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What Is A Comic Book English Literature Essay

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Wordcount: 3710 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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A comic book can also be called a comic magazine but often shortened to simply comics, is a magazine which is basically made of comics narrative artwork in the form of separate panels that embody individual scenes. The word “comic book” arose because the early comic book reprinted humour comic strips. Although their term, comic books are not vitally humorous in tone; present comic books notify reports in countless genres.

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Comic book and Graphic novel Differences

I found out that Comic Con is one of the biggest pop sophistication gatherings on the east beach and chiefly features comic books and graphic novels. After I hear the word, “comic book,” I nearly instantly contemplate of a magazine-looking item that has Spider-Man on the cover. Next I believed of what comes to mind after I hear the word, “graphic novel” I image they would be the same thing but that wasn’t the case. So I thought – what really is a graphic novel?

So I want out and read about it. There are countless standout contrasts amid graphic novels and comic books. Typically, you might discern that the average comic book is normally slender, alongside a paper cover, and it endures, begins or concludes a report that has been addressed in supplementary comic books. Jointly the comic book and the graphic novel notify their report chiefly alongside pictures and little words, but graphic novels incline to cover one report merely in its entirety. Comic books conversely could onset a report, onset in the middle of things, or conclude a report but you can’t elucidate one comic book and become the finished story.

There can be a slight confusion on the distinctions amid graphic novels and comic books, because countless comic book sequence becomes republished in book form. This way the finished sequence, or a particular report arc can be bought in a book afterward it has by now been published as a sequence of comic books. These are from time to time shouted transactions paperbacks, and they could be vended at main book retailers and across locations like Amazon. The books extent comics, but compilation methods could differ. They could pursue the dates of publication of the rags, or they could be coordinated by theme. You’ll additionally find insufficient comic books at such stores, but the larger supply of comic books is vended undeviating across comic book stores. Merely an insufficient becomes larger allocation to booksellers.

Furthermore, theme in graphic novels, that are normally concerning 50-130 pages in length, inclines to be extra mature than in countless comic books. This once more can become mystifying, as there are definitely comic book sequence that are for mature audiences merely, chiefly countless of the Japanese Manga series. Though, in the key, graphic novel is not composed for kids, and could be completely improper to youthful readers, whereas countless comic books are composed specifically for kids or youthful teen audiences.

Another method to gaze at the graphic novel is to ponder its ledge life. Comic Books conversely, and like magazines, could be given a Global Average Serial Quantity counselling their extra provisional status. Just like each supplementary novel, graphic novels are given a Global Average Book Quantity. Graphic novels are additionally frequently obtainable in libraries. It could be far harder to find comic books in libraries, nevertheless an insufficient hold them. Graphic novels are additionally frequently obtainable in libraries. It could be far harder to find comic books in libraries, nevertheless an insufficient hold them.

Nevertheless old and remarkably rare comic books won’t be obtainable, and there does continue a precise aged period bias opposing the comic, even nevertheless countless of them are just as wonderful and exciting as any other style of book. However a little are biased opposing it, is believed extra of an fine art form, and this precisely displays in the method that a little of these novels have even made bestseller catalogues.

The sophistication of comic has countless followers. A slight affection the deeds, a slight are in awe of the artwork. For countless is it the facile skill of revealing a report across pictures. As the easiness and spirit of the comic is worldwide, the pages can change according to the states they were crafted in. There are disparate styles and themes; these methods can make the comics tremendously different.

While the comic industries in the US, Japan and Europe are well instituted, in the Middle East it seized extra time. The early comic book superheroes were crafted in 2005. In the Middle Eastern Aya, Rakan, Jalila and Zein, Heroes have dark pasts that have reformed them into superheroes. Attractions such as the Sphinx materialize in the background, underpinning the scenery and the importance to its readers.

In Japan, comics, or Manga, are elucidating by kids and grownups alike. Topic matter varies wildly, from exploit stories to passion and the X-rated. The business is fast and disposable. Designers can coil out 25 to 35 pages a week growing in phonebook size booklets, devoured and subsequent discarded.

