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The High School The Car Crash Story English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 2280 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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With everything that was going on in this high school girl’s life, it seemed to her to be a very bad living nightmare. The rain was so cold and blinding as she was driving herself and some friends to their high school prom. Amy car went to the centerline and they hit a semi head on. The last thing Amy could remember doing is screaming “Lord bless me”. The wind blew through the broken car window as if there was a storm coming; Amy could barely notice the chill of the wind. The sun was about to set behind the tall autumn trees that were so bare, they seemed to look like they were clawing at her as she was frantically trying to get out of that mangled car. She could hear and feel heart pounding loudly because everything so still with no sound at all anywhere. She thought to herself that her heart was going to burst with all the fear she was feeling. Glancing to the left and to the right trying to find her friends with only that light from the big yellow round moon. Just as she was trying to look to see her friend, same very big black storm clouds drifted across the moon like a sheet of paper covering a book like in school. Then everything went black, and she was not able to find or see anything at all.

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At only sweet sixteen Amy just thought that she was going to die in her candy apple red car that she just got for her birthday. She kept hearing some sounds that she thought to be screams from a girl she was not able to hear which way these sounds were coming from. She felt like there were jolts of fear and pain that were running though her body. Panic started to kick in and she let she mind start playing games with her. She seem to panic more because all her friends where no place around her that she could see or feel. The smell of blood started to fill the air and then started to ripple down her face. Tears started to fall from them blue big deep blue eyes has she tried to scream for help. There seem to be no one that could hear her.

Daddy, daddy she screams out but still no one would answer her screams for help. Please, god let me live and please let someone find me out here in these deep dark woods. After she was done talking to her god, she tried to get out of the car again only to find out that she was pinned on the driver side front end the car. Panic fueled her again. Cause she could not hardly move.

Just then, she closed her eyes to rethink what had happened but to see that she could not figure it out. The only thing that she could see in her mind was the semi that hit them. She tried to see if the truck was still there but the truck hit and ran. The trucker did not ever stop and check on us she says to herself. She tried to feel for her cell phone stretching her blood cover arm as far as she could so she could call for help. She was in so much pain but she wanted to help herself and her friends if she could.

She then felt something like a person, She yelled out “Sara is that you”? Getting no response, she knows her friend died in that car on their way to the prom. She tried to wiggle her body little by little to get from under the car but was only in more pain.

Just then, she had seen a very big bolt of lightning that seemed to slice the sky as if it was a slice of cheese. Just then, the smell of rain comes to her. The rain seemed too poured down in sheets, the rain was so wet and cold.

The lighting seemed to last to her what seemed to be a lifetime. After a few big strikes of lighting she thought she seen a person walking her way. Then the lighting strikes again and that t time she did see someone.

“Amy is that you” She heard her friend Tiffany yelling for her. Amy yelling for help her friend was able to find her. As her friend starts to try and help her, she sees that their other three friend were died laying by a tree like an old rag doll that some just thrown out like trash.

She went back to Amy to tell her that everyone else were gone. They started to cry and worries if anyone would ever came and help them. Tiffany’s leg was broken but she tried and tried to help her friend as much as she could.

Amy asked Tiffany if she could find any of the cells phones lying around. Tiffany started to look around and then she heard a very loud scream and crash as the car rolls over aging pinning in Amy even more this time the car was on her chest.

Tiffany comes running over trying to turn the car back over but was afraid she would kill her best friend. Amy she calls out but they was no answer,” Amy” Tiffany calls again still there was nothing but the sound of rain.

Tiffany has already lost three friends and she did not want to lose one more so she told herself you need to work though the pain of your leg and go get help. Therefore, she told Amy that she would be back for her with help. “Amy just hold on,” she yells as she leaves her friends side.

Tiffany was not able to spear not even a second if she wanted to help her friend so she looked for any one that she could find to help them. She look for what seemed to be hours to her and was not able to find any houses or any cars to help her and her friend.

Therefore, she went back to Amy to check on her but Amy still did not answer her calls. Tiffany then sees a cell phone laying in a muddy spot and tried to make a call. The tries to call her mom but there was no answer. Tiffany also tries to call the police she was able to get them but as soon as she was able to say hello the phone shuts off and she starts to cry.

She went on looking for the other cells phone and she only finds one. She tries to make a call but the phone was so breaking it did not work. Therefore, she went back looking for help. Just then, she sees a barn or something like that with lights on. She starting yelling please help me! Please help me! There was nothing so she tried to get closer but the pain of her leg was too much.

She got on her hands and knees and started to the barn where she had seen the lights. She gets closer to the barn and yells, “Please help me! Just then, she heard the voice of two men asking, “where are you’? Tiffany yells over here please help me.

Just then, she fined that there are two men standing in front of her asking what is wrong sweetie, what happened. She tries to tell them that she don’t know all she knows is that three of her friends are dead and the other one is under the car .

