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Summary Of The Village By The Sea English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 4528 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The story starts with a girl named Lila walking on the beach while thinking about her miserable life and admiring everything around her. Lila was the eldest of three kids. She had two younger sisters and a year younger brother. Lila wasn’t like any other kid; she dropped out of school and worked to provide money for her family (same thing for his brother Hari). They had a sick mother who was to week to move and a father who did nothing but sleep and get drunk. Hari (Lila’s brother) was working one day on the fields when a friend of his stopped by and began talking about the factories that were going to be built in their village. These factories will facilitate everything. Hari thought that maybe he might get a chance of working there. But how to work in a factory when he’s not even educated. Lila and Hari talked about their family situation and the fact that they are running out of money and no one knew what else to do.

The chapter continues as Bella and Kamal came back from school and when to the beach to collect Molluscs for dinner. At the beach there were mothers, grandmothers and kids working with love unlike Bella and Kamal. People there started gossiping about the rich family as they walked by. They talked about their innumerable fishes and boats.

Pinto the dog has been introduced to the story. The narrator talked about his story and how did he become a part of Lila’s family. Pinto was a village man’s puppy (the man was also named pinto). When the man disappeared and left his puppy’s behind, Kamal picked the weakest one of all and took it home.


Chapter two.

The Chapter started with Lila who was at the market going to buy some home supplies with the money that she had. A new character got introduced to the story, her name is Mina she is Lila’s friend and it seemed that she doesn’t live under poor and miserable conditions like Lila, her family seems richer we saw that when Mina went to the market with Lila and she bought hair products and many other things she didn’t seem to care that much about the money that she spent. In the mean while Biju’s boat was being built and thanks to Lila and Mina’s conversation the reader now knows that he is rich because he was a smuggler.

A conversation between Kamal, Bella and Hari was held… Hari was talking to his sisters how rich people were smuggler and he clarified that all he wants is to become rich even if it means going away or even becoming a smuggler himself.

The DaSilva’s are a very rich family from Bombay who had bought a house by the sea in Thul. They came every now and then to spend time near the sea. Hari was very busy since their arrival because Mr.DaSilva charged him of some chores and he paid him (That means that when they came Hari kind of had a temporary job). Even Lila was in charge of house work, she swept the floors, cleaned around, tidied up the place… They seemed nice they even gave Bella and Kamal some old toys and sweets. When they were about to leave, Mr.DaSilva asked Hari if his father might be interested of getting a job as guarding there house, but sadly when he met him he insulted him and refused to give him the job because of his drunken attitude and lifestyle.

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Harry was very affected and disappointed with the conversation and the insulation of Mr.DaSilva. He went to have a walk and there he met a man whom had a talk with about the factories that were being built. This man was responsible of the factories and started talking about how big they will be even bigger than the ones near the city. I think he made it clear that he won’t let the unemployed of Thul work there because they were uneducated… Hari was kind of discouraged and he went back home.

In the end of the chapter Lila, Bella and Kamal were sitting all together near the fire in the dark, the looked sad and gloomy. But Why?


Chapter three:

In the ending of chapter two, Hari walked in on his sisters and found them in a gloomy mood and they seemed unhappy. This chapter is the explanation of the reason of their sadness and their apprehensive attitude. It all started one morning when Lila found her mother worse than what she had been and realized that something was wrong, she had very high fever. Lila was hopeless and didn’t know what to do; she barely had any money to call a doctor (they lived far away probably in the city) or even take her to the hospital. So the only think she thought of was sending her younger sisters next door to ask their neighbor if she could help their mother. But their ironic and sadist neighbor sent them instead to a magic man to help getting the evil spirits away from their mother. Later that evening with harry not back Lila, Kamal and Bella were scourges because of the past events and it got even worst when one of the three drunken brothers junctured and came over to ask for money brusquely.   He frightened them and mocked them (when Lila told him she had no money and he was ironic about it “Like father, like daughter. A family of liars, no goods” page 85). But his mother who was their next door neighbor interfered and made him go away. 


