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Needs and Expectations of Healthcare Stakeholders Case

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You are asked to critically investigate and validate the needs and expectations of healthcare stakeholders in relation to the above ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd organisation’s policy on equality and diversity. Prepare a summary of your investigate on the needs and expectations of Concordia Healthcare Ltd which relate to:

  • Internal organizational needs
  • External needs
  • Fairness and justice
  • The impact of prejudice and discrimination on individuals and groups


Organizational Needs and Expectations

The consideration of organizational needs and expectations has a positive effect on outcome of health care delivery programmes or systems. Equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights or opportunities. Diversity means understanding that each individual is unique and recognizing our individual difference. Policy is a course or principle of action adopted by an organization or individual. It is set of principles or rules that provides a definite direction for an organization. An equality policy is a written statement showing that your organization actively opposes discrimination .It demonstrates your commitment to making organization a fully accessible that welcomes and respects diversity. Developing an inclusive equality policy is one of the key factor in creating a sustainable organization that reflects the rich diversity of society and ensures equality of opportunity for everyone involved.[1]

Internal needs and expectations

If there is anything any that is steadfast and is unchanging, it is change itself and the organization that does not accept change that is the cause of failure or domain. There are events or situations that occur that affect the organization in two ways, in positive or negative way. The internal needs are easier to control, it usually are management changes, employee morale, culture changes and financial changes. The clients want the deals with them on the basis of their skills and experience instead of race and cast. They want the organization to focus on their physical disability. The clients want respect for their cultures, values, beliefs and preference and they need a friendly and comfortable environment.

And we can say like that there few main expectations of every individual from an organization that should be met to make the working environment good and comfortable. These expectations are respect for their values, preference and expressed needs. Coordination and integration. The clients of an organization needs full information and communication.

External Needs

External environmental factors or needs are the events that take place outside the of the organization and are harder to predict and control. These needs can b more dangerous for an organization if are not met by the organization. These needs include the changes to the economy, threats from the competitions, political factors, government regulations or the industry itself.

External needs also include the customers and contractors because without them they can not work and earn anything. Technology and resources are also the external needs requires for the proper functioning of an organization.[2]

Fairness and Justice

A lack of organizational justice can lead to negative outcomes, such as lower performance, lower satisfaction and higher absenteeism. To prevent the organization from the negative outcomes, the organization should promote equality and diversity policy that applies to service provision and not just employment. The organization to make a commitment to tackle discrimination. It should provide equal opportunities and access to all stake holders and support equality act 2010.

The organization should use the policy to train the staff and integrate the policy into their activities. Organizational needs to explain hoe the policy will be put into practice and how it will be communicated to all staff and service users. The policy should be linked to the complaints and disciplinary procedures.

The impact of prejudice and discrimination on individuals and groups

Prejudice is a preconceived opinion not based on research or experience. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment or different categories of people or things especially on grounds of race, age or sex. There is endless number off groups affected by prejudice and discrimination around the word and these are lower class, different cultures, women, different religions, elderly, and immigrants. Homosexuals, different races, teenagers, mentally or physically challenged.

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Examples of prejudice and discrimination are as teens are often discriminated against because people assume that they are rebellious and unless when teens are often very helpful and compassionate. Second is women who are often judged because of their past struggles to obtain acknowledgement by society as person. Immigrants are sometimes not allowed into a country or not given work because they are simply too different and people cannot accept change ,not realizing that they are fully capable of accomplishing tasks just as easily as someone of a similar race to themselves

Effects on the individual are Acceptance- They believe what is being said about them. They feel that they have an inferior status in society. Accommodation- They don’t like or believe what is being said about them, but try and make the best of the situation. Voluntary segregation- Groups may live or work in separate areas in order to feel more comfortable and to succeed. Organized Protest- A person may join organizations to help fight against discrimination and get involved with marches, protest, and media exposure. Aggression- A person may take action against a prejudice individual’s property. Examples of aggression are crime and terrorism.

Effects on the Discriminators are this person feels hate and resentment in their life. They don’t enjoy life or people as much as they could have. They focus only on one aspect of some individuals. They tend to lose friends (People don’t like to associate with the discriminator

In conclusion, prejudice and discrimination is a serious issue that affects many people including the individual, the discriminators and society. The citizens should pay more attention to the solutions to prejudice and discrimination then may be society feel more comfortable

Task 2

Consider what ABC Concordia Healthcare Ltd organisation’s policy currently proposes as methods to address, review and monitor equality and diversity issues in the organisation. You are asked to propose improvements to address gaps or shortfalls in their systems and processes. Consider where improvements could be made in terms of plans, team meetings, roles and responsibilities, timescales, audit, policy reform and allocation of resources.


ABC Concordia healthcare LTD Equality and diversity guidance and policy 2012

Investigation Results

The internal organization needs the following changes to be included in the organization for making the environment comfortable for the clients and promote the work. The organization needs to take steps to identify the need of each and every client in the organization. Needs to devise the policies and procedures and to put in place customers service, should provide appropriate facilities and services and draw up a plan.

Moreover, take appropriate actions wherever is needed, Monitor and record equal and provide opportunities on the basis of their experience instead of age, gender, ethnicity and disability.

Solutions and preventions of prejudice and discrimination are; know the facts of the problem or situation. Be aware of your attitude and behaviour towards other clients. The words should be carefully selected before saying anything to the employees in an organization. The focus should on the positive and others should be supported. Get to know the people from the other groups. Hold monthly meetings with the staff.

Recommendations; the organization should review the needs and finalize policies –strategic planning activity. It should formulate procedures for every policy covering all corners of its concern; communicate the approved policies and procedures to all. The organization should conduct regular meetings as follow ups on feedback and incident report.[3]


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