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Anti-Abortion Statement

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Wordcount: 821 words Published: 21st Sep 2017

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Jai-lan Ewell

The Murder of the Innocent

Abortion is the murder of innocent children. Abortion has been performed for thousands of years, and has been studied in every society. These unborn humans do not deserve to die. There have been many debates on whether or not abortion should be illegal. Most doctors allow this process because it’s the family’s choice. “Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy (fetus), not a baby” (lifenews). However, this process is the killing of innocent, unborn humans. An honorable innocent child has never harmed a fly in this world. Killing babies that are little bundles of joy, is just wrong on all levels. Abortion should be made illegal in the United States because of the trauma it causes to those who are involved.

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Abortion should be illegal after a certain point. Abortion is legal all the way up to 6 months. This should not be allowed to happen. The government has a limit on how long you can wait before you have an abortion. The bad thing about having abortion all the way up to 6 months is that a baby already has a heart beat and can feel pain. Imagine you as a baby and was aborted, you wouldn’t be here right now. Abortion should be made illegal after anything past 2 months. The baby has not developed as much and it wouldn’t be as harsh on the baby because the baby can’t feel pain up to this point. The time you can wait before you have an abortion should be lowered significantly.

Abortion violates the rights of the unborn children that are involved in this terrible act. These baby’s are already alive and have rights just like everybody else in the world. They shouldn’t be deprived of their lives (Abortion). Unborn children have civil rights even before they come out of their mother’s womb. Killing these non guilty children is a discriminatory, inhuman, and cruel act. The most basic civil right in this world is the right to live. If you keep abortion legal, you’re leaving behind this civil right. In this world nobody should be allowed to take a innocent life away. Abortion has claimed the lives of over 58 million unborn children (Sierra Club). People in the world know abortion is wrong. Every day an abortion happens it is a tragedy for the babies that are dieing and for the mothers. Innocent, unborn children should not have their basic rights to live taken away.

Women who have abortions are emotionally, physically, and mentally harmed. Some women in the world actually die during having an abortion. “They can also experience the loss of their fertility or an increase in miscarriages after an abortion.”(Natural abortion federation). On the other hand some women feel a sense of relief after an abortion. Emotionally some women feel guilt and loneliness after a abortion. They can physically have pain also. They can experience abdominal pain, vomiting, and they can have damage to some of their organs after an abortion. Some women mentally have suicidal thoughts and feelings. They have depression and can start to use drugs after an abortion. Abortions causes numerous problems for the women and especially for the baby.

Abortion is an ongoing problem in the world today and should be made illegal because it takes innocent lives, it violates civil rights, and can emotionally and mentally harm women. Abortion kills unguilty babies and may harm the women also. Nobody in the world deserves to die. Unborn babies shouldn’t die either. Abortion should be made illegal because it is unhuman and hurts everybody involved with it. Allowing abortion to remain legal cause more and more babies to die due to irresponsible people. Having abortion causes a lot of trauma for everybody. Abortions should be made illegal to stop the killing of innocent babies.

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