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Feel Sympathy For The Creature Frankenstein English Literature Essay

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Wordcount: 940 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In Chapter 11 Mary Shelley’s main intention in this chapter is to make people feel sympathy for the creature. The creature narrates this chapter mentioning his thoughts and feelings. At the beginning of Chapter 11 he quotes:

The creature didn’t acquire the luxurious items people have in modern times but he was unintelligent and simple-minded unable to use his initiative. However everyone should accept the fact that he was created, given no coping skills and thus was a purely reactionary creature. He had to make do with the resources he had. Frankenstein’s creation also quotes about a past time experience, the day the creature was created:

The day of his awakening the monstrous creature was subjected to beatings by the villagers, the hideous wretch was narrow-minded but acknowledged the hatred surrounding the villagers. They disapproved of his unbearable face as a result he fled the village and escaped entering the wilderness.

The creature is left bewildered, abandoned and everyone resented his hideous face . He quotes about his tragic life in the forest: ‘I had covered myself with some clothes, but these were insufficient to secure me from the dews of the night.’

He has become intimidated, forced to live in the wild. He was surrounded by repulsing slush, along with the coldness of the night had travelled through his body . The wretch finally quotes about an incident he suffered during the night :

He is childlike in his curiosity and experiences, positioning his hand over the flickering unsubstantial light. Although he quickly withdraws his hand enduring the pain of the burn. The creation craved affection but everyone turned away from him he was rejected by his creator, if Frankenstein devoted himself to his creation educated him the filthy wretch wouldn’t perform foolish stuff similar to this.

Furthermore in chapter 15 again Mary Shelley encourages the reader to feel sympathy for the creature. The creature has stumbled upon some books, he states about his satisfaction and delight:

The creature had acquired the ability to read and speak the country’s native language, he also truly admires these books as if they were treasures. These also kept him occupied throughout the day. As he read on, he found himself similar to the character in the book, as they both suffered rejection. In a further extract the wretch quotes about his thoughts whilst reading this book:

He begins to question himself, this makes him feel more isolated and solitary. The wretch mentions a word he states that represents his appearance ‘abhorred’. His self-esteem has collapsed as he is unloved and un cherished.

Whilst reading the book he begins to examine the text carefully with great interest but the information in the book made him feel more pathetic he questions why his creator created him:

The creature was some how a victim of human foolishness, estranged from his creator sometimes believing his own origins to be meaningless and accidental. The wretch frantically experiences depressed emotions, suffering from loneliness. He is unable to show what’s underneath this hideousness, everyday he awaited the day for the opportunity to speak to the villagers to appear. The creature quotes about the more knowledge he gained the more dreadful he was.

Eavesdropping on a family of cottage dwellers, the determination of learning has made him more intelligent. He grasped the information learnt and he intended to use it to please the villagers, his one desire was to gain attention.

The wretch became paranoid into thinking he will be loved and cherished if given the chance and he states his dreams and wishes:

Part of this extract relates to a story in the Bible, when God first created humanity. God created a male and a female. In this extract he suggests he is ‘Adam’ but has no Eve to comfort him, he was alone and unwanted. He finally quotes about his encountering with another farmer:

Frankenstein’s creature confronted the old wise man and exchanged words sharing with him his inner emotions and feelings the old man also thanked him for his gratefulness.

His anonymous kindness in assisting them to pick their crops results in him being physically beaten by the farmer, he then escapes back into the wilderness. He becomes delusional in thinking the farmers would take him in, after a while he gazed into the room. He examined the room carefully and he was convinced they have fled the village. Instantly he becomes bitter lighting the cottage on fire, he departed the land to seek revenge on his creator. He targeted his most loved ones.

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This gothic themed novel represents the creature as an intelligent and articulate but feeling as though he is an outcast drove him to despair. He became sophisticated in the way he spoke and become more persuasive as the story progressed helping us to feel more sympathy for it, his only desire was to be accepted by the human kind and the need for affection proving that he has developed the qualities of humans, but he is hated because of his physical deformities. The creatures appearance somehow always provokes a negative reaction and that the person within is not given the chance to emerge,so much of the actions he does is out of loneliness and realization that he was a unnatural being his eventual violence and murderous side developed as it appeared to him to be the only way to achieve his goal of having a partner showing how it aspires to be a good person.


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