Chapter four.

The chapter starts with Hari who was walking around the village to get his mother ice, when witnessed (along with a couple of villagers) a vague, rude and discouraging conversation between Biju and a city man. Biju’s boat was almost ready to go out and start sailing in the wide open sea until an unknown city man came and told him that Thul was useless and fish are shrinking and if he wanted to catch some fish he would have to take his boat and sail far away because there was no fish anymore on their land. The reader knows little about that strange man, but the narrator identifies some traits like the fact that he worked and was kind of in charge of the factories that were being built. He also knew a lot about the future of Thul he even shared it with Biju and the people who were surrounding him (like that they would have to sell their land so that the government can build many factories and there is nothing the villagers can do about because no one will listen…). When Hari got back from getting the ice for his mother he heard screams and shouts from their hut, it was his sisters. They were crying and wailing loudly because their dog pinto had been poisoned. The girls believe that it was their neighbor (one of the three drunken brothers) who is in charge of their dog’s death “he’s the one that poisoned him”; because when passed by the other day he threatened them of killing their dog (taking revenge) if they did not pay the money their father owed him. At last the chapter closes with Hari who is sick of the misery that is surrounding him. He decided to run away and never coming back to Thul. 


Chapter five.

Biju’s boat was ready to be launched and everyone in the village was waiting for the tide so they could start sailing it. In the meanwhile men of the village were headed to Bombay to protest and try to save their land by make an agreement. Not much happened in this chapter in Thul only Biju’s boat was waiting for the tide to come up and it seemed that it wasn’t coming up soon. They waited and Biju was furious, eager and impatient. And unluckily the tide didn’t come up as high as he wanted so that he can lunch his boat. So the only thing he thought of was starting the engines manually and they didn’t give up easily “precisely Biju” they kept on trying several times. After many days of working and trying it finally started and sailed thanks to Biju who was always angry because of his workers failure of starting the boat. Hari’s friends noticed that he wasn’t around for the few days and no one knew where he was. But the narrator identified in the end of the Chapter that he ran away as he wanted, far away from Thul.  


Chapter six

Page 108 to 126:

The chapter starts with Hari reaching Rewas and from there he took a bus with strangers who were heading in his same direction and went to Bombay. On his way he was hungry, confused and anxious each minute he got closer to Bombay. He didn’t expect that they would be many people going there to protest; even Adarkar the organizer from Alibagh stood at the head of the stairs guiding the crowd so they won’t lose each other in this big city filled with people. Farmers, fishermen shouted and sang with their commandments and Adarkar didn’t stop reminding them why they come all this way for. Hari didn’t stop questioning himself if he was ready for this new life and he didn’t know if by coming to Bombay and leaving his family behind he had done something wrong. He was confused.

Bombay was a surprise for Hari, he didn’t imagine it that busy and crowded. He couldn’t believe their busy lifestyle and the cars, busse, taxis that he saw. The author identified the fact that Hari doesn’t know much about the city when he saw the traffic lights and didn’t know what to do. Even the policeman mocked him and claimed that he should come back from where he came from because the government won’t listen to their commands.

Hari made a new friend whose name is Mahe. Mahe seems like villager as well who came to fight for his rights. He’s the one who told Hari not to stop because they had to go to the Kala Ghoda, The black Horse.

Three men gave speeches in a censure of a square to help these villagers fight for their village, rights and stop the factories from getting built. The first one was Sayyid Ali who gave a remarkable speech and seemed like he truly wanted to save the village and prevent the factories from getting built. The second man didn’t give a convenient speech and even the listeners were glad when his short speech was over. The last one to give the speech was their leader Adarkar who got the highest cheers because he was one of them and truly wanted to save every one of them’s rights.