Although most people contemplate of superheroes after they contemplate of comic books, there are countless supplementary genres for collectors to relish, encompassing alternative/esoteric, manga, science fiction, dream, action/adventure, horror, humour and more. Comics with superheroes are most established in the United States. They are comparable to present date mythology, alongside fantastical settings and acts alongside superhuman states and abilities. Public examples Common examples include Batman and Spider-Man.

The Alternative/esoteric comic books are frequently extra sensible than those concentrated on superheroes, but they don’t vitally have to be original to life. The readers who desire to contemplate a bit extra concerning what they are reading frequently relish them. A little are concerning fictional events, as others are educational or established on history. They incline to accord extra critical credit and praise. Examples contain Ghost World, Strangers in Paradise, Sandman and American Splendor.

Japanese design the Manga comic books, but they’re normally elucidated into English in the US. They are extremely accepted, and the manga style is replicated in states concerning the world. Science fiction comics notify innovative reports that incorporate elevated knowledge and, normally, excursion across space. Countless superhero comic books additionally plummet into this group, but they yet comprise a style of their own.

Fantasy comics involve creative creatures, swords, sorcery, and mythological figures. A little of the most prosperous ones are additionally coiled into extremely wealthy fantasy novels, like e.g. ‘Conan the Barbarian’ series. Maybe the differing of the fantasy genre, action, adventure, normally involves acts that do not have distinct powers. Fairly, they are everyday people experience a battle. Most of the acts, though, are investigators or cops, and the report focuses on their clashes opposing criminals.

Finally other comic books are on horror, encompassing acts such as, vampires, monsters and zombies. They incline to be gruesome and frequently contain nudity and profanity. Humour comics additionally usually encompass dark themes.

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The difference between a Comic and a Strip

A comic strip is normally composed of a solitary panel or 3 to 4 panels to become the “gag” across. These strips are generally humorous or satirical. In difference a comic book will normally have 32 pages alongside each number of panels to narrate a report line germane to the label. The comic book will develop the plot and the personalities of the main acts and antagonists. Comic strips will be generally produced by a solitary creator whereas the comic book will have a creative team allocated to an on-going sequence.

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Good and Bad of Comics

Some people reading comics are truly a “simplified version” of reading that doesn’t have the intricacy of “real” books alongside their “dense columns of words and lack of pictures”. They say that comics are just as urbane as supplementary forms of reading, and children benefit from reading them at least as far as they do from reading supplementary kinds of books. This can increased kids vocabulary and instilled an affection of reading.

A lot of the criticism of comics and comic books come from people who contemplate that kids are just looking at the pictures and not allocating them jointly alongside the words. Some kids might facilely create a little of the alike criticisms of picture books that kids are just looking at pictures, and not at the words. Although they’ve long embraced picture books as appropriate children’s works, countless adults, even a little teachers and librarians who willingly add comics to their collections, are too quick to release the suitability of comics as texts for youthful readers. Any book can be good and each book can be bad, to a little extent.

It’s up to the reader’s personality and intellect. As a finish, comics are just one more medium, one more genre. If reading is to lead to each meaningful vision or comprehension, readers have to weigh a text alongside an understanding of the relevant communal, linguistic and traditional conventions. And if you truly ponder how the pictures and words work jointly to notify a report, you can create the case that comics are just as convoluted as each supplementary kind of literature.

Some people say that comics are bad for children, as they have immature and innocent mind that taught to not be polluted alongside the reports of comics. In little cased comic books is a strain on the minds of readers, he trusts that the horrible figures rouse the nervous arrangement and kids conclude up possessing night-mares.

The mere use of supplementary brilliant and pugnacious colours like black, white, red and blue, the usual artistic sense of children become abolished and supplementary spices of sex, slaughter and high-lighted physical attractions destroys the innocence and naïve minds of children, managing to pre-mature adolescence and agitated nervous circuitry.

