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Short Story Example | In The Year 2050

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 998 words Published: 18th May 2017

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As a little kid I was taught, There is nothing new under the sun, and I believed that until yesterday. Yesterday was like any other day, except the fact that I was on midterm break. This meant no work, all sleep and all play! As I basked into the freedom of having my midterm break, my stomach started to growl, which meant it was lunch time. As I went into the kitchen to fix lunch, I heard a funny noise. The noise sounded like a thousand bubble gums popping at once. So I went out to the backyard to see if it was some of the rowdy boys from around the corner, playing a prank on me. And to my surprise there was no one there, so I followed the noise to see where it was coming from, and it was coming from my neighbors’ backyard.

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As I stood there with my neighbor called Mario, I was astonished to see he had a flux capacitor. He told me he had built a time machine and to my surprise it looked like one I’ve seen on a movie. So I asked, “Mario does it really work?” He replied with excitement, “Yip, I’ve been to the year 2050, a lot has changed because they live underwater, and I saw your great granddaughter, she’s doing fine!” I stopped him and looked at him like he was crazy. So he replied and said “You don’t believe me huh? Come with me and I’ll show it to you!” So he turned on the flux thing and a hole appeared with some purple foam coming out of it. I was scared so he told me to count backwards from 5, as he held my hand; we stepped into the time machine.

5…4…3… “Were here!” he said. The machine had stopped and automatically I felt the atmosphere had changed. Mario said “Welcome to 2050! This is our back yard!” Honestly, it wasn’t a pretty sight; the place where we lived looked like an empty street on the Boulevard of Broken dreams. The sky was bleak, smoke and fog filled the atmosphere. It was as though everyone had moved away 20 years ago and a category four hurricane had resigned their ever since. So I turned to Mario and asked him, “Where is everyone?” He replied “like I said, they live underwater.” as he turned around and showed me everything, he said “This is why there down there.” So I asked, “How is it that they’re living down there?” He explained to me that the Chinese had built huge see-through domes for each country as gifts, because land had become too dangerous for humans to live on. So I started asking Mario so many questions like, “What do they eat? How do they dress? How do they live? How do they travel?” He laughed at me and said “I’ll just take you down there so you can ease up on all the questions.” “Okay”, I said, as we entered the time machine again.

In the split of a second we were there. I was prepared to drown because I can’t swim and I was also prepared to not being able to breathe, because we were going under water. But to my surprise I was breathing the freshest air I had ever breathed, and this was the most beautiful place my eyes had ever seen. The grass was green and pretty, there were coco plum trees everywhere, and the streets were paved with the pink part of the conch shell. It was like being on a up to date family island. As the sleek cars zoomed pass Mario and I. I turned to Mario puzzled and confused, and told him “I thought by 2050 cars would be flying. He replied “No not as yet, that happens in the year 3000. But these cars are better than the cars we have at home.” I asked him “Why do you think that?” He said “Because these cars runoff water.” My mouth dropped. He laughed and said “Pick up your lip! I need to show you something, it’s almost time to go back home.”

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As we hurried, we passed really tall sky scrapers with extra big green domes that were rotating; they looked like they could be homes. So I asked Mario, “Are these homes?” He said “No, these are farms!” So I replied, “If these are farms, what do their houses look like?” He replied “Well, they have smart homes, so however they want their house to look, that’s exactly how the house will fix itself.” Then he said “Look!!!” as he pointed to a lady, “This is what I wanted you to see!! Look at that lady, what do you think she’s doing?” I replied “Walking.” He said “Nope, look at her again.” So I looked. The only thing I saw was a lady that was walking and she had futuristic clothes, pretty bands on her hands and shades. He said “She is either surfing the net, on a phone call or checking her messages.” So I asked him, “How?” He explained to me that, the band that she has on her hands is connected to her phone which is at home and she can see her messages anytime as long as she’s looking into glass. Her shades are actually her computer. I looked at him funny and then looked at the lady and I said “No that can’t be, because she isn’t moving her hands to select anything.” He said “She doesn’t have to, because her eyes will do all the selecting. Also with her shades she can travel.” So I replied, “Duh I know that, because at home we can travel with are shades too, you forget we usually is have them in our bag or on our face aye?” He laughed and said No, in 2050 their shades can teleport them to where ever they want to go, she just have to select the place with her eyes. “Oh!” I replied. He then said “I have to carry you home before our parents come. But we can come back next week so you can see where your great granddaughter lives.” I smiled because I was so excited. So as we stepped into the time machine, and I told him “I truly enjoyed my day in the year 2050.”


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