Page 127 to 131:

The second part of this chapter the author takes us back to the Hut in Thul. Lila was totally surprised when her brother didn’t come home for so long and she was worried and wondering why. She didn’t want to believe that he ran away, she knew that he was somewhere around the village. The hut was empty and it was lonely without Hari and Pinto. Lila needed Hari’s help so badly because she was in charge of everything. When she sent her sisters to get some ice for their sick mother they bumped into Mina who told them that Raju was informed that Hari was in Bombay participating in the petition. As soon as they heard they went over to tell Lila the news she couldn’t believe that her brother ran away and left them.

The chapter ends with Lila informing her sisters that The De Silvas were back. 


Chapter seven.

Hari was lost and didn’t know what to do in Bombay. For hours he wandered around the Black Horse, not daring to leave because he had no other place to go. Everything was strange around him, even the people themselves weren’t trust worthy and amiable. He had a conversation with a coconut seller who seemed to Hari strong, wise and admirable but as soon as he walked away from him another strange man came and warned him about him and saying that he is a killer. Hari was afraid from the square and from a distance he saw something that looked familiar to him and made him feel homesick “The Sea”.Hari walked along between the sea and the buildings. There he saw happy families eating, playing and having fun and remembered something that could help him get along in Bombay. He had the De Silvas address all along in his pocket.

Hari went to ask for direction and the man who indicated the way assured him in an ironic way that this place was royal and only rich people live there. It was night when he found the building “Seabird”. It was nothing he expected and other people lived there. It was very crowded and when Hari finally found the apartment the door man answered in a very rude way (he informed him that the De Silvas were in Thul, that they had enough servants and are not in need for Hari’s help) and slammed the door at his face.

Hira Lal, the watchman of Seabird saw Hari confused and lost without somewhere to go. He proposed to help and took him to his friend Jagu. Jagu gave him food and somewhere to sleep. 



Chapter Eight.

From page 145 to 151:

Hari stayed at Jagu’s restaurant cheap restaurant called “The Sri Krisna eating house”. It wasn’t welcoming and Hari didn’t feel welcomed but in the same time it was so cheap even a beggar could afford it and he had nowhere else to go. Hari ate and slept there and the next morning Jagu gave him more food. Hari proposed to pay his meals by working the kitchen because he had no money. Jagu accepted his proposal and made him work with two other young boys in return free meals and one rupee.

Hari started his work immediately along with the two other boys who weren’t friendly and didn’t talk at all with him. They had endless work and it was very hot. Hari met an old man who worked at the store next door. The old man told him about the story of the two boys who worked with Jagu. There were orphans and their parents died in a train accident. As soon as he heard his story he decided to write his family a letter informing them about his situation and how’s he doing. But he did not tell when where he is or when is he coming back.

From page 152 to 164:

Back in Thul, Lila and her sisters were helping the De Silvas settling in and getting everything tidy. The cook asked about Hari because he needs his help during the month that they’ll be staying in. Lila told him that she will do the work instead of him and her sisters will help as well.

The next day the De Silvas were in need of more bread so Mr. De Silva was going to drive to Alibagh. Hearing this Lila dropped everything and went to ask him for a favor of taking her mother and driving her to the hospital because she’s getting weaker and weaker. Mr. De Silva accepted and took her mother to the hospital and talked to the doctor and nurses. The doctor said that her mother will be needing time to get better and that they should come back later. Lila had no option but leaving her there and when she came back next week she found her better and awake. For the first time the reader saw Lila’s father caring about something.  When he heard that his wife was in the hospital he flipped and insisted on going and staying with her. For the first time Lila found him sober and not drunk, he accompanied his wife during her stay in the hospital. Lila was supposed to be working for the Da Silva in return of her mother’s medicines and hospital care but they were so generous and told her that she will be having a salary so that she and her sister can get what they need. They even gave her father some money to buy food so that he could look after his wife without being tiered. And also after they leave they will make her work at their friend’s house.  

The chapter closes with Bella and Kamal shouting with joy and informing Lila that they heard from Hari. 


Chapter nine.