“Comic books” are believed to be understood by the readers, of closely all periods, in nearly every single portion of the globe, but the truth is , comic books are hardly understood even by the extremely people who craft them. As George Dardess points out in his article “Bringing Comic Books to Class,” “Until recently there has been no concerted attempt to find or invent a language to describe the sequential art narrative’s special powers. And without such a language it has been difficult to be clear about what the sequential art narrative really is” (218). 

But there has been one man who has endeavoured to supply academia alongside just such a language. According to Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics, comic books are “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intending to convey information and/or produce an aesthetic response in the viewer” (9). Comic books are a form of works in that the use of hypothetical icons contain but are not manipulated to “letters” of the alphabet, but additionally hypothetical pictures like illustrations such as a tree that embodies itself, a tree. In comic books, the use of icons such as messages and illustrations go hand in hand so that if one were to be seized away, the supplementary should not be plenty to converse the aimed message.

If one were to articulate alongside an expert in Renaissance English concerning the plays of Shakespeare, it is nearly inevitable to hear the claim that Shakespeare’s plays were not ever meant to be “read,” but to be “seen.” Supplementary playwrights agree; they comprise their plays to be perceived and heard on the period, not to be elucidated and picked above in English classrooms. And yet, we do it.

Poetry, it is said period and once more, ought to not be plainly elucidated soundlessly to one’s self, but elucidate distinctly, to hear the sounds the words have alongside every single other. And one cannot find a foot to stand on after clashing opposing this point. We agree; to hear T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” ” is far extra competent in delineating a sense of hopeless anguish than for the reader to plainly run above the words alongside their eyes. And yet, we do it.

In their conceptual period, comics, short reports, novels, verses, and plays are indistinguishable. They all onset as a believed in a writer’s head. After a comic book author gets a believed, he writes a script far like those composed by playwrights or screenwriters. Every single panel, or individual scene of deed, is delineated in such a method as to notify the readers everything they demand to understand concerning the story. It is average exercise that the words in a comic are generally dialogue, so everything else has to be delineated in such a method as for an artist to be able to discern the tale – and next create that visualization assessable to the readers. In the midst of all this, there is additionally the demand to express deed, period, closure, emotion, motivation, as yet tolerating by all the “rules” of works like “show don’t tell,” “use the right word,” and “do not exclude demanded details.” A comic book script encompasses all the agents of a short report in that it tells the artist the plot, the point of think, points on characterization, and so on; far the method a frolic tells actors how to present their roles.

Doug Highsmith and Allen Ellis point out, 

To… critics, comic books were just a new kind of juvenile literature with too many illustrations and not enough text. But these critics were mistaken. The comic book was a new medium altogether, a medium that relied on the interaction of words and pictures to tell stories in a unique way, with its own highly developed conventions of interpretation that bore more resemblance to film than to literature or drawing. Reading comic books was teaching young readers a whole new vocabulary, one that was largely foreign to adults, because adult readers did not immerse themselves deeply enough in this new cultural form to learn its language. . . Sewell reported being introduced to the cryptic world of comics by children who explained to her the importance of the conventional elements of comics; of the symbols such as the z ‘s which indicate snoring, of curved lines to emphasize movement, and the reliance upon onomatopoeia. It was an epiphany for her as she was suddenly able to see what the children saw. Perhaps this, more than anything, is the reason for elite adults’ aversion to comic: they quite simply do not understand them (33, 34). 

The artist is usually encompassing of a pencil who illustrates the report, an inker, who goes above the pencil early illustrating, adding depth and detail, and a colourist, who finishes the product by adding colour, most frequently finished alongside the assistance of a computer), accord the writer’s script and seize it from the extremely hypothetical, iconic form of messages stringed jointly in the form of sentences and move up from the hypothetical into the extra realistic iconic form of pictures discovered in comics today.

