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Dr jekyll and mr hyde minor characters

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`Mr. Utterson“ is the narrator of the book, Utterson is a middle-aged lawyer, and a man in which all the characters confide throughout the novel. As an old friend of Jekyll, he recognizes the changes and strange occurrences of Jekyll and Hyde, and resolves to further investigate the relationship between the two men. He is perhaps the most circumspect, respected, and rational character in the book, and it is therefore significant that we view Hyde’s crimes and Jekyll’s hypocrisy through his observant, but generally sympathetic perspective.“ `

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Dr. Lanyon, he is a famous doctor and Jekyll’s childhood friend. Also Mr. Utterson’s close friend and he is the one who knows about Dr. Jekyll’s and Hyde’s secret. But how he knows that? Dr. Jekyll send a letter to Lanyon and in this letter there was some tasks to do for Lanyon for instance “go my home, Poole will wait you with a carpenter and locksmith open my working room’s door, go inside, take the drawer that I told u where it is, go your home, wait for the man who I will send you at 12 o`clock and else “ Lanyon done whole of them and started to wait for the man that Jekyll will sent him. At 12 o`clock man is came they went inside of Lanyon`s house together Lanyon gave him the drawer and the man took some liquid and little drug dust he mixed both of them a green color appeared in tube that he use for mix them than he drunk it . What happened to the men, he changed to Jekyll. By this event Lanyon knew the secret between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Enfield , Mr. Utterson`s relative and was a famous person in London. They were always making Sunday walks. On one of this Sunday when they were walking Enfield asked Utterson about a house with a black dusty door. Then he started to narrate something about this house. In this event there was a men who called, Mr. Hyde , when he was walking in a street he crushed a girl and didn`t care about it and continued to walk in his way by girl`s screams people came out from their homes and they catches the Hyde than they thread him with something and they force him to pay money for girl`s family and then Hyde came this house and brought a cheque from inside but on cheque there was Dr. Jekyll`s name on it and Enfield , other suspect from Hyde and they slept together with Hyde in one hotel. After day they went to bank and changed cheque to money. Also Enfield related the details about Mr. Hyde. Then they decided to don’t talk about this again.

Poole is the butler of Jekyll; he brings information about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde also their unbelievable relation. One night when Mr. Utterson was sitting in this table and drinking his wine Poole is came they sat and talked about Dr. Jekyll. Poole told about what is going on in Jekyll house. He told that he never saw Dr. Jekyll face during a week, like he said Dr. Jekyll was sitting in his room without going outside and telling Poole that some drugs that Poole should buy from pharmacy and every time when Poole buys the drugs Jekyll told that “this is not real go and find me the real one price is not important“. And like Poole says Jelly’s hand writing, his voice and something else changed on him. He hoped that someone killed Jeklly and still hiding in his room. After Utterson and Poole went to Jeklly`s home and they broke the door of Jeklly`s working room and at that moment they saw the Hyde`s unloving body on the ground with a empty bottle next to him. By that Poole helped Mr. Utterson to solve the secret between Dr. Jeklly and Hyde.

Carew, “ a well-known member of Parliament who is murdered by Hyde 2 “. Carew was a famous man in London, the book. Hyde killed him by a hard stick in the middle of a street next to river. It was a misty night with fully silent street in London. There was a woman who was cleaning lady in one house she was looking outside from the window her seeing the Hyde when he was beating Carew with the stick. Then suddenly she faint against this terrible situation happening in street.

When she gets up, she went to police to explain everything that she saw. When police came to the place that crime happened Hyde was disappeared but there were some pieces of stick that Hyde killed Carew with. From Carew`s pocket police found a letter headed by “MR. UTTERSON. “In the early morning police went Utterson`s house and when Utterson heard the Hyde`s name she was almost going to be crazy. Utterson helped to police for find Hyde they went Hyde`s house but Hyde wasn’t at home a women opened the door police and Utterson went in and they found a stick piece which was the same type of stick that police found in the crime street. And a cheque book which was in the chimney half burned book. Than police start waited for Hyde to go bank and try to change cheque to money…


In the essay Mr. Enfield was Utterson`s relation and the starting point of Hyde search from Utterson`s side.

Dr. Lanyon was the men who knows Jeklly`s and Hyde`s secret and due to this he killed by Hyde.

Poole was the butter of Jeklly and helped Utterson for the solve the secret by[ they couldn’t understand anything by the way.] bring information about Jeklly`s situation at that moment and house.

Carew was the man who murdered by Hyde.

References : Dr. Jeklly and Mr. hyde [book]/2



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