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Identifying Long Term Career Goals

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Identify your long-term goals (five years or longer).

A career like accounting is one of the most fulfilling jobs that anyone can be in. It also happens to be very critical as one deals with numbers every day and the numbers determine client’s financial stability and a country’s economic state. Some of my long-term goals would be to run an independent business where I would render consultation services to the business corporates and the federal institutions too. I would also wish to maintain a small group of personal clientele would save guard their accounts with me. This would enable me to also fulfill another long term goal of investing in real estate and the stock market.

Identify the skills and qualifications related to this type of role.

It’s important for any aspiring successful accountant to possess certain key skills. One of the most major attributes includes good organization and good organizational skills. Being that an accountant is in charge of handling many responsibilities, a good accountant needs to keep track of the numerous responsibilities one has. This means that the system has to be up to date and effective in terms of organizing transactions by order of date and deadlines. This means that the system should have calendars, alphabetized folders, day planners, color coded posts notes and highlighters as well as good financial apps. This ensures the clients of reliability, competency, and ability to handle the various jobs properly (Topan, 2016).

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Similarly, it’s important for a good accountant to be efficient in time management. This enables the workload to be solved by order of urgency. This enables an accountant to meet the set deadlines. Another important quality is adaptability. Being that the accounting world is so dynamic and involving at the same time, an accountant needs to be adaptable to the environment so as to be able to provide quality services to the clients. It’s also important for them to be good at communicating. Communication skills in writing or verbal enable good interactions with clients. It also assists in creating good networking as well as creating successful profiles (Topan, 2016).

Assess your qualifications you already possess.

By now being that I have my own masters certificate in Accounts, it means that I am a credible accountant who can be in charge of various projects with little assistance. I have also managed to forge good connections with my previous clientele from my past employments in local and NGO firms. Likewise, I am slowly infiltrating the real estate world and so, I have some few big qualifications in my resume.

Determine new skills, knowledge, certifications, and training needed for the position desired.

In order to form my new firm, I will need a list of potential candidates to be in charge of the various departments. I will also need to enroll in a leadership program so as to be able to learn how to govern an organization or even a group of people. I also need to learn on how to be a good role model in terms of integrity, openness and also work ethics. This will help me in the delegation of tasks, raising my confidence, achieving the right required patience and ability to delegate duties to other people as well. It’s important to learn on how to maintain work ethics so as to promote loyalty from acquired clients, it will also help me improve on current existing work relationships (Macres, 2010).

Create action steps needed to take to be qualified for the position you would like to pursue.

From here onwards, I need to enroll in a short course program to be more aware and educated on leaderships. I also need to start reviewing loan application from various financial institutions in order to be able to start the process of beginning my own consultancy firm. I also need to continue to maintain good relationships with my current clientele as well as future clients.


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