupational institution for occupational heat stroke diagnostic materials need to be prepared include:

(A) proof of evidence of health damage, such as occupational health inspection results;

(B) evidence to prove labor relations, such as labor contracts, work permits, the employer proof;

ID card copy (three) require diagnosis workers;

(D) Other evidence: as occupational history, history of exposure to high temperatures and weather conditions at work, workplace temperature detection and evaluation information.


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