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Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Health And Social Care Essay

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The variances in ethnic views have influences on outlooks towards health care, their readiness to realize, observe and regulate to the progression of sickness. They consider that health is holistic and there is link between body, mind, and soul. Their ethnic beliefs effect the basis of sickness, appearance of are mostly and interaction of health problems and how they look for healthcare. They mostly have faith in in God. Catholics typically have divine objects in their home environment. They do not worth health promotion due to deficiency of language support and prefer Emergency visits. They might get incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate medication due to absence of communication. Their racial ethics are used to stimulate conduct to decrease the threat of sicknesses. It also develops communications and health effects and supports them to look for healthier actions. They use their money for whole family and for beverages (Kemp).

Actual Diagnosis: Risk for Spiritual Grief Interference.

Interventions: Practice beneficial interaction when contacting patient and reassure involvement in spiritual actions.

Health Perception/Management

Diabetes is on of the predominant health problems in this community.Accordng to CDC 28.3% of adults are diabetic in this state. Over the next 20 years, the obesity could contribute 741,358 new cases of type 2 diabetes. County provides immunization to children from birth up to age 18. Infant mortality rate was 4.3% in 2011. Injury related death rate was 40.4 per 100,000. MCFRS has full operational authority. It is ultimately responsible for the safety, health and welfare all personals. There are military and civilian behavioral health professionals for the enrichment of the community. Referrals to outside agencies are given for legal issues, financial planning, foster care, housing services.

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Lack of fertile soil is primarily the indicator of nutrient deficiency.62.7% adults are overweight according to 2007 report, because of obesity prevalence; the community is in alert for the availability of affordable food. Special discounts are only available for members with gym privileges, through streams or storm water collection. Drinking fountain is not permitted but water coolers are available. Junk snacks are banned in 2008. Fast food, candy and other low nutritious items are still available. And there are vending machines.

No remarkable evidence of healthy food consumption. Violence and obesity are the evidence of unhealthy food consumption. Special diets are mandated by religious practices and beliefs. School is adhering to the obesity prevention program. No candy or soda during meal time. Students who are from low income families are entitled for free lunch.

Elimination (Environmental Health Concerns)

Ground level ozone results in smog. Construction activity is the main cause of noise up to 85 Decibels. This County has a recycling center. Integrated pest management is committed for pest control and schools provide updated list for the usage. Standard washing machine with hot and cold water is common. Hand washing is done by soap and water or hand sanitizer. Mostly found single bathroom. Cleanliness is depending upon the occupancy. Mary land Nurse Practice Act gives the guide line for health care providers and other members. If outside temperature exceeds 80, it is considered as hot day. Shade structures are part of public service development. Security officers are assigned for safety management and they wear appropriate badges or soft body armor.


These are part of obesity prevention program. Recess is a part of school health program.

All of these facilities are in active usage in this county.

Pedestrian safety and camera program are part of safety procedure.

Fire and burns are most common cause of unintentional deaths.

Prevalence of obesity is a clear example of the result of sedentary life style. Children are spending more time in watching videos and computer.

Public and private means are most commonly used transportation.


This county is a middle class area with many citizens who start work early. They go to sleep early at night so that they can wake up early for work. 23% of the population is made up of kids and these kids have school early morning. Recent studies have shown that Montgomery County had an increase in sleep deprivation. Falling asleep while driving is responsible for at least 100,000 automobile crashes, 40,000 injuries, and 1,550 fatalities each year.


81% of the population gets regular checkups with their doctor. This is more than average. There are close to 125,000 people in Montgomery County who speak English less than well, or about 14% of the population. This is a 20% increase from 2002 data. People who have difficulty within the cognitive perceptual portion are located in hospitals, nursing homes, and mental wards. 265 people in other group homes. 226 people in mental (psychiatric) hospitals or wards. 4,357 people in nursing homes. 328 people in homes for the mentally retarded. 62 people in homes for the physically handicapped. For delinquent children, 59 people in short-term care, detention or diagnostic centers. 57 people in hospices or homes for chronically ill. For drug/alcohol abuse, 41 people in hospitals or wards. For chronically ill, 33 people are in other hospitals or wards.


In this community, many people describe themselves negatively. Many people do not feel so good about themselves. One problem that is present is depression. There are six different depression specialists near Silver Spring, Maryland. Since there are many Hispanics living in this community, there is a high-risk group for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Hispanic women are more likely to experience a major depressive episode. Another factor that lowers the self-esteem of the people in Silver Spring is being overweight, especially in women. There are generally changes in the way they feel about their body. They do not frequently get angry, annoyed, or fearful. The feeling of losing hope is also not very frequent.


The YMCA provides counseling for individuals, families, and groups in Montgomery County. Therapeutic groups are also offered according to community and school needs, such as:


•Anger Management

•Loss and Grief

•Parenting Support

•Social Skills.

Vulnerable populations face many challenges every day. Montgomery County, Maryland Advanced Practice Center for Public Health Preparedness is prepared to help vulnerable populations. Silver Spring Township Police Department formed a partnership program that will build a positive relationship between police officers and the youth of school district. Fire and EMS department’s effectiveness in delivering emergency service to the community is depend upon the amount of time it takes from when they call 911 to the arrival of help. There is an annual blood drive in memory of father and son firefighters.

Silver Spring Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens & Food Banks supply the food to the Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries, Shelters etc., they in turn provide food to the individuals that need it.


Services include diagnostic testing, exams and treatment of STD’s. confidential HIV testing available. All those who tested for HIV get pre and posttest counseling.

For birth control Silver Spring center offers Abortion pills, in clinic abortion, and abortion with sedation.

GYN consultation services are available for low income or uninsured teens and women of childbearing age. Services include:

-physical examinations and pelvic examinations

-breast examinations and pap smears

-Pregnancy testing and birth control methods

-routine tests for sexually transmitted diseases as well as HIV counseling and testing

-basic medications for sexually transmitted diseases and other GYN conditions or infections.


According to Montgomery County Police statistics Crime has been falling in Silver Spring. PS: Child Protective Services – Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services 240-777-4417 (24 Hour Report Line)

APS: Adult Protective Services- Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services 240-777-3000

The chance of earthquake damage and the risk of tornado damage in Silver Spring are higher than the national average. A disastrous train wreck happened in Silver Spring, Maryland in 1996 on a snowy, February afternoon. Mental Health Association of Montgomery County provides outreach, engagement and services for homeless mentally ill men and women who are on the streets or in emergency shelters. One of every three children comes from an impoverished family. 50,000 Montgomery County residents are living in poverty. Stress management resources are available to manage anxiety and overwhelming stress. Meditation, yoga and wellness and Russian martial arts are also available.



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