The work was not easy in the firelit kitchen of the Sri Krishna Eating House. Hari worked the hole and he was always tiered and didn’t get any sleep. In Bombay the weather was very hot and humid and that cause Hari’s lack of sleep and tiredness. Hari even slept in the park because of the kitchen’s poor conditions and very hot weather that kept him from sleeping.  Jagu kept his promise and offered Hari food and one rupee in return of his work. Also the watchmaker Mr.Panwallah was always here to advice Hari. He offered Hari extra work with a salary in his shop and told him that he’s going to make a watchmaker out if him.

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Back in Thul, the De Silvas were packing and getting ready to leave. Lila, Bella and Kamal were helping getting things in order. Her mum was still in the hospital and Mr. De Silva told Lila that she will be staying there for a while. Her father who seemed like a new person was still accompanying his wife and thanks to Mr. De Silva who was always there with financial support they had money to afford their mother’s stay in the hospital and even had a lot of rice, tea, rice and more in their hut.

The De Silvas friend came before they left and settled in. Now Lila and her sisters had no one to look after or take care of so they were all his. They cooked; swept, made sure he ate his meals… The visitor seems weird and doesn’t stop observing the nature and birds. Bella and Kamal assumed that he was studying birds but they never talked with him because he seemed like a loner and didn’t like company. His name was Sayyiid Ali Shahib, even thought he was strange and hard to read, he seemed like a nice man. He gave Bella and Kamal money to buy sweets and paid Lila a salary in return of her work.

Now that money was possible everything was getting better and better for Lila and her family. They didn’t have many conflicts as they used to have. 


Chapter ten:

From page 181 to page 197:

Hari was in Bombay still working in Jagu’s restaurant when the monsoon came. It was in June, the clouds were dark and it was raining for week. Mr.Panwallah had been a great companion to Hari he treated him like his own son. The monsoon made life hard for people in Bombay and when the storm started everyone stayed indoors because everything was flooded.

Work was still very hard on Hari he was always tiered because Jagu didn’t give them some time off and the work was doubled. The young boy felt imprisoned in the restaurant and had nowhere to go. He couldn’t sleep in the park because it was raining and he didn’t have a family even Mr.Panwallah was sick and his shop was closed so Hari didn’t have any company.

One night Jagu sensed Hari’s sickness and misery when he was sitting in the floor alone looking out of the window while coughing and proposed to take him home with him to spend the night and offer him medicine.

Now Hari had never seen where Jagu lived, he didn’t even know much about him. But for his big surprise he discovered that he was living as well under poor circumstances and his house was made out of tin-can, rag and plastic sheets. When Hari entered the house he found the floor covered with mud and the rain was splashing in from the walls and the ceiling. Jagu’s Family was huddled on a string bed; their belongings were in cardboard boxes…

Hari was unwelcomed by Jagu’s wife. She kept on screaming and yelling that bringing Hari was wrong because they couldn’t afford a guest. When she pulled up a fight with Jagu he left the house and went to Toddy to get drunk. Hari was left helpless there and didn’t know what to do, but the next morning he left because he knew that there was no room for him there.

The following day the watchman from the tall building called Seabird, came to inform Hari that the De Silvas were back and he might have a chance of getting a better job if he goes and meets them. But Hari was confused and didn’t know what to do or whether to go or not.

Page 181 to 203:

Lila and her sisters were doing fine. When the monsoon came they stayed at home. Their father stopped drinking and was always stayed by his wife’s side in the hospital. Thanks to the gentleman who was still around even in the monsoon season and employed Lila and gave her money she could afford her house supplies and more.

In Thul the fishermen could not stay at home without working and fishing so one day they took their boats and went into the sea even if it was wild and there was a storm coming. They neglected Biju’s and went fishing. Unluckily the boats that sailed in this bad weather were lost for four days and thanks to Biju who informed the navy and coastguards they were able to save some of them, but sadly three died because of the sinking of their boats.  

The chapter ends with Lila, Bella and Kamal talking about how much they miss Hari and that they hope for his comeback. 


