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Environmental Causes of Smog

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Wordcount: 890 words Published: 18th May 2020

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In the 21st century, with the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, human beings have applied advanced technology to life. Environment and energy fall prey to convenient human life. This has caused the environment around us to deteriorate. It is well known that environmental degradation is caused by frequent human operations. Smog is the most serious problem in the world. This essay will introduce three main causes of smog through car pollution, industrial pollution and overexploitation of non-renewable resources. It will look into its current problems, causes, impact and some solution.

Current issues

According to the three problems about the environment, it is known the most serious issues are in the present. First, the internal combustion engine of a car consumes a lot of oil. When gasoline is burned, it generates a driving force and also produces many complex chemical reactions, which emit a large amount of greenhouse gas and aggravate the greenhouse effect. Secondly, a large amount of untreated water, gas, slag and other hazardous wastes discharged from industrial production will seriously damage the ecological balance and natural resources of agriculture and cause great harm to the development of agricultural production. Thirdly, overexploitation of non-renewable resources in recent years by humans has accelerated the reduction in fossil fuels. It is a current issue, and we should think about our future. This series of factors cause smog.


Smog is a yellowish or blackish fog form. It is a state of air pollution mainly composed of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and inhalable particles .The main sources of these gases are automobile exhaust emissions and the frequent activities of industrial plants which directly release harmful gases into the atmosphere.


Smog poses a great threat to human health. It has the greatest impact on the respiratory system, because this system has the most frequent contact with the external environment, and also the contact area is large, because the sun does not reach the ground in smog days, or the sun is weak. This results in the rapid reproduction bacteria, viruses and microbes or causing allergies and other diseases. People who smoke have a 60% higher risk of lung cancer, and smog contains more harmful particles, so it is more likely to cause cancer than smoking. India’s cities are among the world’s smoggiest and it is just starting to tackle the problem. The Indian government has announced a five-year program to cut air pollution by up to 30 percent from 2017 levels in the country’s 102 worst-affected cities. (Montek Singh Ahluwalia  2014). An Israeli study has found for the first time that smog causes life expectancy in northern China to be 5.5 years lower than in southern China. (Ebenstein 2013)


Nowadays,many countries are developing sources of renewable and sustainable energy in response to the smog weather such as solar, wind and hydro power. These are natural resources and are clean sources of energy. They will not pollute the environment. We also can decrease air pollution by ourselves. I think we can reduce vehicle used by switching to a hybrid, or better yet, one that runs on fully electric. Other ways include taking public transportation, carpooling with friends and colleagues, or even riding a bike to your destination


Environmental pollution is a major problem in different parts of the world, which requires the policy makers to employ some mitigation. Because of the high number of cars, factories and industries that release harmful gases into the atmosphere must be reduced. These economies consume energy heavily, thus leading to environmental pollution. It is important to regulate the rates at which countries pollute the environment in order to prevent its harmful effects of smog. (640 words)


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