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Eveline Father Denied Giving Her Money English Literature Essay

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Wordcount: 2490 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Eveline story is about a teenager with Italian roots called Eveline that has 2 brothers called Harry and Ernest and parents which have no name and most importantly a lover called Frank. Eveline had a very drastic life also had bad and violent relationship with her father, and the fact that her mother died when she was younger. She always felt herself as the forgotten, the one that nobody cared about, because her father preferred her brothers and he always demanded her to bring money to their house. Eveline father denied giving her money because he thought she was going to use it in stupid things. But later on, Eveline started to move over with her life when she met Frank, a traveler who fell in love with Eveline and promised her to buy her a house in Buenos Aires. Frank convinced Eveline to move to Buenos Aires for them to live a new life and when they were finally boarding up the ship Eveline remembered the promise her mother had told her about take care of the house no matter what happened and that made her decide not to go.

2.0 Type Of Story

Textually Implicit

In this story, Eveline had a dark life because of her mother passed away for a few years ago. She was afraid and felt herself in danger of her father behavior and violence. However, her father actually not so bad. Eveline’s really missed her father’s nature when her mother was alive. He is a caring and had sense of humor with his childhood. Eveline’s missed that moment so much. Eveline’s also did not know the grief suffered by his father due to his mother’s death. Her father feels so empty without his wife and he wants to maintain all the things in his house like his wife alive. In this story, both of them really missed a happy life together. They always flash back the sweet moment before her mother death. This text is textually implicit because we have to use the information in the story to make inferences about the characters and the real feeling

Textually Explicit

In this story, Eveline is a lonely person. She likes to dreamy and talk with herself her conditions. She did not share her problems especially with her father;s,friends and her siblings. She try to find out the ways to get a better life without thinking her father’s conditions. All the Eveline’s characters are explicit and it is stated in the story.

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3.0 Story Structure (1): Theme

This story begins in a town in Ireland which is Belfast with the introduction of family characters. Family seems to be a strong theme in Eveline story. This theme is evident when Eveline stays home and takes over her mother duty in the household as a teen after a promise was made to her dying mother. Deaths play the major role in this story as the author points out that many Eveline friends and family are said to have died at some point. Another theme in Eveline story is paralysis, escape and freedom. Eveline longs for escape.

The story also draws on the theme of class. It is a tale of a woman who is bound to the past and has the opportunity, through marriage to Frank, for freedom and a life in a different country (Buenos Aires, Argentina). She is torn between the call of the past and home and the call of a new future. Eveline stays in the same place, goes nowhere. It is difficult to go full circle without much movement, and in the story there is exactly that, very little movement. Eveline we are told only stands up of the chair she is sitting on for most of the story and goes to the ship’s side. We are never told how she gets there, Joyce taking her there directly.

Escape: She has every reason to leave

She has to work hard and is accused of waste money

Her father abuse to her

Nobody protects her

Perspective of living the same life as her mothers, she has been given a chance

Paralysis: Cause the feature of her escape continuous shift from living and not living. Eveline is a passive character.

4.0 Story Structure(2): Plot

The story starts with Eveline sitting at home looking out the window and reminiscing about when she was a child and the freedom she had playing in the field that was once across the road from her house. It has long since gone, replaced by new houses. She is looking around the house and its repetitiveness, this brings on an anxious feeling and she starts to weigh up her decision. She thinks about what her work colleagues would say but soon disregards their importance, it was only a job where she was not respected by her supervisor Miss Gavan. Eveline thinks she will be treated with respect in Buenos Aries because she would be a married woman (social status and class), but she is drawn back when she starts to think about her family. She would miss her father and brother Harry, even though her father was tight with money, abusive, and liked to drink. It was Eveline’s job to make him his dinner, she needs him. Even though she handed up most of her wages, she still found it hard to get money back from him for necessities. Though it was a hard life she starts to have second thoughts, but now as she is about to leave it she did not find it a whole undesirable life.

She starts to remember her promise to her mother, her promise to keep the home together as long as she could and laments at how much her father would miss her. She starts to think her father isn’t all bad and remembers on the night her mother died how her father stopped the organ-player from playing on the street. She then recalls her mother’s saying Derevaun Seraun. It is now that we have the first movements from Eveline, when she jumps up from her chair, thinking that it is Frank who will love her and give her happiness. Frank will be her rescuer. Eveline moves directly to ship side where she is standing motionless with Frank, still not knowing if she should go with him to Buenos Aries. Still unsure she starts praying repetitively, in doubt she has reliance on God. When it comes time to board the ship, Frank signal her to follow him but she is stuck to the railings still praying. With no more time left Frank boards the ship and Eveline cannot follow him. She is staying at home. Eveline is not leaving, she is to repeat the same mistakes her mother made and return to her father.

The climax of Eveline only comes only after the long flashbacks into Eveline’s life end, where the time finally comes for her to shed her past life behind and join Frank in Buenos Ayres. Eveline is torn between her desire to leave, and the safety and comforts of her life. The conflict between Eveline’s decision to leave and her desires to stay never does come to a true resolution, the story only ending in the lines, “She set her white face to him, passive, like a helpless animal. Her eyes gave him no sign of love or farewell or recognition.” In leaving the ending of the story as such, There is two options of what reader believe the ending would be – Eveline leaving with Frank, or Eveline staying behind as Frank is forced to leave.

