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Characters in superman study

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Jack Tanner is the protagonist of “man and superman” play he is the anther of “the revolutionist hand book”. he has a thin body and blue eyes .he is in the middle age .He speaks fluently. He is rich and single, unattached. He refuses the idea of marriage because he wants to be free form women, especially from Ann Whitefield. Moreover, he describes marriage as apostasy and shameful surrender.

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Tanner argues, Ann to challenge her mother through his speech against the tyranny of mothers and intends tanner to act hat he believes to be true moral sense. Through “man and superman” play. Tanner is pursued by Ann Whitefield and he tries to escape form her. At the end of the play tanner announces that life forces enchant him and he will marry Ann. The reader can see form the play that tanner just talks, in other words, he doesn’t translate ideas to actions tanner appears as condemned man who has no control over his fate.

Ann Whitefield is the heroine of “man and superman” play. She is an intelligent woman. Ann is beautiful, graceful and respectable. She wears black dress. Most of the play’s characters are fascinated by her expect tanner who considers her a liar woman, Ann loves tanner and pursues him, but he doesn’t care of her. She is “the archetype of the vital woman” (James, lowers.1971). the most important purpose in her life is to find the right father for her children. So she purpose in her life is to marry him, who refuses her at first but accepts at the end.

Ann plays her role successfully so the audience understands how she deceives most characters in the play. The reader can see from each act of the play that Ann does every thing to make people do what she wants. Briefly, she uses all means to achieve her destiny. Tanner describes her as a liar woman because she lid when she told him about the reason why Rhoda can not go with him to the trip.

Roebuck Ramsden

Roebuck Ramsden is an old gentleman. He has a white hair. He wears a black overcoat. He works as a free trader. He is a respectable man; he holds an important position is society he is described by Shaw as “a man of means”( Shaw, 1973)who lives in quite and comfortable.

He is the first person who opens and reads Mr. Whitefield’s letter and discover that he will be a guardian with tanner for Whitefield’s daughters, he shocks to discover that, because he hates tanner. Ramsden considers Tanner as a man without morals and he refuses to read tanners book “the revolutionists handbook” although he denies that this book is not too advanced for him. On the other hand, tanner sees Ramsden as an old-fashioned man. Ramsden wears, as show tells us suitable clothes with a respectable religious man he seems as a complete conformist, although he appears his proud on his position.

Octavius Robinson

Octavius Robinson is young man and handsome. He has a thin body ,big eyes and black hair. He wears a black elegant suite. He is also a poet . he is a romantic man. He loves Ann, whom calls him Ricky_Ticky_Tavy. Octavius is shocked when Ann tells him that she will marry Tanner because it is her parents wish. He believes her and thinks that his friend ,Tanner, cheats him.

He appears in the play as a person who “loves and suffers at the same time”(Shaw, 1973). Octavius cried when Hector declared that he will work alone. He cried also when Ann refused him and revealed that she will marry Tanner. Ann sees Tanner as a good person and nice to ladies, moreover, he is different from his sister, Violet.

Violet Robinson

Violet Robinson is Octavian’s sister. She is a graceful young lady. Ann admires violet because she does what she wants without concern for others. Violet married in secret, and her family is shocked to find out. While Ann was seeking father for her children, violet was seeking a rich husband. Violet makes her marriage in secret because she doesn’t want to live in poverty. Her father-in-law, Mr. Malone, will disinherit his sun, Hector, if he marries her. At first. Mr. Malone describes violet as a thief woman, then he blends her to bring back his son, hector, to his senses and gives her a thousand pound. Ann wins Malone who wants his son marries an aristocrat lady.

Ann is unconventional character; she challenged society when she married secretly. The reader can see form the play that Tanner and Violet hate each other.

Mrs. Whitefield

Mrs. Whitefield is a widow, her husband has just died. She is a little woman; she is beautiful. She wears a black dress. She is a shy and a conventional woman as Ann says. She hopes that her daughter, Ann, marrys Tanner, because he is gentle and rich man. Mrs. Whitefield is used by Shaw to present his ideas about the independence of children from their parents.

She seems weak woman; in the conversation between her and Tanner she complains that she has a little respect from her daughters, Ann and Rhoda, although other children respect her. Mrs. Whitefield is the “prototype of the Victorian mother and Womanly woman” (James. Lowers,1971).

Henry straker

Henry straker is Tanner’s chauffeur. He is a young man; he has dark eyes and black hair. He wears a tidy blue suite. He speaks slowly; he respects himself, as a working man, and all who related to his class. He is a mechanic and he works efficiently; he is also unconventional workman. He is clever; he thinks, further more, he knows about love and woman more than does his master, Tanner. Straker is the first person who tells Tanner that Ann loves him and she wants him as a husband. He is one of the most important characters in the play. As Ann explains to Mr. Malone that straker is the family’s chauffeur and they depend upon him; Tanner insists that he can not live without Straker.

