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It Was Late One Night | Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 1037 words Published: 24th Apr 2017

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There was an uncomfortable pause, I could hear the man breathing on the other end, and I knew he could hear me too.

“Just do it…please.” which was followed by him hanging up. I stood there for a moment, not knowing if I should do what he had told me to. I finally laughed it off and walked back up the stairs, when the phone rang again.


“Did you lock your doors and windows?” It was him again.

“Why?!”I asked, my voice louder than it probably should be. A short silence filled the line for a while then he hung up. I ran back upstairs, promising that if he called again I won’t pick up. I stood on the threshold of my bedroom door and looked at the open windows. I should probably do what the man says, to prevent him from calling me again. I ran through my house and locked all the doors and windows. Just as I finished closing the last window, the phone rang again.

“Did you lock all your doors and windows?” It was the man again.

“I did.” I said, my lips formed a thin line.

“Good,” I could hear the pride in his voice. “Because she’s at your house now.” He hung up and I was shocked.

What on earth…?

I then heard a knock on my window that made me jumped a little. I walked over to the window, hoping it was just the wind blowing a branch against the window. I opened the curtain. It was no branch, goosebumps formed on my arm as stared straight at her.

It was a girl, she looked like she was in her early 20s, her while dress was dirty and tattered, her hair was a wild mess. I could see the pain and anger in her eyes. Her smile doesn’t have any sign of kindness in the. Her mouth was pale. Dried blood was present on her face. Her hands were slapping the window, asking for entrance.

My legs froze in place, I couldn’t remember the last time I was this terrified, it was probably because I had never been. The sound of the phone ringing made me jumped.

I walked backwards slowly, not breaking eye contact with the women. The phone stopped ringing, I turned around and press a button on the answering machine. I looked back up at the window but the women was nowhere to be found.

“Message one.” The answering machine said. I then heard a loud scream, followed by a laughter.

“You’re dead.” A women’s voice kept repeating.

The message went on for almost 4 minutes, when I looked around for something to break the answering machine.

“No more new messages.” Came the voice from the answering machine, it soothes me a bit. I walked over to the window and look for any signs of the women, but there isn’t any. I realize that this was all just a vivid dream. Forcing myself to believe that, I rushed up to my room and went under the covers, trying to fall asleep. I thought of food, vacations, my friends, anything that would get my mind off what had happened. Just as I was about of fall asleep, I heard the front door click open.

My eyes flew open, as I went rigid. I tried to search for anymore noises, still not coming up from under the covers. Fear has come straight back at me. I slowly sat up. Still trying to find any noises. It was all silence, but then I heard it.


The sound was as if someone was slowly, but heavily walking around the first floor of the house. Whatever it was, or whoever it was, had figured out a way to open the locked door and made their way in the house. My mind wandered to the women I saw in my backyard. I sat frozen, and could only stare at the bedroom door in anticipation. Hoping that this is all a dream and I was going to wake up any second now.

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As the sound came nearer. I could hear another voice, it was a female, and she was laughing very softly. I could hear her just outside my door now. She stopped walking. I’ve never felt such intense fear before. Everything went silence, for what seemed like an hour. But then the door knob started turning and I rushed out of bed. Finding anywhere I can hide. Maybe I can jump off the window, or go under my bed. No, the doorknob still turning slowly. I ran into the first thing I saw, my closet, I rambled into it.

I let my back hit the end of my closet, and close its door silently. I heard the door slam shut and I knew that she had made her way into my room. It smelled like a dead animal, and I knew it was coming from her. I could hear the women walking towards my hiding spot. Her sound and smell became louder and stronger. Tears began to swell up my eyes as they poured out. I couldn’t keep it in, and I knew she could hear me. Despite this, she did not go anywhere. The closet door started rattling I my panic, but I pulled it closed.

Finally she stopped trying to get the door to open, then the silence came again. But this time, the smell went away too. I couldn’t hear or smell a thing, not even her heavy steps walking away. I let out a breath. It was utterly silent. I wiped my tears and opened the closet door slowly. I cautiously took a step out of it and stood up in my room, looking around. A soft wind hit my face, I looked at the direction it came from and the windows were open, blowing the thin curtain. I turned around and slid down the wall. Sitting on the floor, my knees up to my chest. The tears well up again, but this time, I knew I could cry as loud as I wanted. Everything that happened in the past hour came out through me.

It’s been two years and I still remember every second of that night. The next day, there was a newspaper article about a women that had escaped from an insane asylum nearby. The police came to my house and asked me if I had seen her around. They said that she used to live here with her family. I told them nothing. I told everybody nothing. I still kept the white piece of clothing. When I took a second look at the cloth that night. There was a writing on it. I’ll be back was what it said. I still bide here for the day she will return, but she never did.


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