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Character Analysis Of Shakespeare Romeo And Juliet English Literature Essay

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Juliet, daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet is beautiful and begins the play by being naïve about love and marriage. As she enters her teenage life she appears innocent with a remarkable character. She feels affection for Romeo, the son of Montague’s, their greatest enemy. She goes into great lengths disobeying her parents and even forging her own death, just to be with Romeo Montague. At the Capulet party, Juliet meets with Romeo and she falls for him even though she had agreed to marry Parris. However, she is suspicious of his intentions as he is from an unfriendly family, Montague. To prove the sincerity of his love for her, she requests him to marry her. Juliet’s love for Romeo makes her to forgive him when he kills her cousin, Tybalt. She opts to marry Romeo even though it is risky than to marry Paris. Juliet also shows a new stage of maturity by forgiving her nurse’s disloyalty and breaks her parents bond as well as her nurse’s. Though suicide is considered as a negative option in life matters, Juliet uses it to demonstrate the strength and dedication of her love for Romeo.

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Juliet loves: This is shown when Juliet decides to marry Romeo, a Montague, from family enemy. She agrees to marry him because of the undying affection she feels for him, even though, she was supposed to marry Parris. Also because of her coming from a noble family she lacks freedom to wander around the city unlike Romeo. At midnight she climbs over walls and also gets into midnight swordfights. This also demonstrates her courageousness. Because of her love, she forgives Romeo for killing her cousin. Although suicide is at all times an unconstructive choice, for Juliet it is her last demonstration of the power and dedication of her love for Romeo. Juliet is forgiving: She forgives her love Romeo who had killed her cousin Tybalt. Her courageousness is also seen when she entrusts her whole life to Romeo and not believing the worst reports about him when he gets into a fight with her cousin. She is also able to shut her confidant, her nurse out of her life when she turns her back to Romeo.

The nurse is considered a comic and vulgar figure in the play. She makes lewd comments and lengthy speeches which help to provide breaks in the tension of the misfortunes happening. The nurse loves Juliet so much than her mother and goes beyond anything to make Juliet happy. She cared for Juliet her entire life. As a result, she accepts to be the mediator between Romeo and Juliet. She organizes a wedding night and helps the two to get married. However, she is unable to understand the reason for Juliet endangering her life for Romeo; she prefers her leaving a relationship that is not easy to maintain and marry Parris who has a soft life. To her, love is sexual and practical unlike Juliet refers to love as passionate and idealistic. The nurse’s advice to Juliet is considered as betrayal and costs their friendship. Due to this, Juliet decides to escape than confiding in her closest advocate. Similar to everyone else in the play, the nurse faces failure and sorrow.

The nurse and Juliet faced obstacles when they wanted to communicate with Romeo. Their different perceptions also cause them to differ. Juliet struggles against the public interests that oppose her love to Romeo. Also the connection between love and violence interferes with their love when Romeo kills her cousin. 

Juliet desired to spend the rest of her life with Romeo. Her nurse desired the same but later changed her view when Romeo killed Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt. Her desire was for Juliet to marry Parris who had a simple life.


A dramaturge is a place within a theatre whose main aim is or investigation and development of plays It has originated from Gotthold Ephraim Lessing who was a philosopher, theorist and a German playwright. It mainly involves discussing various types of plays i.e. their styles and how they connect. Though, dramaturge differs between different companies. Examples of dramaturges include those that involve hiring of actors, assisting in rehearsals. It creates a way for actors and directors to connect before their first rehearsals. Dramaturge can also be described as someone who writes or composes plays for production purposes. Another name for a dramaturge is a dramatist or a scriptwriter. This term is common in professional theatres.

Uses of dramaturge in performances

Dramaturge is used in performance to help expertise presentation. It brings about belief in that the audience can never know if the performer is sarcastic or sincere. It also helps the audience to generalize the way they perceive the actor without misjudgment. A performer can also use dramatic realization to stress something that he/she would want the audience to know. It also uses idealization to prevent the audience from confusion as it stresses and strengthens the portrayed points. Dramaturge also helps to maintain expressions when performing. Here, the performer uses signals to convey information that might be misleading. It helps the performer from not being believed by the audience whether they are real or not. Finally, it’s used in a performance to conceal information from the audience that may be damaging to the performer.

Secrete marriages

Secrete marriage is defined as marriage kept from family and friends. Mainly it occurs during civil marriages though some clergymen also perform it. Here a marriage ceremony occurs in a court session with closed doors and later the file is sealed leaving the judge with the only record of the marriage. This is also referred to as Judicial secrete marriage.

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Origin of secrete marriages was adapted from a church at small village known as Litlington which was a supplier of food to the docks of Exceat and West Dean. Here Mrs. Maria Fitzherbert was secretly married to prince Regent and was referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Payne. Though, he later left her for the princess of Brunswick after their child was born.

This is seen to take place in No Fear Shakespeare book where Romeo and Juliet organizes for a secret marriage organized by her nurse. When the two meet they fall for each other and consider the urge of a secret marriage relying on protection from an invisible power. This binds them till they are forced to separate by death but they later reunite in the other world. The secrete marriage was because of the hatred between the two families which could not allow the marriage to occur.


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