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Descriptive Essay For An Average Day English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 2876 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Rise and shine at 5:30am, breakfast on the go, then out into the brisk cool morning air hoping for the excitement every hunter thrives for. As I uncover my sleeping body my blood starts to flow and I begin to come to life as I sluggishly drag my body to sit up on my bed side. As my feet dangle lifelessly off the side of my bed I raise my arms high in the air squint my sleepy eyes and sprawl my legs out for an invigorating morning stretch. As I slide off my bed side and my feet take on the weight of my body, an immediate burst of reality sets in and I instantly realize in a short while I will be sitting high in the dark wilderness in my tree stand. As my parents and I wake up on the misty early morning of opening day for gun season, our intense excitement starts to waken as we do. As I walk into my kitchen I see the determination and thrive on my parents face. The confidence and excitement is intently felt. As I sluggishly make my way into the bathroom the aromatic drift of sent reaches my nose, bubbling oily bacon, crispy golden brown hash browns, fluffy mounds of fresh steaming scrambled eggs, and lightly toasted toast moist with salty butter. With my bladder feeling relieved my mom swiftly prepares our breakfast plates as all of our mouths water as we anticipate that first bite. As my dad and I sit at our kitchen table my dad’s mouth opens wide for a big yawn and I immediately begin to do the same and we both smiled and giggled. As the plates are served just as we all imagined the taste explodes in our mouths. We scurry to get it all down quickly so we have enough time to get dressed and get into the woods. I finish my last bite and take a big gulp of cold refreshing ice tea.

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With all three of our empty plates lying dirty in the sink almost like a scheduled routine my parents and I begin to gear up for the big hunt. First I pull on my thick insulated socks over my chilled feet, and then layer after layer of dark forest looking camouflage. Long sleeved shirts under warm sweat shirts and fuzzy pants under thick coveralls. I slide my finger fitted gloves into each pocket then plop myself onto the cold tile of our foyer to slip my boots onto my insulated covered feet. As I tighten and tie my boots I look up and see my dad bending down to zip the bottom zipper of his coveralls. As I arise back to my feet I see my mom tucking her curly blonde hair into her camouflage fitted hat. I then do the same after pulling my pony tail through the back hole of my hat. As my dad held my vibrant hunter orange vest I pointed my right arm through the arm hole then the left through the other. I took a quick breath with a smile on my face and knew I was ready, looking at mom and dad’s wide eyed faces I knew they were feeling the same intensity I was. With all three guns leaning against the half wall in our foyer, we smoothly grab them and gently place them in their padded protective cases. The green and yellow box of bullets laying on the ledge catch my eye and I pull out a few and slide them into my inside pocket of my coat meanwhile checking to make sure I have my hunting license and my deer tag . As my dad walked out the door to load the truck and the four wheeler my mom and I did another quick check in the mirror to satisfy ourselves that we were ready.

Both my mom and I walked out into the damp darkness of the early morning. As we take our first step out onto the front porch then down onto our drive way the cool air hits our face then moves down our body like a splash of water dripping down our flesh. A few steps to our left then making a turn into the garage seeing my dad patently ready and waiting for us like he always does. With all of our gear loaded up my mom hopped into the truck and started the engine and I then glanced over and saw my dad waiting for me to get on the four wheeler. I stepped up onto the foot base and swung my leg over as I plopped onto back side of the seat. I looked up at the front rack of the four wheeler and seen mine and my dad’s gun cases strapped in with bungee cords. We were ready.

My mom puts the truck in reverse as I see the beaming red and white lights brightly light up the drive way. She then swiftly backs out of the driveway and waited for us to get in front of her so she can follow us. I then see our shadow from the bright head lights pointing on my dad and I like a spotlight. As we took the turn out of the drive way the dramatic rush intensified with the sharp cool air penetrating my face like pointy shards of ice. Just a short distance down my street we come to the stop sign, giving my chilled skin an abrupt break from the crisp chilled air while letting the cars pass wondering why anyone would be up this early. Another left turn and our bodies lean with the movement of the turn, a longer distance until the next stop sign I begin to get goose bumps and feel my tiny hairs erect upwards all over my body awakening me more and more with every inch of the ride. A relief as we approach the last stop sign for another much needed break for my skin to partially warm up and prepare for the short distance that is left. As the momentum pulls us to lean with the right turn I here a few cars zoom past and I burry my nose into my dad’s back and tightly squint my eyes closed. Thoughts of climbing up into my tee stand and nailing that monster buck speed through my mind as I feel my adrenalin increase. I un tighten and open my eyes as I feel the movement of the right turn into the drive way and hear the gravel kicking up as we swiftly move down towards the woods. We make a quick stop as my mom parks the truck, she quickly grabs her gun locks up the truck and scurries over to us. As she approaches the back rack of the four wheeler she swung her leg over and plopped herself upright wrapping her arms around me for leverage and warmth. Leaning myself forward onto my dad’s back and feeling my mom’s body leaning against mine like a sandwich, I hear the purr of the four wheeler as my dad lightly pushed the throttle with his thumb and we began to move again.

