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Dark Romanticism And The Black Cat English Literature Essay

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Dark romanticism refers to a literary subgenre that materialized from the transcendental philosophical movement which was common in nineteenth-century in America. Works within the dark romantic spirit were powered by Transcendentalism, however did not entirely hold the ideas of Transcendentalism. Such workings are notably less positive than transcendental texts concerning mankind, divinity, and nature. Edgar Allan Poe is amongst authors who are considered most envoy of dark romanticism.

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The Dark part of Poe was recognized as a Dark Romantic due to his style of writing. A Dark Romantic was identified for valuing instinct over logic and reason as well as thought that human events had definite signs and symbols behind them. Edgar Allen Poe used the literary skill of symbolism very well, of which Dark Romantics were identified to use quite regularly (Poe 3, 1981). Dark Romantics were recognized to explore the dark side of an issue, but Poe was particularly known for this for the reason that he had a very mad and unbalanced psyche. Poe made use of conflicts and bad occurrences from his own life to assist add him in his dark and sinister writings.

In The Black Cat, the majority of the drama occurs inside the home, and revolves around the narrator’s rapport with his pets and wife. Like so many stories of terror and depravity, The Black Cat combines the family drama with the horror. This strikes into some of our deepest fears of what can fail at home. Home is a place where we are supposed to be safe and most comfortable, and is as well where we are most susceptible (Poe 8, 1981). However, in the black cat the home for the characters inside this story is anything but safe. The apprehension of The Black Cat extends past the end of the story, given that the ending does not give us the reader many answers. The likelihood that supernatural forces are at work puts in another level of suspense and, perhaps, one more layer of terror (Poe 29, 1981).

Poe was writing before the period of the Civil War. The institution of slavery was still permissible in the US, furthermore was a part of southern life. There is a possibility that The Black Cat may be the narrative of hanged slave, as well as being the story of a hanged cat. Poe is called a Dark Romantic due to the literary techniques he used in The Black Cat as his life influenced his writing.

The fear of The Cask of Amontillado, as in a lot of of Poe’s tales, dwells in the lack of facts that accompanies Montresor’s alleges to Fortunato’s insult and thousand injuries. The story features vengeance and secret murder as a means to avoid using legal channels for revenge. Law is nowhere Poe’s radar screen, and the continuing horror of the story is the verity of punishment without evidence. Montresor uses his prejudiced knowledge of Fortunato’s insult to name himself jury, judge, and executioner inside this tale, which as well makes him an unreliable chronicler. Montresor confesses this narrative fifty years after its incidence; such a significant course of time between the events and the recitation of the events makes the story all the more erratic. Montresor’s untrustworthiness overrides the rational deliberation of evidence, such as exacting occurrences of insult that would automatically precede any guilty verdict in non-Poe humanity. The Cask of Amontillado takes biased interpretation the reality that different people deduce the same things in a different way to its terrible endpoint.

One more way Poe was able to convey Dark Romanticism was in the course of his use of symbolism. Poe’s employ of color imagery is central to his inquiring of Montresor’s motives. His face wrapped in a black silk mask, Montresor signifies not blind justice but relatively its Gothic opposite: prejudiced revenge. In disparity, Fortunato dons the motley-colored outfit of the court fool, who obtains literally and tragically duped by Montresor’s masked intentions. The color schemes here symbolize the irony of Fortunato’s death verdict. Fortunato, Italian which means the fortunate one, faces the understanding that even the carnival period can be murderously grave (Poe 16, 2008). Montresor chooses the scenery of the carnival for its desertion of social order. Whereas the carnival generally indicates joyful social relations, Montresor distorts its merry desert, turning the carnival on top of its head. The frequent allusions to the bones of Montresor’s relations that line the vaults prefigure the story’s descent into the gangland. The two men’s underground movements are a metaphor for their journey to hell. Since the carnival, in the earth of the living, does not take place as Montresor wants it to, he actually takes the carnival underneath ground, to the kingdom of the dead with the satanic. Edgar Allan Poe is able to demonstrate Dark Romanticism in the course of his symbols, representing knowledge and death.

Edgar Allan Poe is able to demonstrate Dark Romanticism in the story, Poe often employs prediction. For instance, when Fortunato says that he shall not die of a cough, and Montresor replies, true; he knew that Fortunato will actually die from dehydration and starvation in the tomb. Montresor’s depiction of his family’s coat of arms as well foreshadows future dealings. The shield shows a human foot crushing an obstinate serpent. In this image, the foot symbolizes Montresor and the serpent stands for Fortunato. Even though Fortunato has hurt Montresor with biting abuse, Montresor will eventually crush him. The dialogue about Masons also foreshadows Fortunato’s end. Fortunato confronts Montresor’s claim that he is a associate of the Masonic class and Montresor replies insidiously through a visual pun. When he affirms that he is a mason by revealing his trowel, he denotes that he is a factual stonemason that is, that he builds things out of mortar and stones, that is to say Fortunato’s grave(Poe 29, 2008).

