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Impact of Feminism on Public Administration

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Impact of Feminism on Public Administration

Literature Review

The article is all about the impact of feminism on Public administration. It discusses the feminism and feminist perspective in Public administration as well. It narrates the role of woman in public administration on the basis of challenges, duties and capabilities of woman with respect to public administration. The article also describes the nature of woman and discusses it in depth with the help of different phenomena discussed in the different other classic articles that were relevant to the topic as well. The article gives a better view of role of women in public administration, their management skills, their thinking and decision making abilities and tries to sum up the impact which feminism imparts on public administration. The article has following sections.

  • Literature Review
  • Integration with article from PAR
  • Case Study

Women are the greater part of world population. They are taking part in every course of life at equality with the men. In the west women are also involved in public administration as well and doing their responsibilities in a satisfactory manner. It is really important to understand the natural difference that Nature has drawn between the aptitude of men and women. In general women are far much sensitive than the men so it’s really important for the employers who have women employees, because as compared to men women just don’t like to be bossed and given orders. But when it comes to the public administration women have to follow the orders. This leads us to think about the way and mechanism of giving orders. High ups must realize that they should not make feel their subordinates down and should be very careful and professional while issuing orders. This concept becomes more complex when the subordinate is a woman because if a manager or high rank officer makes a woman feel that she is solely bound to his order. She would definitely show some resentment which can be the violation of deadlines, compromising the quality of work or in worst case it can cause resignation of that woman employee. (Follett, 1926)

The most important factor with respect to the impact of feminism’s impact on public administration is gender discrimination. According to Maslow’s theory of human motivation, it’s a basic right of an individual to get a job regardless of the gender. But it is quite tragic that if we analyze this situation in a broader perspective, we come to know that apart from some developed countries in the west, there is huge gender discrimination in rest of the world. Even in the west when the women become the part of the system, they have to face a lot of gender discrimination that really affects their performance and also renders their management skills. (MASLOW). Apart from the way of giving orders and gender discrimination another thing that is relevant to impact of the feminism on public administration is the importance of woman as a resource of an organization. Analyzing an institution in terms of its human resource helps the organization to minimize the differences between employees and high ups. (McGregor).

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After discussing the general things that play a vital role in terms of deciding the impact of feminism on public administration, now it’s important to apply these things in a particular environment that is public administration and bureaucracy. (Krislov, 2003). Women can be good administrators if they are assigned the duties which match their capabilities and address all the differences that Nature has drawn between the men and women. In other words feminism can imparts some good impact on the public administration even if the concept of feminism is understood and conceived properly.

Integration with article from PAR

It’s been quite a while that in the developed world women are given equal chances to contribute in public administration as well. It is a fact that they are doing their responsibilities in an appropriate manner and many of the women are playing major role in the overall governance of their countries as well. West has done a fabulous job in order to empower the women empowering them with the confidence that they can be the part of government as well and can play a major role to better the overall governance of the country as well. But it’s still a need of time that rest of the world also realize this fact and provide equal chances to women in order to prove their management and administrative skills by playing their role in public administration.

The world has become a global village and now the mode of governance has also been modified to a greater extent. Most of the developed countries have realized that it’s all about devolution of power and authority in order to better the overall governance. Devolution of power involves a long series of acts but with our perspective the most important one is to give equal rights to women to serve their country. The most common example of empowering the women is to give them chances to be a part of public administration.

Inclusion of women in public administration can be a real good for the all other women in the country as it is a fact that women are much more aware of the problems of their gender and it can be useful to take their input. It is really important to make sure the devolution of power in order to better the governance because it is the need of time as world is evolving at a really faster pace. Hence, the role of government becomes very crucial as it has to take some steps in order to empower all the communities of society in some way. One of the most common ways of doing that is to encourage the inclusion of women in public administration.

Case Study

How gender affects women’s status in public administration?

The case study is relevant to all the discussion done in above sections. It is really important to perceive the effects of gender discrimination on the performance of women who are playing their role in public administration in different capacities. Although west has done a remarkable job in terms of perishing the negative effects of gender discrimination but still there can be found a significant number of women complaining about the gender discrimination in public administration. Most of them complained that gender discrimination caused their performance to decrease and eventually they felt retarded. They said that throughout their professional career, they have faced a lot of gender discrimination. This shows that women in the west are also facing the curse of gender discrimination and that too in the public administration that is really crucial for any country and society.

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It is really important that a workplace should be depolarized and appreciates the both men and women. (Schumacher, 2009) It becomes even more important when it comes to public administration as negative effects of gender discrimination do not only affect the women but eventually they impart bad impact on the whole society as well. Public administration is related to public affairs and all the officials related to this sort of work should be focused only on their work. But when the employees will face issues like gender discrimination, it would be a tragic situation for the whole society. Gender discrimination creates a trust deficit among the women involved in public administration and eventually they are just unable to fulfill their duties in an appropriate manner.

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