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Women Now And Then English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 1178 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Throughout the years women were portrayed as begin inferior: Her main goal is to support, serve, and live for her husband and children .However in the plays Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Susan Glaspell’s Trifles: The main two women acted very different. They didn’t care about the social status that societies had in play for women, they took matter into their own hands by doing what they wanted to do no matter what the outcome was. These two women came from different backgrounds however they both acted in similar ways and they both ended up alone. Today the equality has changed in terms of occupation, education, and domestic roles.

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In the play Trifles Mr. Wright was the bread winner of the family. He spent most of his time in the field working from dusk till dawn. Therefore Mrs. Wright was in charge of keeping the house in the children in order. While Mr Wright was out in the field Mrs Wright was at home isolated from the world, because of Mr Wright ways he did not want anyone to come around because he said that they talk too much. Therefore Mrs. Wright spent most of her time sewing, and making quilts. In today’s societies a lot has changed, women do not sit at home like they use to. They feel that they have the same rights as a man: Therefore women do not sit at home and take order from their husband. Some women have their own job in are making a living for themselves. Even though some women have the same rights as men do: Some of them still act like Nora from the play A Doll’s House.

Nora was the main woman character for the story A Doll’s House unlike Mrs Wright Nora had a good life. She did not have all the problem that Mrs Wright had. She lives in a lavish home eating macaroons, drinking champagne, and hosting banquets. Nora often has guests at the house and she even had maids to watch her kids. Nora also lives her life, in one sense, as a complete lie. She never thought for herself or had her own opinions. Nora’s father would tell her what he thought about everything leaving her no opinion but his. If she did have an opinion of her own she kept quiet knowing he would not have agreed. She played his little doll until she moved in with Torvald, her husband. She felt as though she was passed from her father hands in Torvald’s hands. Now she played the role of Torvald’s little doll, pretending to take on his views of everything.

Today most women do not act like they are little doll, and want to be independent. They have their own views about life. In present time women care more about how they spend money, and realize at an early age how to manage their money. Unlike Nora who always wanted to have party, and go on meaningless trip without money. Also women today understand the meaning of begin a lady if they have kids they understand that they need be to at home with their kids to establish a family bond. Nora was always having other people watching her kids. So even though Nora and Mrs. Wright were lady that was rural by their husband they still had their different.

Unlike Nora Mrs. Wright didn’t have any kids: she also didn’t have a lot of money to travel all over the globe. Mrs. Wright wished that she had kids because the house was always quite and she was always there by herself. So everything that she ever got or made she cared about it dearly. So while Mrs. Write was out in the field Mrs. Wright spent her time sing these song that she made up. She also enjoyed sewing these quilt piece together.

Today’s women strive for higher education, occupation, and have changed the domestic roles of women and men. There are men living at home taking of all the women chorus. In contrast to the days of Mrs. Wright the women always stayed at home and took care of the house: While the men were out in the field doing their daily jobs. Because of the United States Constitution women have more equal right to become whatever they want regardless what men think about them. So now thing are kind of equal in today’s societies, and because of the economy women can’t afford to stay at home. Because of this issue affect how the husband and wife inter act with each other.

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The relationships and trifle, and A Doll House was kind of a wreck. The husband was the breadwinner for both plays. So the women were very depended on their husband for everything. In Trifle Mrs. Wright knew that he was in charge therefore whatever he said Mrs. Wright had to do. This cause a lot of problem between them: Mrs. Wright wanted to enjoy herself in doing thing to keep her happy. Her only entertainment was a canary bird she enjoyed listening to the bird sing until the day something happen to the bird. As the detective in the county attorney searched Mrs. Wright house they found an unfinished quilt, as they examine the quilt they felt an object between two layers of the quilt piece. As they unfolded the quilt they found out that it was her favorite bird: Realizing that the little bird next was rung today that cloud use to show that there was a bad connection in the family.

Today detective is train different then what they were in Mrs. Wright days. They take the crime scene very serious. As the detective searches the house they over step a lot of the most important evidence as Ms peter and Ms Hale walk around the house they notice that there was a lot of evidence that the county attorney over step. The lady kept the comment to themselves they saw that the bread was left out of the bread box, and that there was dirty dishes all over the counter. They even mention something about the quilt design. Because of that the men laugh, the women look abashed. In today societies they would have took things like that into consideration to help convict Mrs. Wright of killing her husband.

Just like Mrs. Wright Nora committed crimes also, but her crimes were not as serious as Mrs. Wright crimes. Nora was not a good mother to her kids, and was not a good woman to her husband. She told all kind of lies to him to make thing seem like what they really wasn’t. She wrote bad checks and forge other people name on checks, just so she can go on these long trips around the globe. She also put herself and her husband in a predicament to get blackmail because of the federal crime she committed, and in the world today women have a better understanding of what they do. They learn to care more about money and going out on long trips. They also care about what other people think about them. If they leave there kids the way that Nora left hers all the time the government would have step in to take them in put them up for adoption but there some women that act the same they go out with other guy and some of them even kill there husband. So these two women came from different backgrounds however they both acted in similar ways and they both ended up alone. Today the equality has changed in terms of occupation, education, and domestic roles.



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