Scott McCloud attempts to explain this idea by saying that… “Pictures are received information… the message is instantaneous… Words are perceived information. It takes time and specialized knowledge to decode the abstract symbols of language… Our need for a unified language of comics sends us toward the centre where words and pictures are like two sides of the same coin” (49). He points out that a photograph of a woman’s face is not as realistic as a woman’s face – it’s an abstraction of a woman’s face. Next, a realistically drawn edition of the woman’s face is more down the “abstraction continuum.” The continuum endures past caricatures even unto a circle alongside two spots for eyes and a line for a mouth – nearly the simplest method for a person to sketch a face. Beyond this abstraction is the messages f-a-c-e that in no method resembles the woman we early seized a photograph of, but yet conjures the alike pictures in our mind. Beyond that, McCloud assumes “Two eyes, one nose, one mouth” (49) to be an even further abstraction since it doesn’t even refer to the face but still conjures one in the readers’ mind. 

Comics can notify each report – even the most classic. A Boy meets a girl. The Boy falls in love. The Girl leaves boy for Siamese Twins from the circus.

Much of the works learned in junior highs, elevated schools, and universities, are learned for two reasons: permanent literary worth, and the use of literary devises to accomplish wanted results. Comic books can be utilized to teach plot, characterization and construction and theme, point of think, signal, allegory, dream, humour, and irony and period periods.

A comic can make concepts like onomatopoeia so much easier to grasp – and retain – than trying to remember it by reading Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death.” Just as a microscope can bring small, foreign objects closer, and enlarge the image so that we may view it easily, a comic book can bring the story closer to its reader than a long, monotonous page of print in a literature book can. Comic books are great for decreasing the distance between the reader and the subject matter. Whether it’s swinging eighty stories above the streets of Manhattan with Spider-Man or soaring through the farthest reaches of space with the Green Lantern, comic creators have a way of putting the reader inside the boundaries of the comic’s panels. This creates an involvement between the reader and the story that sometimes isn’t accomplished (especially with high school students trying to tackle a story like Hawthorne ‘s The Scarlet Letter ) with some of the older works of literature that high school and university teachers expect their students to learn. Comic books likewise can teach nearly any concept taught today using the standard literature canon, with higher reader comprehension, stronger retaining of material, and I believe with less animosity towards the reading material. As Ellis and Highsmith observed, “The appeal of this genre is especially great for disinterested and reluctant readers, but accomplished readers are also fans” (26). 

It is a wretched assumption to create, to accept that today’s literary scholars and teachers trust that the merely masterpieces worthy of discover are merely the masterpieces they themselves have by now had to study. Comic books are identical to each supplementary form of works in their conceptual period – they both onset alongside an author creating up a story. It’s merely in presentation and marketing that comic books differ from the including of Mark Twain or Ambrose Bierce. Or as George Dardess claims “The only important general characteristic the sequential art narrative form lacks that… others share is respectability” (214). 

Looking back nowadays, I marvel from time to time if Beowulf wore spandex and a large “B” on his chest or if Grendel’s mom had long flowing hair a lot of cleavage, whether or not literary buffs should release it as “pop culture” and drive it aside. After I contemplate concerning my elevated school dates, I might nearly kick myself for not paying extra attention to the reports we did read. Gawain and the Green Knight, Macbeth, the Odyssey? These should be outstanding comics! But of sequence, there are no pictures in these stories. And who might seize a green headless knight, a package of fortune revealing witches, and a man-eating Cyclops critically if we had to discern pictures of them?

It’s been extra than ten years as I’ve selected to comprise the outstanding American novel, and I haven’t created far progress on it as next, but I have grown to respect the works I did grasp to elucidate in those impressionable years, whether it was Shakespeare or She-Hulk, Beowulf or Batman . They say it’s the excursion not the destination, but I contemplate its period we voyaged down one more road – one whereas boys swing amid the constructions that line it, and whereas the shadows of hovering heroes plummet on us as we walk. I bet after become commenced, the believed that “this is the wrong method to go” will dissipate, and we’ll all concur that the scenery and the people who stroll up and down the road aren’t as disparate from what we are utilized to in the early place.


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