The men ask her where the car was Tiffany told them about five miles in back of her. So older man went to her crash site and the other took Tiffany to their house and called for help. He told his wife what was going on and told her to stay with Tiffany until help comes. Then he goes to finds where his dad id to help in any way until help gets there.

The man gets to car and he sees the scene of the car crash and tries to look for the girls that were thrown from the car. As he is looking for then his son comes to help him. They find the three girls and lay their liverless body under a big pine tree. Then they go to the car to see the other girl with the car on top of her. They call out her name and nothing. The older man tries to see if she was alive and finds out that, she has a slow pulse but was not able to speak.

They wanted to help the girl they just did not want to cause any more preambles for the girl. So they sat there with her until help come. It seemed forever to the men before help come but just then help got there. The men tried to tell them bit and pieces what they thought happen. They told them that there were three dead girls laying under the pine tree and that there is a girl pinned under the car.

The men also told them there was another girl at their home that is in need of help also. The men went back on their way to their house to get the other girl. The medical and police bagged up the dead girls and put them in the van. Then they started to help Amy, they tried to talk to her but Amy did not respond at all.

They tried several times to roil the car in the different direction to get it for of her. Just then, the car rolled back on its wheels and Amy was free. They got her put and in the ambulance and on her way to the hospital.

About that time the men came carrying Tiffany in their arms to the other ambulance where she also went to the hospital it get the help that she needed also.

The police told the men thanks for being there with these girls and for everything that they did and tried to do for the girls. Then men told them that is was not problem they just wished they could of know early and maybe all the girls would if lived.

The men then went back to their house to follow them to the hospital so they could be there for the two living girls and to be there for their patens when they come.

Tiffany checked out ok she just had a broken leg and was a little shacking up but was ok. She wanted to know how her friend Amy was but no one would tell her anything. Just then, she felt a hand on her shoulder to see the men that saved her and her friend. She hugged them both and started to cry. They told her “everything is going to be ok you parents will be here soon”.

Tiffany and Amy parents got their and wanted to know everything that happened. Nevertheless, no one really knows what had happen. The other girls parents go there to hear that their daughters were killed in the crash, and that they had to id there dead bodies.

Just then, the doctor came out and told Amy’s parents that their daughter was out of surgery and was doing well but it was still touch and go with her. They asked, “Can we see her”? The doctor told them just for a few she is about to go in for another surgery cause of pressure in her brain. Her parents and Tiffany went in to see her laying there as if she was just sleeping. They all started to cry and kissed her as they wheeled her back in to surgery.

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A few hours went by and the doctor came back out, and told Amy parents “she did well in surgery we stopped the bleeding in her brain and lungs and that she is going to be in ICU for a while but she is going to be ok”. They told the doctor “Thank you so much, and when they can see their daughter”. Any time he said.

The men that found and helped the girls come over and told them that they are happy that Amy is going to be ok. Amy patens thank the men and ask if they could do anything for them for helping the girls. Of course, the men said no, we are just happy we could help them.

After a few weeks in the hospital, Amy was able to leave. When they got home, my parents could her everything that had happen because she did remember a thing a thing from that night. She was so sad to learn that her friend died that night on the way to the prom, but she never did blame herself because she never wanted to think that something she did killed her friends.

That spring her and Tiffany did graduate from high school and moved on with their plans going to the same college and being friends forever. However, there is never a day they do not think about the night that changed their lives forever.

The end

Jill Hannah One page explanation

231 Belle Ave

Washington Ch, Ohio 43160

I would have to say after ready this chapter and writing my short fiction story that many of the different styles and techniques were some that was talked about in the chapter. I would have that there was a conflict and a setting and there was also a very well thought-out plot to my story. I thought that the story was very clear and you were able to really get what the story was about. I thought that you were able to understand the story conflicts and what the person in the story was really going thought.

I thought that I was able to make you understand what the first person in the story. I thought with first person that you were able to get the story in that person sense of the story. I thought that I did include many of the details in the story as I could to draw you in to the story as you read it.

I do not think that my story follows the unreliable narrator style because it does not have a character in it that you do not trust. I think in my story that you could trust everyone in it. I think that it is ways of the reader to not only observe the actions of the story but to really seeing the story in others parts then the first person point of view.

When it comes to the style of having a third person, I think that my story is very limited in my story. I think this because it shows that the story is mainly about the driver of the car and not the rest of the girls that were with her at the time.

When it comes to the objection of my story I would have to say that it follows very well because of the one charter that really don’t do much but calls for help and watches over one of the girls in the story. I did think that the objection did make the story good and made for a great impact in the story… because you never know if things would turn around for these poor girls in my story.

I would have to say that the audience was able to interpret many of the actions and words of each of the characters in a very directly way. I thought that you were able to see many of the point of views also in each and what they were feeling in the story and how the story meant to them.


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