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Uncle Toms Cabin And The Imagery English Literature Essay

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Wordcount: 709 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In many ways the north may have been the starting point for many of the hard working religious, patient Individuals. Some might say that they may have bees somewhat like Harriet Beecher Stowe themselves however, this was a potential threat. The north and the south shared many economic and legal issues at that time because even though the north did not have slavery they still felt the issues that came with slavery. Stow made it very clear in her writing just how horrible slavery was. She shows us the legal consequences that slavery had on the north, and how many individuals lend a helping hand to help free slaves with the risk of being jailed. Stow tries to give the readers an accurate picture of the slavery in the south.

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Many of Stowes readers were mainly white women, so she used the opportunity to play on their feelings on the poor treatment of the slaves. Her main focus was to get the white women of the north to read it, because she hoped that they might be able to help her with the abolishment of slavery. She painted a very strong and real picture of the individuals that were suffering from the prejudice of slavery. The writing in Uncle Tom’s Cabin is so vivid that it feels like the reader is experiencing the same hardship as the slaves did in the south. The sentimental writing drew women of its time to read Stowes novels. Her main focus was to give the reader an unsettled emotion of guilt, to make individuals see how many lives and families were destroyed through slavery.

In the early nineteenth-century human cruelty was a constant issue for the slaves, which makes this a vital part of American history. Harriet Beecher Stowe uses two but distinct ethical systems in Uncle Tom’s Cabin: One is the value of Christianity and two she uses parental values. When one reads the the beginning of the book, how Uncle Tom and Eliza find out they are getting sold. Both of these characters have different points of views. Uncle Tom puts all of his faith in God and says whatever happens will happen , we’re as Eliza who will face similar heart ship decides to get away. Both of these decisions are portrayed to fit each character in the book. Uncle Tom’s describes his sufferings in plain words though the bible. However, some models are not as clear because it over lapses the Christian fews. However, in Eliza case she decides to run away to save her children.

However, the book describes how horrific the circumstances were and Uncle Tom was sold many times over. He said: “If I must be sold, or all the people on the place, and everything go to rack, why, let me be sold. I s’pose I can b’ar it as well as any on ’em” (Stowe, 1852). Looking at all the slave masters in the novel one can clearly see, that Uncle Tom’s master differed from all the other masters and his outlook on how slaves should be treated. It not only teaches Christian values but also family values.

Stowe is mainly focusing her writing on the facts that slavery is wrong, cruel and evil. She not only writes an outstanding book but she also makes some excellent points at the same time. She quoted: “I did not write it. God wrote it. I merely did his dictation” (Stowe, Uncle Tom`s Cabin, 1879). In Stowes mind all of her writing came from God and not her, she cared deeply about God and his will. In her writing she is consistently telling the readers that slavery is wrong and cruel. Individuals are being beaten, starved to death and ripped away from their family’s. Many individuals like Uncle Tome are being sold over and over again, and with each selling a new owner comes along. Slaves never knew what fate had in store for them, because every slave owner had their own way of controlling the slaves. However, Stowes novel shows that there were also good slave owners such as St. Clare. Uncle Tom was sold to a couple named St Clare and from reading Stowes novel they treated Uncle Tom very kindly.

In conclusion Stowes writing is very effective, she points out that slavery is very wrong, in order to help the abolitionist cause. At the same time her novel has an enormous impact not only on the readers back then but also today.


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