Straker has a strong believed that is his school better than universities; he explains to Tanner that in the universities, man is learned to be gentleman but in the Polytechnic, his school, man is learned to be an engineer. Through act three we discover that louiza, Mendoza lover, is starker’s sister.

Hector Malone ,Jr.

Hector Malone is east American. He is a rich man,

related to a billionaire’s family; he is twenty four years old. He has a clear eyes with a black

beard. He is fashionable man. He appears in act

Two with Mrs. Whitefield. Then, it is discovered that he is Violet’s husband. They married secretly because his father refuses this marriage; he wants his son to marry an aristocratic women.

Hector is a moral person. He announces that he will work to earn enough money for his family and he does not to depend on his father; he wants to be an independence man. Hector is shocked when he learnt that his father reads his letter’s but violet explains that Malone’s name was on the letter’s cover. Hector

refused introduce his father to violet’s family when violet asked him that and he said “there is no father of mine”(shaw,1973).

Hector Malone ,sr.

Hector Malone ,sr. is billionaire’s man. He is an old gentleman. He wears a black coat, hat, and a grey trousers. He is hector’s father. He is a conventional man he refuses the marriage between his son, Hector, and Violet. He wants his son to marry an aristocratic lady.

Malone is described by violet as a romantic man and she can win him over to her opinion. Malone describes violet as thief woman; hector refuses this description and declares that he is now a workman; he does not need any money from his father. Malone becomes more kind when tanner and Octvius promise to help hector. Malone gives violet a thousand pound to return his son to his senses. Through act four of the play, we discover that brigands are financed by Malone.


The leader of the brigands; he is a Spanish man. He has strong ,tall body and black hair he has a clear voice. He identifies himself as a man who lives by stealing the wealth. He is a romantic man. He postpones business, talking of ransom, until the next day.

He tells his story to Tanner and Straker; he was a waiter, but he became a brigand after he had a disappointment in love. He loved his servant, but she refused him because he is a Jewish and she had a strong believed that is the Jewish are dirty in their habits, through Mendoza’s speech, we discover that, this lover, louiza, is Starker’s sister. Mendoza is financed by hector Malone ,Sr.

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Don Juan Tenorio

Tanner sees himself as Don Juan in his dream. Don Juan Tenorio resembles jack tanner, even in their names: jean Tenorio_ Jack Tanner. Don Juan has beautiful face. He wears hat. He is a Spanish man. Don Juan shows his ideas with conviction, on the contrary of Tanner who shocks his listeners. He tells Ana that all evil people are rest and happy in hell. But Don Juan refuses hell because he is not an evil man, and he does not feel happy in hell. On the contrary, he feels boring. So he decides that he will leave hell and go to heaven. He wants to develop his brain. In heaven, as he thinks, he will find his pleasure and happiness. The devil shows his angry when he learns that Don Juan will leave hell. In the end of the dream, Don Juan leaves hell and goes to heaven.

Dona Ana de Ulloa

Dona Ana is a faithful member of the church. At the first of the dream Ana appears as an old woman. She is horrified when Don Juan tells her that she is in Hell. Then, she changes to a young lady; she becomes as beautiful as Ann Whitefield. In the conversation between Ana and Tanner, she discovers that she talks to her lover and the murderer of her father. She is shocked when she learns that her father, who lives in heaven, is the devil’s friend.

In the end of the dream, Dona Ana dose not leave Hell to go with don Juan to Heaven. Shaw explains that love is Ana’s business; it is not her happiness.

The Devil

The devil rules hell. He looks older; he seems very friendly towards people in Hell. He is not clever or thinker, his witness is too weak. He describes Hell as a wonderful place, a house of the sensitivities people whose talk about love and happiness, in further more, Hell is comfortable place. But Don Juan sees that the people who live in Hell are bad and wicked; they never think or even use their mind so Hell is a suitable place for the Statue and to others. When Don Juan announced that he will leave hell, the Devil felt angry and tried to persuade him not go to heaven.

The Statue

The Statue is Ann’s father. He is the commander of calatrava. He prefers to appear as a statue than a human. He is a brave soldier and he prides of himself. He does not think and prefers to live without do anything; Statue explains that he is entertainment himself without thinking or understanding the things. He tells Don Juan that heaven has not beautiful women or even artists. The Statue has a little respect of brains, so he decides to leave heaven and comes to hell.


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