Individuals of the Dark Romantic genre have no faith in human perfect-ability. They also believe that human exertion will have no substantial effect upon humanity. They suppose that man is now only more lively not happier and not wiser, than he was many years ago. Dark Romanticism: While on this trip, the characters must cope with many pessimistic aspects: a ruined humanity, loss of treasured ones, cursed relationships, as well as conflicts in the mind for instance maniacs. The protagonists’ aim is achieved at the conclusion however at a price. Poe exemplifies this for instance in the Black Cat the narrative is filled with insecurities it ends with the cat being hanged. In The Cask of Amontillado there is ruined humanity, loss of the loved ones and cursed relationships for instance the relationship between Montresor and Fortunato can be considered cursed. Poe as well ends the story with the death of Fortunato.

As a conclusion a lot of consider Edgar Allan Poe to be the influential dark romantic author. Much of his narratives and prose features his characteristic attention in exploring the psychology of man, as well as the perverse and self-destructive personality of the conscious and subliminal mind. His most persistent themes take in hand questions of death, counting its physical signs, the consequence of decomposition, apprehensions of premature funeral, the reanimation of the dead, as well as mourning.

The Scarlet Letter is a romantic work of fiction written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1850 in a historical setting. It is considered to be his magnum composition. The Scarlet Letter is set in 17th-century Puritan Boston, and it tells the story of Hester Prynne, who had a baby through an adulterous affair and after that struggles to create a new life of contrition and dignity. All through the book, Hawthorne explores themes of sin, legalism, and guilt.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne thought that the Puritans were impure in The Scarlet Letter. In a world where culture is disorganized, unhappy, and frenzied, it can be extremely hard to provide an honest, furthermore just law system.  Consequently, in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, inhabitants use their religion which is Puritan, as judge, jury, as well as executioner.  For various people, it can be extremely troublesome to live an ordinary life when you are bounded by biased and prejudiced men and women.  Inside this narrative, Hester Prynne is a victim of her fellow townsfolk, and her religion.

Hawthorne’s major point in reference to Puritanism was the impurity of the culture. All through the book, Hawthorne writes in relation to the townspeople and how they work and behave towards one other, Hester, and life generally.  The novel begins with Hester walking towards the city scaffold to be seen for public show, because she committed the offense of adultery (Hawthorne 7).

The main action of The Scarlet Letter takes place in the Boston of 1640’s, a solemn, gray, violently moral society founded as a sort of Puritan utopia. Inside this book the Puritan lifestyle is evidently misrepresented. Hawthorne’s expressions clearly express his aversion for the Puritan culture and way of life, which he demonstrates through his depiction of the society’s hypocrisy, and also through his depiction of the priests and the governor’s gluttony (Hawthorne 85).

Nathaniel Hawthorne is born with a prejudiced against this culture; this is due to his ancestral lineage to one of the most important participants within the Salem Witch Trials. It was as a consequence of this lineage that Hawthorne probably changed his surname. His relations name at his delivery was Nathaniel Hathorne without a W, although after Hawthorne had done some wide-ranging investigation the Salem Witch Trials as well as the Puritan culture, he became after that became disgusted with their whole way of life and afterwards added a W to his paternal name which he used until his death. Despite the fact that this change was not clear in the reading, it clearly affected the general attitude of the book.

Clearly signifying the Puritans in a constructive light was not a very outstanding thought in Hawthorne’s brain when he was lettering The Scarlet Letter. He evidently shows his distaste for it all through the novel. Beyond the novel, he shows this by altering his family name so as to dissociate himself with his relatives who were involved inside the Salem Witch Trials. Within the text Hawthorne as well states many literal facts regarding the Puritans mistaken way of life (Hawthorne 27).

Hawthorne was tied to early Puritan culture because of his relatives who were involved inside the Salem Witch Trials. Rejection of the culture is evident when he changed his name. First at the very beginning of the narrative, he clearly portrayed the townswomen’s as well as the many other town associates hypocrisy which is shown all the way through the book. He as well shows this through the avowals of the priests and governor regarding living a simple lifestyle when within real life these people live exaggerated lives. Evidently Hawthorne has a severe detest for the Puritan culture and it is evidently shown in his writing (Hawthorne 187).


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