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King Duncan Was Found Dead English Literature Essay

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When news had traveled to Macbeth, Macbeth acted in anger and killed the guards who had committed these terrible crimes. Many people say Macbeth’s actions were appropriate seeing that his anger was strong. It is unclear to us as to who shall be taking over the throne. King Duncan’s two sons fled to Ireland and England as soon as news had traveled to them. By popular vote and rumor, Macbeth is in line to rule the kingdom and take the place of King Duncan.

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In the war between Norway and Scotland, there was one leader that was said to have stuck out in Kind Duncan’s mind. The hero of the battle that killed Macdonwald, the rebel leader of Norway, was Macbeth. Without Macbeth it was unknown of the true outcome of the war. King Duncan would like to formally announce his trust that has recently been put with Macbeth. King Duncan would also like to announce that due to Macbeth’s great nobility and worthiness he is to accept the offer of being Thane of Cawdor. As Macbeth takes upon him the title of Thane of Cawdor he has invited King Duncan over to his castle of Inverness for a celebration including a marvelous dining experience.

It brings sadness to relay the information that our Lady Macbeth has recently passed away. Lady Macbeth put her husband first and wanted his success more than her own. He left her behind as he continued on his bloody path. She eventually felt great guilt for her actions. It was said that as she would sleep she would speak. Words such as “Out damned spot, out, I say” were the words that left her mouth. This guilt was eating her alive so much that it affected her sleep.

Some think that it was Lady Macbeth that took her own life. The doctors had taken many visit’s to her but sadly there was nothing they could do. They said it was to be left up to a priest. Lady Macbeth was survived by her husband, King Macbeth. They were both very faithful to each other and supported each other all through her life.

Are Thou happy thou are king of Scotland?

~ To be king is nothing since I live in great fear of Banquo. His nobility sends me great fear.

– Thou says’t thous is frightened by banquo…could thou elaborate?

~ Banquo knows thou to take risks. He never stops working, he is the only person that I live in fear of.

-What is your side of the story between Banquo and the 3 witches?

~ When I was named King, Banquo headed straight to thy witches and demanded a future be told concerning him. They told him that he would begat a line of royalty.

-Does thou have any sons that will keep the family in thou throne?

~I have no line of family to follow after me. But I will not let it be so that Banquo’s line take over what I have fought for in my life and what I have given up to rule this kingdom! No, I will challenge fate. “Come fate into the list, and champion me to the’ utterance”

Many soldiers set out to fight a battle between Scotland and England. The Scotland Army led by King Macbeth. Those battling for Scotland are said to act out of duty and not love of their country or their king. Their fearless leader afraid of what is about to come. England led by Macduff has attacked the Scotland territory and taken over the Inverness of Macbeth. It has come to recent attention that Macduff, leader of England, was not born of women. When news hits King Macbeth fear starts to strike Macbeth. As Macbeth and Macduff fight, the many prophecies that were relayed to Macbeth have started to take a turn of truth. These each begin to worry Macbeth. That is until Macbeth is slain by Macduff. Macduff comes with Macbeth’s head in arm. It is not so later that Macduff has crowned himself King of Scotland thanks to his victory over King Macbeth. This news brings much excitement to those citizens of Scotland.

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Banquo and his son, Fleance, plan to set out at night on their horses. When Banquo was said to have been yelling to get some light they were suddenly attacked by three mysterious men. These men were set to kill both Banquo and Fleance but after they had taken the life of Banquo, Fleance took his father’s advice and ran to save himself from any danger. When news traveled back to Macbeth, the fear grew. Macbeth knew that having Fleance alive still, gave the chance for Fleance to take over the Kingdom of Scotland like said in the beginning by the three witches. The death of Banquo brought sudden quandary to citizens and those that were in the Invervness of Macbeth. Though many still wonder, Fleance has not been found since the killing of his father.

Macbeth, We sees’t thou as a ruler, as a King of Scotland. You will be happy with your life and you will as well be Thane of Cawdor and Glauis. This is no trick we are playing on you. What we see will come true thou must let it.

Bloody Child- No one shall harm Macbeth as long as they are born of a woman. Our great King Macbeth, thou won’t be harmed and thou are safe. But we must warn you. Beware of Macduff. He has potential to be rather dangerous. If thou sees’t an Armed head, get to safety, thou wilt not be safe near Macduff. Until the forest shall move forth and besiege you, you shall rule in the kingdom of Scotland over all the Scots.

Banquo, you as well will be happy. You may not be king but your sons shall make you proud and bring royal to your blood. Banquo for we have looked into the seeds of time and we see the grain growing. We speak, and we speak it be of Macbeth!

On August 25, 1030, after much chaos and the innumerable killings has come to an end. Macbeth has been slain by Macduff, the Thane of Fife. Macbeth was lost in the battle against the ally led by Prince Malcolm, who is going to succeed the throne very soon as the king. The worthy Macbeth, was a brave warrior and very favored by the past, King Duncan. It is he for whom the Scots achieved victory in the terrible war against the Norwegians. Nonetheless, it was Macbeth who killed Duncan with his own hand. It was Macbeth who is responsible for the death of Banquo, Lady Macduff and the innocent son of hers. More than that his ambition made him so greedy that he was influenced by the the three witches led by the head witch, Hecate. He lost the sense of humanity and morality out of his greed. And, at the end, he has reaped what he sew. This man will remain alive as a legend, not as a famous or virtuous one, but as a notorious brutal tyrant. He was survived by his very influencing wife, Lady Macbeth. Thus is the finishing of the life of Macbeth

This band includes one Minstrel of King Macbeth and a famous troubadour that together make magnificent harmonies. They play a myriad of different instruments. It is common in their ballads, to hear songs unwind by a flute or pipe. These ballads will relax those who come in and enjoy what is being presented to them. Many other fun instruments will be played such as the trumpet or crumhorn that play well with any songs that one is interested in dancing along too. Come and listen to the flowing music spread the happy and indulging mood. Come in your fanciest clothing to enjoy a night of food, good company, dancing and music, and much more!

The Egg Dance: Where eggs will be laid upon the ground for us to dance around. Those who damage the egg are not very good on their feet. The egg dance is meant to keep those egg’s as clean as possible.

The Jig: The most favored dance which includes skipping, kicking and leaping will all be evolved throughout this dance

Maypole Dance: Girls dancing around a beautifully decorate pole, girls form circles as dance around the pole. They will all have beautiful ribbons that are attached to the pole. Which will then be unraveled by doing the same dance backwards.

Although the attire will have to be different standards for each person, it is expected that thou will dress in the fanciest clothes they may own or be able to afford.


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