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Environmentalism in Disney’s ‘’Wall-E’’

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Animated movies normally are accompanied by some tangible lessons in life which are covered within some heartwarming and funny stories. In most cases, such lessons are subtle and so they demand some bit of digging into the theme and analyzing, although there are other times when the message in the animal film is very clear one of the examples where such themes are clear is the Wall-E with the theme of environmentalism. This film is a presentation of an earnest plea to have the planet saved and so it is very relevant even in today’s world. As one is dealing with the recent stories of the intensity of the climate change consequences, there is need to revisit this film and obtain the actual steps to take so as to save the earth. There is a message that is clearly passed in the movie that even the small actions that one undertakes really make unmatchable positive impact.

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In this film directed by Pixar, there is contained a story of a lone robot who continually cleans up a very dusty and dry earth even after a long term that the humanity desolated the highly polluted planet and went to live with the stars (Whitney 33). This almost silent movie utilizes some stupid expert and comedy in story telling in order to pass the message of the loneliness of this small robot that is in love with someone else. However, although the main attraction within the robot story is the love background, the main purpose is to see how life can be brought back to the earth and have the humans return home.

EVE and Wall-E together start on an adventure on fun space similar in comparison to other epic movies. However, the second part of that film, and which entails the humans being introduced, is an actual dialogue and is characterized by even a greater mood. The second part of it is introduced by the discovery by Wall-E of a small green plant that he preserves within a dirty and old shoe. Such a discovery is what instigates some action and keeps Eve watchful and it also elicits a continuous stretch of pursuit for change. It is not just a mere coincidence that the plant by Wall-E is a wee with a stem that has two leaves (Giroux 25). The plant is quite delicate, it can easily be crushed, and it is very fragile. In this one, it does not necessarily imply that the earth is delicate, but it does show that the belief that humans have on their own abilities are really fragile.

On the fact of the recent news that there are more than 3 trillion tons of ice that have been lost by Antarctica over the previous several years, it might appear as though the change in climate is really unchangeable and inevitable reality and that the future of the humanity on planet earth is indeed doomed. Surely, it might just appear hopeless in trying to gather information and comprehend exactly what the humanity has done in order to bring about such a drastic warming in the planet and the thing that can help solve the matter at hand as per now. However, the environmentalists are still optimistic that the planet has hope. They believe that the humanity has within itself the capability to reduce the effects associated with climate change and even that there may not be a disaster hitting the earth at all. There is a feeling in Wall-E that it occurs within a very close range now compared to the period when it initially broke forth, although that is not an implication that the image of the desolated and dusty earth is inevitable (Whitney 41).

The Wall-E Disney films, is related to the description and science area since it describes the environment and what possibly can take place in the future. It essentially offering the public with a more comprehension of the issues related to environment. This film has brought forth a very powerful conservation of the environment around the world. The influence of Wall-E movie serves to reach the target audience and make them aware of the natural environment. It relates how individuals can relate with the environment in an unfriendly manner (Whitley 20). When humanity finds a way of interacting harmoniously with the environment, the result is productivity and longevity of sustenance. However, the consequences of exploitation of environment by the human acts are dire.

There is indeed an act needed from every one of us. The small sprout of green by the Wall-E serves as the instigator that reminds us of that fact that even the smallest of the actions might result in very major effects. The robot does not even discover a whole forest. He does not discover some big green field full of plants. Eve and he have just come across a single small plant, and that one small plant is what is needed for them to have their determination maintained. Therefore, the big message from Wall-E is not merely a matter of the grand concept that there is need to have the planet saved, but that there is no action which should be considered too small to help, and that there is no plant which is too miniscule (Prévot-Juilliard 677). It is the little steps which will eventually yield great results.

The adaptation Wall-E for conserving the environment is very remarkable. Emotional appeal demonstrated in this film assumes a domination of the natural world. The positive attitude of the character towards everything in her natural surrounding promotes life as well as its natural strengths. Through this image, it is clear that what we see is what we treasure. Seeing the environment with eyes of quality will naturally lead us into doing all what can be done to ensure that there is harmony between humanity and nature.

Disney accurately and closely notes that there is a distinct behavior of wild while in their natural environment. So in the film is a revelation of how nature looks like when man’s spoilage has not set in. it presents stones, mosses, trees, rivers and branches to the very unusual close section of the forest. Via this movie, people are able to experience what are the secrets of nature in the forests as well as those unobserved in the natural lives of the wild animals. Throughout the film is a creation of some kind of intimate feeling with natural world, which in most cases is not accessible to the humans, via its comprehensive summation of the behavior of animals (Salten 12). Indeed, the children that watch this movie can lean many issues that affect the behavior of animals.

Generally, the Wall-E film connects some basic concepts, ways and ideas which influence the practice and efforts of environmental conservation in America. Plant figures also inform the children on the manner of integrating with the natural world. It motivates the audience to put in place some long-term conservation measures to the environment (Giroux 26).

The critics are in agreement that without doubt the Wall-E films bring forth a very conscious association between the environment and the man. In this film also there is the purpose of being role model to the children so that they can take control of their environment as a result of sentimental character that the film has. The Wall-E films offer the young people with an opportunity to rehearse and explore issues of environment. Earlier productions of the movie portray an environment which has not been spoiled, which is very serene, but the latter productions contain some exotic scenes that shows that man has interfered with the harmonious relationship with surroundings (Salten 23)

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Wall-E is really a cautionary story that does not  just set out to become one. The story about the future lets us know that it is about the tale of the earth today, although it seems to be set on somewhere far beyond in some time in future. There are so many similar themes that we are now struggling with. There is great wonder of what will eventually happen to the society after the unchecked consumerism really leaves us with so much of the material things but so little of the human character. For this time, Wall-E offers us a masterpiece that has characters that make the audience smile, but much is wrapped up for the future. It is indeed a hopeful and thoughtful story on the care to be accorded to the environment in which one inhabits, as well as each other. This is what contributes to it being great.

As one watches Wall-E, quickly they understand that the planet earth has completely become humanly uninhabitable for the human beings as a result of pollution and waste. Each of the scenes on earth has Garbage Mountains in all places as well as buildings that are made of garbage stand in the places where there used to be real buildings. Throughout the whole film, the theme of pollution reoccurs and a strong message is passed for the audience to understand: if human beings do not begin making some efforts to deal with waste, garbage and pollution, by recycling and management, things might just perhaps end up in similar circumstances like those of Wall-E.

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  1. I wanted to argue about the messages of environmentalism that the film ‘Wall-E’’ included in its overall narrative.  I wanted to reveal important themes that a casual viewer might have not noticed.
  2. My struggles were to meet the word count. That is a common flaw I have noticed in all my essays since first semester of freshman year. I have to flesh out more details in order for my writing to have more complexity.
  3. A helpful comment in my peer review was to just specify. If I say that the film shows the addiction to technology to that point where it is not only harmful to ourselves but the world around us I can’t just leave it at that. I have to reference a scene from the movie/article that supports my claims otherwise it would just be meaningless platitudes.
  4. I want you to know that as a passionate consumer of stories told through different forms of mediums (whether it be games, shows, movies, books, etc.) I put effort into conveying the important concepts the movie has provided for me and that I am not a slacker. I am guilty of past late assignments but it had nothing to do with me not caring or being lazy. Time hasn’t been kind to me towards the end of the semester and I would want to make it very clear that I am a hard working student and I’m a firm believer that if I put all my dedication into my work, I will get the grade I deserve.


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