Closer and closer as we excitedly approached the dark mysterious woods our eyes wonder hoping to catch a glimpse of movement in the darkness. The misty cloud like fog sits inches above the dewy grass like floating partials of water. In the distance I see my mom’s tree stand high in the September like tree, with the leaves still green with lightly curled tipped edges colored with pale amber and brassy browns. As we arrive underneath my mom’s stand she again leans back and smoothly swings her leg over my head and steps down onto the earth as I hear the almost squishy like sound of the the springy water coated grass. She reaches for her gun and gases upward at her camouflage covered stand. I can see the thrive and determination in her eyes. My mom then reached into the camouflage pouch and pulled out the white spray bottle of sent off, as she squeezed the handle and squirted the mist all over her camouflaged covered body I could hear the water like substance hiss out of the spout of the bottle. She nodded her head in confidence and began up the metal ladder of her stand. My dad and I waited until she was all the way up and situated. Again my dad eased on the throttle and we headed over to our stand. The crunching of the year old leaves from the fall before underneath the tires filled my ears as we went under a dense patch of tall sheltering trees. As we came to an abrupt stop we spotted a dark shadow by the white bucket we put feed in to attract the deer. My dad slowly shut the rambling engine of the four wheeler off. As the shadow stomped angrily into the wet dirt we where then cretin it was a deer. My dad then turned his head towards me and raised his grayish brown eyebrows in excitement. We moved slowly as we got off the four wheeler to make sure that we did not spook the deer. We started to quietly unpack our gear when we heard a loud snort of annoyance from the deer. We when watched the deer disappear slowly towards a thick patch of brush behind our stand. With a breath of relief knowing that we did not spook it we scuffled to get the rest of our thing.

As we walked towards the stand I made sure I picked up my feet to make less ruckus in the leaves. As we got underneath the stand my dad took a step to the side to allow me to climb up first. As I griped the cool metal step I hauled myself all the up to the top and climbed into the stand. I took a step over and leaned over the side to see my dad climbing up towards me. I placed myself into my seat as my dad was still getting situated. My dad then handed me the small smelly bright orange opened bottle of imitation deer sent, which we also use to attract deer. I then carefully hung it on the hook on the outside edge of the stand. As I watched my dad sit down and get conferrable I dug each glove out of each pocket and pulled them over my chilly hands. My dad then reached over and handed me my gun and I put three shells in the chamber then strongly jerked forward and back to cock it. I laid my gun across my lap and was all ready to go. I looked over to my dad as he loaded his gun and gave me a good luck wink. Let the hunt begin.

We sat still and quite listening to the leaves shake and turn in the wind. Every once in a while I saw a leaf fall off its hosting tree, gently gliding and soaring downward sometimes twisting and turning all the way down to the ground as the earth softly embraced it letting it safely make its landing. As my dad and I dozed in and out of sleep the sun started to peek through the trees making itself present throughout the thick woods. An illuminating bright beam of golden light hit my face warming it as I stayed alert for any sign movement. To my right a group of five or six little finches caught my attention as they were singing hopping and playing in the thicket. Silently I sat when I saw the twitching and swirling of a squirrels fluffy air like tail. I smoothly leaned in to see the full view of the busy nervous squirrel picking, peeling, and eating the acorns off of the tree. I glance over at my dad and see him also watching the hungry chuckling squirrel. As the wood come to life with all the wakening animals I hear them scurrying and digging in the moist ground.

As the wind blows the scent of stale leaves and brisk cool air, it acts almost like a tranquilizing aroma and my mind starts to wonder a bit and I catch myself getting caught up in the absolutely beautiful atmosphere. I glance upwards at the covering strong maple tree our tree stand sits in then thankfully acknowledge the fact that the tree is so well developed and sturdy. I then let my head roll off to the side and look at all the different black, pin, and red oak trees in the distance (Forestry). With the sun slowly peaking up more and more with every second that passes by the warmth increases and the still stance that I have held begins to become a lot more conferrable. The beaming rays of light uncover the whole panoramic view of the forest and the areas of unknown darkness are now revealed.