5.0 Story Structure (3): Character Analysis


Eveline is a main character for this story. She likes staring and remembering her childhood story. In the opening scene, she sat at the window and reviewing all its familiar objects which she had dusted once a week for so many years. She likes to dream and wants to get happy life. It is shown in paragraph 5, but in her new home, she would be married and people treat her with respect not as her mother had been. Then, Eveline was affraid of his father, he always voiced fierce and make her fears. In paragraph 5(line 5) she sometimes felt herself in danger of her father’s violence and agiven her the palpitations. Other than that, Eveline’s brave to get affair with deck boy, Frank. She also wants to be free and leave the house with Frank without permission of her father. In paragraph 7, Frank falling in love with Eveline, of course her father had found out the affair and forbidden her to have anything to say to him. More than that, Eveline said ” she must escape! Frank would save her and give her life”.

Evelin’s father

He is a good father and also a great husband. He like to create jokes to make their childrens laughing. It is shown in paragraph 8 (line 5), “…they had all gone for a picnic to the Hill of Howth. Her father putt her mother bonnet to make the children laugh”. However, Eveline father’s change when her mother passed away. He turn to moody and sensitive person, it shown in his character in paragraph 5(line 15), he said ” she (Eveline) used to squander the money that she had no head, that he wasn’t going to give his hard-earned money to throw about the street and much more”.


He is Eveline’s lover. He is a deck boy on ship the Allan Line. He is a kind and open-hearted guy. It is shown in paragraph 6, “Frank was a very kind, manly and open hearted”. He also have talent in singing. “He was awfully fond music and sang a little” in line 11. Frank wants to make Eveline’s happy and run from her dark life. ¬- he would give her life, perhaps love too. She had a right to happiness. Frank would take her in his arms, fold her in his arms.

Miss Gavin

She is Eveline’s Store supervisor. Miss Gavan gives an advice for Eveline to more concentrate when she’ working. It shown at paragraph 4(line 7), ” she had always had an edge on her, especially whenever there were people listening”.

6.0 Story Structure (4): Consequences Of The Story

In the story, Eveline did not have friends and also her brother had his own career. She is always alone and think about her fate. Although, she was approach 20 years old, she really felt danger with her father violence. So, the consequence from the part Eveline try to go out from the problems with easy way. She wants to follow her boyfriend to run away from her house. She always dream to be happy with Frank and make her colorful life together. But, before she steep up to the ship, she felt her cheek pale and cold then, her distress a nausea in her body. Eveline gave no sign when Frank was shouted and called her.

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Eveline’s father also make a bad consequence for the story. He cannot accept his wife was dead and change hiself to be fierce. He did not try to close and understand his daughter desire and needs. He was selfish and did not shows the good atittude or role model for his chilhood. So, that’s his daughter’s Eveline will to leave him alone witout get permission

7.0 Literary Criticism (1) :The Interpretative Response

In this story, we found that there are 4 aspects related to Eveline life which is childhood, adolescence, maturity and public life. “Eveline” short story was happened between adolescent and maturity. The character of Eveline is largely affected by feminist issues of the time period. We found that this issue is quiet sensitive and people in this year, do not appreciate women power at all.

The writer ideas are all about Eveline’s relationships with her family and boyfriends, and her duties and also obligation. With her mother having passed, she expected to take care of childhood home. Eveline has to struggle to make a reality promises that can be shows on pharase “her promise to keep the home together as long as she could”, a promise she made to her mother while on her deathbed. Taking care of her home is one example of Eveline’s oppression by lack of women liberation.

“She had hard work to keep the house together to see that the two young children who had been left to her charge went to school regularly and got their meals regularly”, Joyce write.” It was hard work-a hard life”. It is never clear mention whom Eveline is responsible to taking care their family home but it is clearly illustrated that she is unhappy in her life and the position of a housewife without a legal husband is really made her sick.

Eveline’s relationship with her father is not really good and the most reason is she always never get attention from her father at all. Because of that,her father always treats her uneven and differently because she’s female.

“Even now, though she was over nineteen, she sometimes felt herself in danger of her father violence.” This is one of the evidence that she actually afraid with her own father.In this time period, females were still viewed as less than the worth of men, unable to hold position of power thus in this story, clearly shows that Eveline’s father was no t proud of her at all but he more proud with his son

8.0 Literary Criticism(2): The Critical Response

James’s hints that Eveline’s harbors doubts about her relationship with Frank, the sailor man.She puts so much of her proposed future happiness on Frank, and assumes that leaving her life as a homemaker is only possible by becoming his legal wife.

Frank also give offered to Eveline the chance to travel with him. He always telling her about his past adventures sailing and she excited about the ideas.She considers his good qualities, his kindness, his mankind, his passion of music but never once does he shows that he in love with her

Eveline’s wanted to use Frank as reason for escape to other place, and she was conquer by the idea of marriage and probably others would thinks higher of her status now that she was with a man that can protect her. When the night boat is start to go, she start to prays to the God, hopefully show her what was her duty. Here, “duty” suggested that she believe her life with Frank would be like her mother’s life with her violent father or no better than Eveline’s life with her father. It may be the factor that her doubts about her love relationship with Frank, combined with her responsible to her surrounding and her feelings of guilty towards her family especially, lead to overcome her desire to escape.

9.0 Conclusion

As the conclusion this story is quiet interesting and totally preceded the women’s suffrage in Ireland city, the story protagonist and the title character, Eveline, is largely affected by the classical feminine issues. This story can give us the image how Eveline tries to discover herself and her own wishes. But her way of initiation is meant to lead to an surprising conclusion by Eveline in the end of the story. What is so fascinating about “Eveline” is not only the plot itself, but the way Joyce illustrates the situation of Eveline linguistically through his way of writing.


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