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Romeo And Juliet Is Just A Tale Of Hatred English Literature Essay

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To half the extent is what I believe the fact that its is a passionate tale of hatred and violence rather than tell a love story to what ectent is this true, I think actually it is more about love serious and how violence is involved in it. Shakespearee used it because it creates a great contrast such as the fact I it is love and its exact oppoistie hate. It is equally reuired in Romeo and Juiliet because this is what provides the contrast, the violence and hatred accentuates the love story. The play actually begins with a prologue, even in the prologue the metion of ancienty grudge between two families comes before the star crossed lover bit, pg 18.

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Shakespeare’s renowned play Romeo and Juliet is about a malevolent feud fuelled by an “ancient grudge” tangled with a tragic story about two young lovers. Although his purpose in creating the construct is completely debateable, it was (PROBABLY) created to enthral the audiences’ minds with drama by exploiting and exploring themes of violence and hatred and love. While both aspects had a strong influence in the play, the theme of violence and hatred was used to a greater extent. He emphasises this importance by using it frequently throughout the play.

In the prologue, Shakespeare talks about violence before love but he also seemed to mention a lot about their love compared to violence. The violence and hatred accentuates the love story . Even though there are mention and actions of love scattered around the mention of “a fued caused by an ancient grudge between two families” comes before the “star crossed” lover bit, this could be sign that Shakespeare wanted to introduce violence first into the play and also make it a key point, pg 18. (FIX QUOTE)

The first scene begins with a quarrel, this emphasises the importance of violence in the play. It also shows that in Shakespeare’s construct he wanted to put violence and hatred before love. (QOUTE NEEDED) The quarrel eventually escalates into a public brawl resulting in injuries and death. pg 25 – 26.

This shows a jokey type of hatred where a simple and stupid quarrel quickly escalates into public brawl resulting in injuries and death. This shows the stupid nature of quarrels and hatred. Shakespeare probably had this to show the audience another perspective of violence.

Act 2 Scene 2: scene 2: The whole scene is a love scene where they exchange their vows of love towards each other and they agree to marry each other. this is scene which has the most essence of love in the whole play. (But not real love more like infatuation like thing). pg 57 – 60. in this scene a great complication is introduced to the feud. Two rivalling familes have people falling in love with each other. This love is sure to cause more problems. here Shakespeare uses love to accentuate his story about violence and hatred while also exploring another theme (love). He shows that love is very undescriptive and crazy. And people do foolish things when they are in love.

Act 3 scene 1: Full of violence and anger. It has Physical manifestations of anger and hatred and the ultimate level of violence and revenge two deaths. pg 83 – 85. After Tybalt enter 21 – 35 tells about how Mercutio winds Tybalt up and wants to fight him. Romeo then enters and there is the incident of refusal considered as insults and Mercutio fights lines 35 – 60. Then Mercutio dies to take revenge Romeo gets and allows himself to be completely controlled by fury and ends up in violence. lines 85 – 97. This shows the dark side of violence and revenge caused (initiated) fury (hatred). It also means the love was there so more violence could be created. It seems Shakespeare is using love to create violence and that love can unintentionally create violence.

ACT 5:

Scne 3 : part 1

Mercutio and rome fight and paris dies. lines 35 – 55. pg 141.

talk about love and death rome drinkis poison. pg 142. .

This again proves one thing Shakespeare uses love as a method to accentuate and increase the effectivity of the violence and hatred displayed by either causing the it by love or by increasing its consequences or intensity by adding the factor of love into the play. The also shows how violent love can be. It also explores and different type of love than what we saw earlier in act 2 scene 2. Here we see deadly/fatal love.

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Shakespeare’s main purpose in Romeo and Juliet is to tell a passionate tale of hatred and violence rather than tell a love story. This purpose was imminent throughout the play. Although violence and hatred was used to a greater extent, love was still used to accentuate the violence. The complication of love almost adds an additional dimension/depth and develops interest to the story; it helps him further improve and helps him in his purpose to show to his audience a story about violence and hatred.


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