Chapter eleven.

Mr.Panwallah and Hari were having a conversation at his apartment talking about the fact that Hari shouldn’t worry, he’s going to go back home to his village soon when the monsoon is over and the ferry start sailing again. When the watchmaker didn’t go to his shop Hari decided to stop by and visit him in his tiny apartment. They had a long conversation about everything that had been going on and at the end they concluded that Hari shouldn’t have left his village in the first place and as soon as the weather changes and coconut day comes Hari will leave the city. When he came back to the restaurant to inform Jagu his boss, Jagu begged him to stay until the Diwali and then leave so that he could hand over the job to his brother. Hari accepted and even looked at it as a way to stay and learn some more from his old friend Mr.Panwallah who promised to teach him as much “fixing watches skills” as he could so that one day he would have a business of his own.

Coconut day came and everyone was out celebrating kids were running around, families were having picnics even Hari and Mr.Panwallah were among these crowds heading to Chowpatty with a green coconut carrying it to the sea as an offering to it at the end of the season of storms, in thanksgiving for its safe end. Hari had never seen anything like this and he was totally amused and excited to witness such a thing.  Mr.Panwallah was being a very kind friend, he knew that Hari was saving all his money for his sisters so he was the one who paid for him everything.

After staying in Bombay for a while Hari was becoming a real city boy. 


Chapter twelve.

After Jagu and Mr.Panwallah bought Hari a ticket to join the buss, he was finally back home. It was very hard to say goodbye to the friends he had made in Bombay and he even promised to keep in touch and send postcards. When Hari to Thul he went directly to his tent that bought him a lot memories and things he had forgotten. Lila went out with hurry as soon as she heard him calling their names, she was sure that he would be back home by this time. They had a lot to talk about, like Hari’s new plans, Lila’s mother being in the hospital, Mr.Sayiid who was employing Lila and gave her money…

While eating Bela and Kamal arrived home and they were filled with hubbub when they saw their brother. He gave them the present that he has gotten them from Bombay and told them the story of his journey and hard work and that’s where he got his money from. The girls were surprised when they knew that his brother learnt how to repair watches and that he is planning on being the first watchmaker…

Now the family had the money they needed and went out to buy fish for dinner. They still had a lot to talk about. Hari told the girls about everything that happened in Bombay and what he is willing to do with the money he’s got now. His plans excited the girls so much. The girls told him about the De Silvas generosity and how they helped their mother. Hari who feared the news about his father was surprised to know that he wasn’t drinking anymore…

Diwali was next morning and their mother will be coming back home. 


Chapter 13:

On Diwali morning, Hari left his sisters to prepare for their mother’s homecoming. He set off to Alibagh because the doctors said that she would be coming home on that day. On his way there Hari met Ramu and he gave Hari a lift. When they were on the road the young men talked about their updates and what was new.

When Hari arrived to the hospital, he met his father who hugged him and welcomed him. When it was time to go in and see his mum, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Hari couldn’t even recognize his mum because she grew better and was much stronger than last time he saw her. She was so happy that he finally came home.

Back in the Hut, the girls were getting ready for their mother’s arrival, the prepared everything and placed everything in order.

When their mum came home they all sat around the fire, sharing stories and enjoying their time. For the first time their father talked about the past and how sorry he was for the past and how he was incharge of every bad thing that happened including Pinto’s death.

Since Hari’s arrival he wanted to go and meet Sayiid-Alisahib who was very nice to his sisters when he was away. HE recognized him from Bombay and they kept on talking about Hari’s future and how he had everything planned. And Sayid even gave Hari his watch to repair (it was the first watch that he repaired since his arrival).

When he came back home Hari took his sisters to the Race on the beach. There everyone was celebrating, playing, enjoying their time, watching the race. And while walking on the beach for the first time enjoying everysecond without worrying about anything, they saw a beautiful lady walking towards them with flowers in her hands. And for their surprise it was their mother


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