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Synopsis Of Bold Girls

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 796 words Published: 18th Apr 2017

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Bold Girls is a play set in war -torn West Belfast about the lives of Four women, Marie, Nora,Cassie and Deidre, Although their men have been killed or imprisoned for their political activities, everyday life must go on this play shows the everyday struggles. A disturbing young girl named Cassie appears with cruel stories suddenly threatens Marie’s carefully structured widowhood.

Characters in Bold Girls

These four women are connected to each other in some surprising ways.

Marie – Is a friend of the two women and in some way always there to comfort them. She is the soft one, who is holding onto the memory of her dead husband Michael, they married at seventeen. “. Marie reveals her depth of feeling for the man, and how she feels she was so lucky to be married to Michael, through her soliloquy about her wedding day:”Now it seemed certain that the Brits and the road block would lose me Michael forever”

Marie is a very cheerful character and someone you would not expect needed to hide from anything. She told her children lies to protect them from the thing’s there father did. She loved him more than life. (p79) “I didn’t want him to leave. I loved him. I can’t throw that away even now I loved him.”

(p72) Marie is devastated when she finds out he has been with Cassie. “Hell isn’t deep enough for you Cassie Ryan” “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!” But she still protects his memory. For the sake of her children.

(p73) “Your daddy was a good man and a brave man and he did his best he could he’s in heaven watching out for you.” Marie is a hardworking mother if it means licking envelopes to pay her bill and put food on the table that’s what she will do.

Nora -Is a middle aged women who was very old fashioned she didn’t think there was anything wrong about the comment’s she made about Jodie Foster being raped. (P6)”I’m not saying she deserved it, mind, but she should’ve knowing better.” Nora has been living with war-torn conditions for a very long time. She has her own ways of coping and enjoying life, the only worry’s she has is dreaming of way’s to get money for the yards of remnant to make her house nicer. Her Daughter is Cassie they don’t seem to get on very well.

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Cassie -Nora’s daughter Cassie’s husband Joe is in jail, put there by the British Police. Cassie is a very down to earth character She seems more interested in how she looks. She dreams of getting out of Ireland altogether, even if it means leaving her children behind. (p64)I’ll see where I get to. I’m telling you though I’m not going to be one of those that go out on one boat and come home on the next with their luck all spent. I’m leaving Mummy. “

She has secrets that are not very nice. Which we find out involves Michael Donnelly. She enjoys picking fights with her mum and Marie this is because of her secret. The secret that she had been hiding for four years she had betrayed her friend and slept with Marie’s husband Michael. However it wasn’t her fault. Michael was leading her on and knowing Cassie she couldn’t resist the temptation. All she wanted in life was excitement and Michael gave it to her at the cost of her friend (p71)”Michael was a window just a bit of excitement you know? He was exciting, Michael….

Deidre -Is a young stranger, whose connection to them all is revealed in painful ways, she was a thief who wants attention. The remnant that Nora is wanting so much she rips to shreds, The money that Nora hid behind Marie’s beloved photo of Michael that takes pride and place in her living room was stolen, so she buy chips and a drinks (p73) “I brought your money back there’s a fiver gone on chips and drinks.” she’s destructive she is being beating by her mother’s boyfriend but she tells Marie that some boys wanted her to get in their car. (p73) “Just these fellas up the club they wanted me to go in their car it’s just bruised.”

Deidre is young she wants’ to know her dad. She had been following him before he died and see’s him kissing Cassie. She’s so angry she wants’ to hurt Marie. (p77)”Deirdre hurls the cloths at her. She snatches the knife out of the chair and waves it at Marie. She advances on her slowly. This is because she believes that Marie isn’t being honest with her about Michael. Marie just feels so sorry for Deidre she doesn’t judge her. There seems to be a bond at the end of the play with Marie and Deidre.


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