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I catch the movement out of the corner of my eye and I see my dad reach into his camouflage pouch and pull out the small, hand held, cylinder like female deer call used to attract male deer. My dad then pulled at the finger tip of his glove sliding it off his hand allowing him to cover the hole on the underside of the call for a more effect life like call. With the needed preparation accomplished my dad begins to call making the drawn out bleat moaning like sound of a doe. Sitting in the calm quietness of the woods therefore making the call itself seem so much louder than it actually is, intensifies the nature like reenactment. Just the few short matting like calls then the production was over and the wait began again. At this time it is narrowing down for the prime time for the deer to set out from their warm beds in the tall grass into the openness of the woods and have their first meal of the day. I then watch the small flock of finches flutter away effortlessly and the woods are again silent, now letting me become more aware and allowing me to pay close attention to any signs of deer.

I hover over to my right thinking I may have heard the sharp snapping sound of a branch breaking over in the thicket. Sure enough I hear the popping and crunching continue as the shuffling sounds draw closer to my ears. My anticipation lingers in every smashing and crackling noise that is made. I can almost envision the shiny black two pronged hooves of a deer crushing the fallen bark and demolishing the brittle twigs as it takes each stride closer toward us. I then here a loud raspy grunting and an even louder shuffling of the earth closer in the thicket then I had expected. The deep grunting sound makes it apparent to my dad and I that a male buck is in the distance. My adrenalin is at a peek as I pin point my concentration directly towards the thrill of sound. I then see a quick glimpse of the boney like protruding antlers of the buck. Mine and my dad’s eyes meet in excitement as we both linger on every slight movement that catches our sight. As the sounds of the deer begin to present to my ears more clear, the drawn out moments of apprehension become even more unbearable. I catch myself fidgeting my fingertips then in the same moment quickly freeze them remembering to stay still. I can almost hear each breath of the taunting bucks’ silhouette that I can just barely make out through the thick brush. I find myself just wanting to jump straight up out of my seat to get a good view, knowingly thinking that I must stay patent and still and wait for his prestigious arrival. Then, another quick crack of the earthy ground is made present by the buck. I look to my dad and nod in reassurance now seeing a clear view of the bucks head. Keeping my hands close to my body I flashed both hand up with all ten fingers out at my dad acknowledging the fact that the broad thick rack of antlers had ten points. As he takes on more step closer I can see the bright vibrant white patch of hair on his chest. After each moment that passes the amazingly cleanly appearance of the bucks coat grasps my attention, looking as if he was groomed and pampered regularly. The shiny, thin, cocoa bristle like hairs reflecting in the gazing sun looking almost picture like and un real. The buck then took four more strides and emerged himself into full sight. A relieving tension was felt clear down to my bones as I took in the fulfilling sight.

The masculinity and pride was shown in the proud stance the buck held. A basket shaped crescent like rack, strong courageous fearless appeal, and his perfectly sculpted, muscular, toned body drove me even wilder as I soaked in the masterpiece. My dad and I watched in awe as he bent down and stuck his left front leg forward, then leaned at the neck to rub his glossy black nose on the bottom half of his lanky ankle. Still a distance away his head rose in the air and you could tell a whiff of sent from the deer feed caught his attention. He then grazed over diagonally to the white bucket filled with feed up to the rim that was perfectly prepared for him. Not having any clue of human presents just yards above his head, he faced his back towards us giving me a perfect opportunity to readjust and position my gun over the edge of the tree stand. Moving as silently and as slowly as I possibly could, I then got my gun propped up and facing toward my target. The monster of an animal did a slight glance down his back behind him giving me a short scare only to notice that the food was obviously much more important to him.

The trophy buck then scooted and shuffled his back end over to the left now making him broad side toward me. I looked over the barrel of my gun and could see his jaw moving while he cowed down on his breakfast. I could hear him crunching and grinding the bite sized grits of brindle colored feed as he feasted out of the bucket, once in a while dropping a bite or to onto the ground not minding to pick it up. Still standing broad sided to me, now having the most perfect yearned for shot. I eased into my gun and gently leaned my cheek on the crest and squinted my one eye keeping the other open to look through the scope giving me a full up close and personal view of my soon to be accomplishment. I then lined the cross hairs through my scope onto the vital area behind the front leg, and prepared to take my shot. I reached over with my finger to the top of the trigger guard to release the safety and placed my finger on the trigger. Then in one continuous movement I gently squeezed at the trigger pulling it all the way back then simultaneously I felt the enormous burst of power kick back through the gun onto my shoulder as I watched the bullet soar towards my target. Then I knew my hunt was complete.

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