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Freaky Friday Is A 2003 Walt Disney Film English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 1464 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The film is about a mother-and-daughter relationship. Tess Coleman is a hardworking mother and a very passionate woman who has two children which is Harry and Anna. She is a psychologist and a widow for three years but now about to remarry someone. Harry is a young boy who seems to appear in the story to annoy her sister. Anna is a high school student who loves music so much and sort of a rebel for her mother. Tess and Anna switched bodies a night after they went on a Chinese Restaurant because of the fortune cookies they got from the Restaurant owner’s mother. It’s just that Anna and Tess cannot understand each other’s preferences. Ryan (Mark Harmon), is Tess’ fiancé that Anna isn’t ready for. For her, it is still an unacceptable replacement of his father who died three years ago. Tess, on the other hand don’t understand Anna’s love for music, her new friends, her grades in school and her admiration for a guy, Jake. They always have an argument and they don’t have an idea how hard life is for the both of them.

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Anna, Tess’ daughter, about 15 years old is an aspiring punk who loves playing guitar and jamming with her friends. She thinks that she got the attention of her mother too much by always telling her what to do and who she should be without even giving importance to what she really wants. Her mother is asking her to still be best friends with Stacey Hinkhouse (old friend, her archrival, and the one who never stops irritating her) and always reminding her to study harder as she always gets “F” in the class of Mr. Bates. She’s also always in detention.

One Thursday night, they are having an argument while at a Chinese Restaurant where they are about to eat. Anna wants to participate at a band audition with her mates but it’s also the same day of her mother’s wedding rehearsal. A Chinese owner’s mother noticed it and offered them fortune cookies.

The next morning, their Friday started to get really freaky and weird when both realized that they are not on their own body. They tried to make a way on how to resolve it. It’s crazy how they even think of bumping each other hard to get back with their bodies. Harry saw it and found it weird.

While they are still into figuring it out how that happened, they have to live the life of each other, trying to adapt each other’s environment.

While Tess is at school on Anna’s body, she then found out that her daughter is serious about telling the issues of Anna against Stacey. She also found out that even if Anna tries her best to study hard, she’s always given a bad grade by her Professor, Mr. Bates. After having a recitation in the class, Tess is still given an “F” even if she answered the questions correctly. She then recognized that Mr. Bates was her former schoolmate who asked her to a promenade but was rejected by her.

After the class, she talked to Mr. Bates and confronts her in front of her friends telling her the past and that he is just taking his anger out of Anna. She warned him not to do it again or else he will be reported.

While they are on each other’s body, they adjust and try to look at the point of view of each other. Tess has some appointments to make and since the body is with Anna’s soul, it’s hard to do everything. Anna (on Tess’ body) decided to have a makeover. She shopped for new clothes, got her mother’s body new piercings and haircut. After the exam, they met and went to the Chinese Restaurant. The owner said that they can’t do anything to solve it and advises to read what is written on the paper inside the fortune cookies. She said that when the fortunes come true, they will return to their own body. Tess took Anna’s exam. She didn’t finish it because Stacy wrote something on a piece of paper, got her attention, had read it and then Stacey said she’s cheating. Anna was sent to detention but she still had the chance to finish her exam with the help of Jake.

Anna attends Harry’s parent-teacher conference. The teacher gave her Harry’s composition. She had read how Harry admires Anna, he just irritates her sister to get her attention. Anna, on Tess’ body was surprised and touched.

Ryan surprised Tess with an interview on a show about the book she wrote. Anna haven’t read it and can’t explain on air what’s the meaning of its title so she just plunges by turning the crowd to become lively and makes the show fun. Tess had seen it with Jake on the Television at the teacher’s Faculty.

Anna (on Tess’ body) went at a coffee shop and saw that Jake is working there. They bond and found out that they have the same music interests. Jake falls for Tess because he saw characteristics he likes about Anna in her.

On a wedding rehearsal, Anna and Tess read what’s written on the fortune cookies while still on each other’s body saying that “What you see is what you lack, then selfless love will change you back.” It still got them so confuse about how they can go back to their bodies. Anna’s band mates try to convince Tess to let her go to the audition but it had no effect so they start to use force. They were caught by the security but Ryan surprises them by giving Anna the permission to go. At the audition, Tess don’t have any idea on how to play a guitar so Anna unplugs the wire on Tess’ guitar and plays another guitar on the backstage. She told Tess to just mime along. They did a very great job and Tess realized how fun it is to be with a band. She said that it isn’t a noise at all.

They go back at the wedding rehearsal. Tess wants to postpone the wedding so Anna will not have to marry Ryan in Tess’ body, but Anna proposes a toast and accepts Ryan because Anna knows that it’s how she can make her mother happy. They felt an earthquake then switch back to their own bodies.

Ryan and Tess got married after, Tess accepted Jake to be Anna’s boyfriend for she witnessed how good Jake is.

The saying “Walk on his shoes before judging him” is what I’ve learned in this film. The film is cool as it made me realize that we should respect each other’s beliefs, hobbies and interests. What’s not good for us may be good for another. When we judge other’s without trying to use their shoes is when we can say a lot of complains and bad things about them, making us become selfish for insisting what we think is good for them and pointing what’s wrong with them. But when you experience walking with their shoes, that’s the time we learn how to understand their points and realize that what we see isn’t always what we should get. There are a lot of things better than what we see. It’s just funny how someone would have to create a spell for two people in order to respect each other’s rights. But it’s a good idea. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that you have to thank some people that provided you a little hardship because it turned out to make you gain freedom and happiness.

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I just love the story for it makes me not just laugh but also to make me feel how to respect. To give it is to get it. Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman played her role very nice. She’s not just a good singer but also a good actress. She makes the viewers laugh without even joking. It comes so natural. The whole film made it so natural that they don’t have to emphasize what’s funny and what’s not. I didn’t expect that Jamie Lee Curtis will portray a cool role like this. I was shocked when she rolled over on a sofa just to avoid Ryan’s kiss.

The cinematography is simple but it has a great impact for me. Scorings are great, all are in timing and it pulls out emotions of the viewers while watching the scenes. I love the idea that Lindsay Lohan’s talent in singing and playing guitar are used in this movie. It made it cooler and made it more interesting.

I can relate to the character of Anna Coleman because like what I’ve watched in the film, she sleeps like she is dead and she doesn’t care about what other people thinks. She just does what makes her happy. She always tries her best, it’s just that.. those are’nt always appreciated.

Freaky Friday is a switched-identities comedy, a good movie for families to watch together. People will have shared laughter and maybe a lively and fun conversation about parent-child relationships. A lot of people can relate to this film.


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